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The kitchen and bathroom are usually the hardest rooms to pack. There are a lot of items of different sizes and shapes. Additionally, most of these items are fragile and can be easily broken. The packing process can be fairly smooth until you reach the liquids. You are probably wondering if moving liquids is even possible. The biggest problem with moving liquids is that they can spill and damage other items and moving boxes. Bringing your sofa with wine stain is the worst-case scenario. Luckily, there is a solution to every problem and yours is to hire a moving company. There are no items that moving and storage companies NYC can’t move. So, if you need help packing liquids when relocating, you should find a reliable and good moving company. Additionally, here are a few tips to pack liquids if you want to do it alone.   

What are the best ways for packing liquids when relocating?  

Moving is a complex process because there are many items of different sizes and shapes to pack. Fragile items are the trickiest to pack. Additionally, if fragile items contain liquids, the packing process becomes ten times harder. For this reason, you should consider hiring packing services NYC to help you with packing. No matter what kind of items you are moving, you should always hire professional movers. You don’t have to get a full moving service as it can be rather expensive. Instead, you can get just packing or loading services. You should decide what kind of moving service you will need and search for a moving company that has the service you require. Now, packing liquids is possible. There are a couple of things you should do before you even start packing such as the following:  

  • Make an inventory  
  • Declutter  
  •  The right packing supplies  
  • Secure them  
  • Label boxes  
black glass bottles
Moving liquids is not hard

Why should you make an inventory?  

It’s hard to know how much liquid you have in the house. However, some liquids are flammable and for this reason, they are forbidden to move or store. Some of the most common flammable liquids in households are nail polish and nail polish remover, aerosol cans, linseed oil, gasoline, paint thinner, etc. For this reason, you should make an inventory to know exactly what kind of liquids you have. Additionally, it’s advisable to make an inventory as a part of moving preparation. If you make an inventory of your belongings, you will know how many items you have and how many packing supplies you will need to get. This way, you can also save money, as you won’t overspend on too many packing supplies. Also, you should make an inventory when you are planning to store your items in climate controlled storage Manhattan.   

What kind of packing supplies you should get?  

There are a couple of places where you can get packing supplies for your relocation. Of course, the best place would be a moving company. If you decide to get a full moving service, you won’t have to worry about packing supplies as professional movers will bring them. However, if you decide to get packing supplies yourself, you can either buy or rent them. You won’t make a mistake if you decide to buy packing supplies. There are a couple of ways how you can recycle your used moving supplies. But if you are worried about creating waste after relocation, you should then rent packing supplies. Packing liquids in already used packing supplies is not a good idea. Also, you should get plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping, packing paper, a marker, etc.  

two women and one man holding boxes
Plastic bins are better for packing liquids when relocating

Why should you declutter your liquids?  

If you think you can skip decluttering liquids, well you can but you shouldn’t. As you declutter your other household items, you should also declutter liquids. First, there are liquids that professional movers won’t move and you shouldn’t move them as well. Check which liquids are flammable and declutter them. Most cleaning supplies are either flammable or corrosive. For this reason, you should use these simple ways to declutter your cleaning cupboard and get rid of all unnecessary items. Cleaning supplies are not expensive to buy and there is no good reason to move them. You will be only giving yourself more jobs to do and pay more for your relocation. You can decide which liquids to declutter based on when it was the last time you use them, is container damaged, the expiration date, etc.   

How to pack liquids for moving?  

Now, when you have decluttered and got packing supplies, it’s time to actually start packing. First, you should gather similar liquids in one place. You shouldn’t mix different liquids together such as cleaning supplies with perfumes for example. For this reason, you should pack kitchen-related liquids together, toiletries and cosmetics in one place, cleaning supplies in another, etc. The next step is to prepare moving boxes. It’s better you use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes as they are sturdier and offer better protection. However, you can’t just put liquids in boxes without any cushioning. For this reason, you should put bubble wrapping or any other packing paper on the bottom and sides of moving boxes. Extra cushioning is required when you are packing bottles made of glass. Additionally, it’s important to secure the opening with a square of plastic wrap and to wrap each bottle separately.  

Get bubble wrapping for packing liquids when relocating
Get a lot of packing paper and bubble wrapping

Don’t forget to label your moving boxes  

Labeling moving boxes is the easiest part of packing liquids when relocating. However, you can easily forget to do it after you finish packing. Labeling boxes is always important, but it’s especially needed when you are moving liquids. If you label your moving boxes, professional movers will know to handle boxes carefully. Additionally, you can write down which type of liquids are in which moving boxes and if there are some fragile items inside. Moving liquids is not very different than moving any other item. The most important step is to secure liquids properly and to choose the right packing supplies.   


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