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New York City is one of those cities where everyone can find a place to settle. The competition is high, but the prize is well worth the efforts. The diversity and the amount of opportunities one has on a daily basis is staggering. If you and your significant other are one of those people looking for a place in The Big Apple, you are certainly wondering what are the best NYC areas for young couples. While moving to Manhattan is never a bad idea, there is a lot of areas to choose from, and you will not be the only one bidding for the loft with the perfect view. For this reason, we here have a list of other places you ought to look into.

Even your local movers Manhattan can testify that every neighborhood of NYC has a certain charm to it. Feeling at home in just about every one of them can be easier than you might think. With proper informing and the right attitude, you can probably hit the bull’s eye on your first try.

Spyglass overlooking New York
Finding the best NYC areas for young couples is not as hard as one might think. You just need to know where to look.

A word of notion, however, would be appropriate at this time. Having that you are a young couple, it might be logical to assume that you are not looking for the biggest and most expensive place right away. You would rather be content will a cozy one-bedroom apartment. So, basing our assumption on your youth and reasonably low criteria, we have listed the prices of the average one-bedroom rents.  Now that that is clear, let us start with the areas that can be of interest to you.

Best NYC areas for young couples

1. Washington Heights, Manhattan

The rent you can expect here is $1,850, estimated by a licensed real estate salesperson. In comparison to Southern Manhattan, here you will get a lot more space for the same price. Washington Heights is the fastest-growing neighborhood in Manhattan, and the reasons are plenty. Without sacrificing too much convenience, you will, in turn, live like civilized adults that you are. It is interesting to point out how this place is appealing to pretty much everybody. Families, young roommates and aspiring professionals all flock to one of the best NYC areas for young couples, that is Washington Heights.

The cuisine is often praised. This is probably due to the large Dominican population that simply loves to cook for others (in exchange for money, of course). In addition, moving here means that you can enjoy Salvadorian food, Mexican food, tapas, and very solid pizza.

Transportation is also a factor worth praising. The A express train (the one that stops between 155th and 190th Streets) will get you to the heart of Midtown in less than 30 minutes.

2. Astoria, Queens

While the average price may top $2,000, you will receive for it a good-sized unit. The one that ha 600 or 700sqft, likely in a private home or small walk-up building. Neat, huh? You can, of course, pay less, and get something similar. You only have to allocate a bit more effort to your search. The neighborhood has an abundance of three- and four-bedroom shares for you to choose from.

Now, all the advantages that one of the best NYC areas for young couples that Astoria has are not exactly a well-kept secret at this point. The neighborhood has insanely diverse food scene. It is easy to commute to Midtown. Oh, and let’s not forget that there is no shortage of entertainment all around the area. From mom-and-pop bars to higher-class lounges, you can find just the right spot with great ease.

A neighborhood in New York City
Astoria is filled with fun for everyone.

The nearest subways include N & W trains, that stop at multiple stations in the neighborhood, including 36th Ave and Ditmars Blvd.

3. The South Bronx

For but a mere price of $1,500, you will receive a spacious, ”normal-living-size” one-bedroom, all with hardwood floors and high ceilings. You will also be glad to hear that the chances of not having to pay a broker fee are strongly in your favor. What’s more, you might even find something rent-stabilized.

If being close to Northern Manhattan is one of the mandatory prerequisites of your ideal place for living, you are going to love this neighborhood, having that it is only a five-minute train ride away. Now, some may argue that the South Bronx is not as convenient as East Harlem. However, for the mere difference of those five minutes, you get tons of new restaurants, an abundance of quality coffee shops, and a startling number of breweries. The South Bronx is also a hot spot for small businesses. Still, the ever-growing food scene is what gets people enjoy this place the most.

As for the transportation, the nearest subways include the 6, 2 & 5, 4, and B & D lines. These are scattered throughout the different neighborhoods in the area and have easy access.

4. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

$3,130/month will be enough to cover the average of one-bedroom rent. However, you can lower this price if you are willing to take the L a few stops past Bedford. You should be able to find something in the $1,800 to $2,200 range. Now, what is great about Williamsburg is that you can get a pre-war walk-up with a lot of character, as well as a luxury building with all-new hardware and a ton of amenities. Or, in other words, there is something for everybody.

A neighborhood of Williamsburg
Williamsburg is that kind of neighborhood that has to offer something for everyone’s taste.

North Williamsburg can be regarded as the East Village of Brooklyn. It is hip, trendy, and heavily gentrified. It used to be a working-class neighborhood of Jewish, European, and Hispanic immigrants. However, it has since changed and became home to approximately a billion new developments, including a crop of swanky high-rises along the waterfront. With that said, Williamsburg’s list of local attraction is pretty much endless nowadays. In addition, the list of companies flocking the area is ever-growing. Williamsburg has controversially, though conveniently, welcomed its first Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Apple Store.

Now, some may argue that transportation does not make Williamsburg one of the best NYC areas for young couples since you are pretty much stuck with the L train. However, you can also get the J, M, and Z trains at Marcy Ave, and those can basically get you anywhere.

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