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New York City is one of the most popular cities in the entire world. There must be a good reason why so many people want to live in this metropolitan city. The first reason would be so many opportunities to meet new people, find yourself, explore your options, earn money, and enjoy life. This is not something you can find easily in other cities. However, New York is huge. For this reason, you should find a suitable neighborhood for yourself. Since the city is so big, you can guess the sheer number of neighborhoods at your disposal. However, not every neighborhood is suitable for young people. Therefore, here are the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials where you can move with Divine Moving and Storage NYC.


Astoria, Queens 

Let’s start with more affordable neighborhoods in NYC. As you might know, the most expensive part would be Manhattan followed by Brooklyn. Queens is relatively affordable when compared to these two. For this reason, the first neighborhood to consider in Queens would be Astoria. The median home price would be around $400,000 while the average rental price is around $1400. In addition to this, Astoria is safer than 35% of other NYC neighborhoods. As you can see, it is affordable enough and quite safe for young people. Therefore, you can move here with moving companies Astoria. You can easily reach places like midtown Manhattan with the N and W lines. Furthermore, there is a casual atmosphere present in the neighborhood. You will see many open-air gardens, LGBTQ+ bars, multicultural restaurants, and so on. Lastly, it is 30% more affordable than other NYC neighborhoods. 

a bridge over the river in one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials
Astoria is the first affordable neighborhood you should consider

Upper East Side, Manhattan 

Unlike the previous neighborhood, Upper East Side is well known as a luxurious area in NYC. The median home price is almost $1,000,000 while the average rental price is $2000. However, this neighborhood is safer than 65% of other NYC neighborhoods. Even though it is a little bit upscale, you can still find reasonably priced apartments. There are of course luxurious townhouses and brownstones. Since the crime rate is pretty low, residents of this neighborhood can comfortably enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle. Furthermore, Central Park is right next to the Upper East Side. It is a perfect place to move to with Upper East Side movers if you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood. However, if you want to have some fun, there are a lot of subway lines that will take you to popular places around NYC. These would include 4, 5, 6, F, N, Q, and R lines. 

Upper West Side 

Just like Upper East Side, Upper West Side also has two beautiful parks, Central Park on the east side and Riverside on the west side. This makes the Upper West Side one of the greenest parts of NYC. However, this neighborhood is pretty expensive. The median home price is more than $1,5 million while the average rental price is more than $3500. Although there are many quiet streets in the area, you can still find interesting bars and restaurants. The further north you travel, the more high-rises and townhouses you’ll discover, with better rent pricing. There are several playgrounds and elementary schools scattered across the area. The American Museum of Natural History in Central Park and the Lincoln Center are cultural hotspots located here. For this reason, if you have a bigger budget and looking for a quiet neighborhood, move here with Upper West Side movers. 

Central Park in the middle
The best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials should be close to Central Park

Chelsea, Manhattan 

Another popular neighborhood in Manhattan would be Chelsea. A long time ago, this neighborhood was a warehouse district. However, it is turned into an artsy neighborhood attracting people interested in art. Along with the High Line and the Whitney, there are a ton of art galleries in this area. The LGBTQ+ community loves Chelsea because it has a ton of restaurants, bars, and shops. Even though it is popular among artists alike, it is still an upscale artsy neighborhood. This means it is quite expensive. The average rental price is more than $3500 while the median home price is almost $1 million. You will surely fit in well if you are an art fan. In that case, hiring Chelsea movers should be your next plan. But, make sure to have enough money for your rent, relocation, and life here.  

Midtown, Manhattan 

Midtown Manhattan is the central part of Manhattan and serves as the city’s primary central business district. With a population of 57,000 people, Midtown is probably one of the best places to live in New York City. If you decide to move here with Midtown movers, you can expect a dense urban atmosphere. In addition to this, many residents rent their houses considering the prices in this area. If you plan to purchase a house then the median home price is more than $1 million. On the other hand, the average rental price is around $2500. One of the biggest advantages of living in this neighborhood would be all the business opportunities. The neighborhood is located near the Empire State Building. Furthermore, commuting is extremely easy since it has all the main subway lines. Shopping is convenient because it is close to 34th St. 

buildings in one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials
Midtown is the central part of Manhattan and it serves as the business hub

Lower East Side, Manhattan is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials 

Among all the expensive neighborhoods around Manhattan, the Lower East Side is a great option when moving with the best movers in Manhattan. The median home price is around $210,014 while the average rental price is around $1,065. It is pretty decent considering it is still Manhattan. For individuals seeking to reside in safe, reasonably priced districts in New York City, the Lower East Side is a fantastic choice. Due to its affordability and proximity to some of the greatest shopping, food, entertainment, and nightlife in the city, this unique Manhattan neighborhood is among the best areas to rent a house in the Big Apple. Additionally, you can find Lower East Side apartments including high-rise condos and pre-war walk-ups. Furthermore, traveling around New York from the LES is simple due to easy access to NYC transit, including subway stations serving routes B, D, F, J, M, and Z. 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn  

Going back to Brooklyn, you can move to Williamsburg with moving companies Brooklyn. The median home price is around $360,174 while the average rental price is $1,350. In addition to this, Williamsburg is safer than 40% of other NYC neighborhoods. Williamsburg can be the ideal residence for young professionals. Williamsburg, a hip New York neighborhood, combines traditional Brooklyn charm with a vibrant nightlife that includes some of the city’s greatest bars. Williamsburg’s affordability is also a big reason to live there, though. It’s quite simple to commute anywhere from Williamsburg. You do have access to the G, J, L, and M lines for travel beyond the area. In addition to this, there are a lot of startups and businesses in the area as well. Major NYC startup offices like Vice Media and goTenna can be found here. Overall, it is certainly one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials.

You can see the bridge in the Best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials
Some of the Best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials can be found in Brooklyn

Murray Hill, Manhattan 

Murray Hill, a vibrant area of Manhattan, is well known for attracting recent grads and young New Yorkers because of its affordable rent costs and laid-back bar culture. You won’t have any problem making new friends in Murray Hill, since singles and young professionals frequently unwind there for happy hours and after-work cocktails. Additionally, Murray Hill is conveniently located between Midtown and Grand Central Terminal, making it simple to get to other areas of the city. Furthermore, Murray Hill’s streets are lined with Beaux-Arts mansions and pre-war townhouses, but you can also get amazing prices on spacious high-rise apartments with views of the Empire State and Chrysler Building. In addition to this, the median home price is around $650,646 while the average rent is around $2,500. It is pretty affordable so it is a good idea to move here with local movers NYC. 

Greenport, Long Island 

Greenport’s history began around the middle of the sixteenth century. In the late 1700s, it developed into a significant shipbuilding place. Now, dozens of luxurious yachts and tiny fishing boats may be found in its busy harbor. It is not surprising that many consider Greenport to be one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials. Suffolk County consistently receives top marks for safety. A number of restaurants and shops can be found in the downtown area. Additionally, Greenport is home to some of the island’s top wineries. You won’t need to battle expressway traffic to enter or exit NYC if you have access to the Greenport Railroad Station. Additionally, public education in the area is provided by the Greenport Union Free School District. Greenport’s median house value is around $617,600. These would be all the reasons why Long Island movers are so busy.  

NYC in the distance
Long Island has its fair share of suitable neighborhoods for millennials

East Village and West Village as the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials   

You should also consider East Village. It is a lively neighborhood with many interesting places to eat and drink. In addition to this, East Village has the famous St. Mark’s Place. This is the place where you can go to have fun, shopping, explore the exciting nightlife, karaoke, visit street vendors, and so on. The average rental price is around $3000 while the median home value is around $900,000. On the other hand, you can also consider West Village. This neighborhood is pretty laid back with tree-lined streets. Many people would say this neighborhood looks like a European city. However, this neighborhood is pretty expensive. The average rental price is more than $4000 while the medium home value is around $1.5 million. Still, this neighborhood has a lot of things to offer for millennials and young professionals. If you can find an affordable apartment, consider moving here. 

Greenwich Village and Manhattanville 

There are more great NYC neighborhoods for millennials that you should consider. One of those would be Greenwich Village. This particular neighborhood is popular because of the hit TV show “Friends”. You can actually find the famous apartment from the same show. In addition to this, it is especially significant for the LGBTQ + community due to many historical and cultural movements that happened right here. However, it is quite expensive to live here. The average rental price is more than $5000 while the median home value is more than $2.5 million. On the other hand, Manhattanville is a small neighborhood. It has a mix of industrial vibes with a residential area. It is popular because of Columbia University. For this reason, you will meet a lot of young students. Additionally, the average rental price is $2400 while the median home price is around $250,000. 

city skyline
Many neighborhoods are perfect millennials are in Manhattan

The last neighborhood suitable for millennials 

New York City is one of the largest cities in the entire world. For this reason, there are countless neighborhoods that can be suitable for millennials. Here are a couple of neighborhoods that also made a list. 

  • Battery Park City – it is close to the Hudson River. It has a lot of high rises overlooking the same river. In addition to this, this neighborhood is within walking distance of the famous Wall Street. 
  • Washington Heights – the neighborhood has a lot of parks. You can find 67 acres of walking paths, playgrounds, beautiful views of the Hudson River, basketball courts, and so on. 
  • Murray Hill – this neighborhood is pretty affordable and popular among recent college grads. In addition to this, you can mostly find modern high rises end quiet streets. 

How to choose your future neighborhood? 

As you can see, these would be all the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials. Now it is up to you to choose your future neighborhood. Make sure to pay attention to affordability, accommodation, job opportunities, and overall atmosphere. It would be great if you can visit some before your relocation.


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