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Living in NYC is something many people dream about. If you’re one of the blessed ones that decided to chase their dreams and move to The Big Apple – congratulations! New Your City has its pros and cons, but one thing’s for sure – it’s a city of opportunities. With its ever-growing population and fine neighborhoods, it’s safe to say that it’s unlikely you’ll miss anything after moving to New York City with Divine Moving and Storage NYC. If you’re a person who loves their active lifestyle and you visit the gym regularly, you’ll love NYC. Check out some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers, and choose the best one for you!

What makes a gym great in NYC?

When you’re looking for a fresh, new gym to go to in NYC, you want to spend your money wisely. New York City is notoriously expensive, so you can imagine that the gym membership prices won’t be the lowest either. However, you can find some excellent gyms all throughout New York if you know what to look for. Firstly, don’t pick the “famous” gyms that everyone raves about. It might be counterintuitive, but such gyms are usually crowded so it’s better to extend your search and find an equally well-equipped one that’s not as popular.

You also want to look for gyms with reasonable pricing. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money. Considering how expensive life in NYC is in general, the last thing you need is an over-priced gym membership. So, make sure to go around several gyms in your neighborhood and find the one that offers the best price-to-quality ratio.

Last but not least is the location. While there are countless excellent gyms all throughout NYC, it’s best to find a gym close to where you live. If you plan on hitting the gym after work, then search for one close to your office. New York City’s traffic is horrible and you can get stuck for hours, especially if the weather is bad. So, going to a gym that’s located in another part of the city can turn out to be a huge waste of time.

woman in the gym
Know what you’re looking for in a gym before choosing one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers

If you find it essential that the neighborhood you live in has some great gyms you can go to, you’re in luck. New York City is known to keep up with trends or even set them, so you won’t lack modern gyms wherever you live. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best gyms after your move with local movers NYC:

  • Manhattan and its neighborhoods- Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Chelsea, and Midtown
  • Astoria, Queens
  • Brooklyn’s Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights
  • Long Island


Being one of the most famous and sought-after parts of New York City, you can imagine that Manhattan will have some of the very best gyms. While housing, office space rent, and gyms in this part of the city are usually the most expensive, people still flock to Manhattan tirelessly. Movers Manhattan offers are constantly busy with the borough always being on-demand. In Manhattan’s neighborhoods, you’ll find some of the best gyms in the whole of NYC. The Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, and Chelsea in particular are where you want to look.

Upper East Side

This iconic NYC neighborhood had to be on the list because it’s definitely one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers. Being famous worldwide for its luxury real estate and popularity among creme de la creme New Yorkers, you can imagine the Upper East Side has everything you can need in a neighborhood and more. Starting with the best shops, restaurants, houses, and apartments, to (of course) the best-equipped gyms, you will never have to leave your neighborhood unless you work in another part of the city. The only downside of moving to the neighborhood with Upper East Side movers are the prices. As expected from one of the most popular neighborhoods in NYC, the rent and gym membership prices in the Upper East Side are high. Expect to pay $500 on average for a yearly gym membership.

Upper East Side is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers
Enjoy the countless gyms you can find on the Upper East Side.

Upper West Side

Upper East Side’s less famous sister, the Upper West Side is also one of the prime neighborhoods in NYC for gym lovers. As far as the cost of living goes, you’ll find the Upper West Side to be as expensive as the Upper East Side, but the choices are also just as fine. The neighborhood has everything you could ever need, from housing, office space, and shops, to restaurants, entertainment options, and gyms.  Moving here with the Upper West Side movers will open the door to amazing experiences. Some of NYC’s trendiest and best gyms are located here. The gym membership prices are similar to those in the Upper West Side ranging from $500 up to $780 annually on average.

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is another great choice if you want to join a gym near your apartment or office. This neighborhood is known as New York’s business central. Because busy working people have little time to go back home and then hit the gym, many choose to go to a gym near their office. That’s why you’ll find some of the best and most popular gym options here after your move with Midtown movers. The only downside of joining a Midtown gym is that they might be overcrowded often. But, if you live or work in Manhattan you’re probably already used to the crowd.


Another popular Manhattan neighborhood on the list of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers! Chelsea is the ideal choice for any passionate gym goers with numerous modern and well-equipped gyms located in this part of NYC. While this isn’t the most affordable neighborhood in New York with the average rent price at a whopping $5,760, it’s extremely safe and has everything you could possibly need in one place. In Chelsea, you’ll find some of the best apartments, shops, restaurants, as well as art galleries and museums in NYC. You won’t regret moving here with Chelsea movers. In addition to great gyms, you’ll also find plenty of parks for outdoor activities if you want to switch it up sometimes.

woman in the gym
Chelsea offers excellent gym options that aren’t overcrowded or overpriced.

Astoria, Queens

If you’re planning to look for an apartment in Astoria after your relocation to NYC, you’ll be glad about the choice you made. Astoria in Queens is a thriving New York neighborhood that has a lot to offer. The gyms in this part of the city are more affordable as well as the rent prices. An additional perk of living and going to the gym in Astoria is there’s no crowd here. You’ll never have to worry about going into an overcrowded gym. If you want to move here with the moving companies Astoria offers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the average rent in this neighborhood is $2,522 and the average annual gym membership ranges from $300-$500. This is, admittedly significantly cheaper than Manhattan prices.

Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become the trendiest place in New York City in the last few years. With affordable prices, hip restaurants, modern gyms, and beautiful neighborhoods, it’s no wonder why young adults are flocking to the area with prime moving companies Brooklyn offers. Brooklyn really is a separate city with a close-knit multicultural and welcoming community. Gym memberships in the area are more affordable than in Manhattan, and similar to those in Queens ranging from $300-$500 manually. Brooklyn is also one of the best places in NYC for students with amazing colleges and universities located in this part of NYC. Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights are some of the finest neighborhoods, with amazing rooftop views of Manhattan. The average Brooklyn rent is $3,194 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers
Park Slope is one of the finest neighborhoods in Brooklyn for gym lovers.

Long Island

If you want to live in New York City, but run away from the crowd and noise, Long Island is the perfect choice for you and one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers. Hire Long Island movers and run away to a more calm, more affordable part of New York where you will have everything you need and more. Long Island has spectacular gyms as well as plenty of outside areas where you can enjoy all sorts of activities and lead a healthy lifestyle. You will also have easy access to the beach. That is a great option when you want to have a rest day from the gym and relax. The average cost of an annual gym membership is around $400, while the average rent for a one-bedroom is $3,500 which is below the NYC average of $3,900. You will enjoy Long Island with all that it has to offer!

Why is moving to NYC so great?

Although New York City is notoriously expensive, it’s still one of the most popular places people move to. If your dream is also to live in The City That Never Sleeps, you will be thrilled to explore everything that it has to offer. Living in New York is great for many reasons. High cost of living aside, here you will have opportunities like no other. The job market is among the best in the country. Many corporations are located in Manhattan. If you’re just starting your career in the corporate world, you won’t believe the job openings. It’s also a great choice for young entrepreneurs. Although the market is competitive, there is no better place to set your business up for success than New York City.

The Big Apple is also THE place for entertainment. Home to Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square to name a few, NYC is the tourist central of the United States. You will never be bored in New York unless you want to be. The city is filled with coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, theatres, cinemas, and many other options for when you want to do something fun.

That brings us to another advantage of living in NYC – the food. With such a culturally diverse population, it’s no wonder why New York City is the place where you will find some of the trendiest, tastiest dishes. You will get to enjoy cuisines from all over the world. Even the pickiest of eaters will find their cravings easily satisfied. New York is a city that simply can’t disappoint when it comes to food and drinks.

NYC skyline
New York City is the city of opportunities in addition to all the amazing gyms for all gym goers.

 Move to one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers with ease – hire dependable movers

Is there a better way to start your dream life than with a smooth, stress-free relocation? We don’t think so. Moving is one of the top 5 most stressful events in life, and you want to reduce that stress as much as possible. The solution is to find a reputable moving company to help you. With moving professionals by your side, you will move to one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for gym goers carefree. They will pack your belongings in a matter of hours, and you’ll be ready to move. And the best part is that the movers will do all the hard work. Move to NYC with ease and relax knowing that an experienced team of movers is taking care of your relocation from start to finish. All you have to do is savor all the benefits of living in NYC!


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