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Moving to NYC is exciting and a start to a great new adventure! If you’re looking for the perfect place to rent in New York City, you’ll be happy to hear that the city is flush with appealing opportunities. Finding a dream house or apartment in The Big Apple after a successful relocation with Divine Moving and Storage will be much easier if you have a preferred neighborhood or at least an idea of a borough you’d like to live in. However, even if you’re not set on any particular part of NYC, we’ve got a handy list of the best places in NYC for renters ready. Enjoy the relocation process knowing there are lots of great places to rent in the city.

Here are the best places in NYC for renters

NYC is the city of opportunities, whether you’re looking for a house to buy, an apartment to rent, a new job, or a new hobby. You will find everything you need in New York City, and more. Local movers NYC offers are always busy, for a reason. People aren’t moving from the city, they’re constantly moving from one place to another until they find their dream apartment and settle. If you don’t know where to start looking, here are the finest neighborhoods in NYC for renters:

  • Riverdale, Brox
  • Kew Gardens, Queens
  • Astoria, Chelsea
  • Sunnyside, Queens
  • Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • Washington Heights, Manhattan
  • Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • Upper West Side, Manhattan
Finding a great new apartment in NYC is easy if you know all the best places to look.

Riverdale, Brox

You might be surprised to see Riverdale on our list, as the neighborhood is known for its upscale real estate prices. Funnily enough, the rentals in this part of NYC are quite affordable. Riverdale is a cozy, family-friendly neighborhood with lots of greenery and breathtaking views of the Hudson. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood is around $2,000. Also, a one-bedroom in Riverdale is larger than the average apartment of the same size in other NYC areas.

Getting to Manhattan by car takes mere minutes, while you’ll need around 20 minutes to get to the Grand Central Station by metro. Don’t hesitate to move from Chelsea to the Bronx with Chelsea movers. All in all, you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time in traffic, and you’ll be able to enjoy living in one of the most beautiful and calm parts of New York City.

Kew Gardens, Queens

Another great option for everyone looking for beautiful places to rent in NYC is Kew Gardens in Queens. The neighborhood is densely populated, but there are great rental options. Also, it’s not crowded despite its population. The average rent in Kew Gardens for a studio apartment is $1,546 which is significantly more affordable than in some other parts of New York City. Moving to Kew Gardens with Queens movers will be easy and seamless. The neighborhood is ideal for you if you love a calm and quiet suburban feel. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the fun and noise that NYC offers in mere minutes whenever you want some additional entertainment.

Shopping in Kew Gardens is simple since there is a huge mall that has most big shops and popular brands just outside the neighborhood. However, you must be wise if you want to avoid the biggest crowds. Visit the mall first thing in the morning or later in the evening, since the afternoon is when most people go there.

Astoria, Queens

Home to 95,446 people, Astoria in Queens is one of the top neighborhoods for renters. Affordability and peacefulness are one of its main perks. Living in The City That Never Sleeps might imply that there is always something happening and that it’s always noisy, but that’s not the case with Astoria. This middle-class residential neighborhood offers a calm feel to its close-knit community. The average rent in Astoria is $2,200 and you can find excellent places. All the more reason to start looking for moving companies Astoria offers ASAP.

Astoria is a great and affordable NYC neighborhood.

The perk of this neighborhood is you can forget about traffic jams. There are plenty of parking spaces and garages, and it’s not at all crowded like the more touristy parts of New York City such as downtown Manhattan. You can find everything you need in Astoria’s many shops. But, when you need to hop on to another part of the city, you can be there in mere minutes. Astoria is also one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC since there are plenty of private and public schools that your children can attend.

Sunnyside, Queens is one of the best places for renters in NYC

One of the most affordable places for renters in NYC is definitely Sunnyside in Queens. Are you looking for a place that has a welcoming community, intimate feel, and budget-friendly housing options? Then Sunnyside is where you should go! Living in this Queens neighborhood is amazing for many reasons. It’s family-friendly, has low crime rates, and plenty of rentals that will not eat up all your hard-earned money. The average rent in Sunnyside is $1,636 which is significantly less than what you’d pay living in Manhattan. You can be at Grand Central Station in 7 minutes, which is another top reason to choose this neighborhood for your next home.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is the neighborhood you should consider for your next rental home. It offers all the perks of living in a major city, but away from the city crowd. The rentals in this part of Brooklyn are larger than average for NYC, which is a great way to get more bang for your buck. The average rent for a studio apartment is $1,600 and $1,700 for a one-bedroom. Wake up to sweeping views of the harbor and the Verazzano Bridge and enjoy the quiet and friendly vibe of this popular neighborhood. Bay Ridge is also a great option for families because of several excellent public school options. If you’re considering moving to Bay Ridge with moving companies Brooklyn offers, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great and safe option for your family.

couple moving out of an apartment
Bay Ridge in Brooklyn is one of the best places in NYC for renters.

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Another one of the best places in NYC for renters, and also one of the last affordable parts of Manhattan is Washington Heights. A diverse neighborhood that offers plenty. Located in the hilly part of Manhattan, this used to be the most dangerous section of the borough. However, the situation is vastly different nowadays. You can enjoy living here without worrying about your safety whatsoever. The average rent in this multicultural heaven is around $1,700 for a studio and $1,925 for a one-bedroom apartment. Don’t hesitate to move here with the best movers in Manhattan if you don’t mind the vibrant culture and constant events. This part of NYC is ideal for students and young professionals just starting their careers. You can appreciate the more hectic lifestyle and immerse yourself in the city, all at prices quite affordable for living in Manhattan.

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Everyone knows that the Upper East Side is one of the most sought-after and most popular upscale neighborhoods in New York City. Anyone that’s anyone chooses this residential neighborhood to be their home. And for a good reason. Moving with the Upper East Side movers will be a treat because you’ll be able to enjoy relocating to a peaceful and hip part of New York with ease. Living on the Upper East Side has many perks if it fits your budget. You’ll be close to Central Park if you enjoy a nice picnic on the weekends or a morning jog. The only downside to this neighborhood is the high real estate prices.

The average rent in this part of NYC can be spicy, starting at $2,506 for a studio and $3,180 for a one-bedroom apartment. The biggest perk of living on the Upper East Side is that you never have to leave it. You’ll find everything you need and more in this lux neighborhood.

The Upper East Side is one of the best places in NYC for renters
Bask in the beautiful sights that the Upper East Side offers.

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Another upscale neighborhood popular with the NYC elite is the Upper West Side. You’ll get all the same advantages as living on the Upper East Side, it’s just a matter of preference which side you like better and where you find the apartment of your dreams. The average rent in this neighborhood can cost a pretty penny, starting at $4,198 for a one-bedroom apartment. That’s not cheap for most people, and you shouldn’t spend all your hard-earned money on rent and groceries alone.

But, moving here with the Upper West Side movers has plenty of benefits. Central Park is minutes away, offering all the greenery when you need some time in nature to reset after a hard day at work. You will also find all the shops you could possibly need. Along with the shops and parks comes the neighborhood’s close-knit community. You’ll surely not lack the feeling of belonging and being a part of a welcoming and friendly community living on the Upper West Side.

Finding the best places in NYC for renters will be easier after a smooth move

As if finding a place to rent in the crowded NYC wasn’t hard enough, you also have to pack all your belongings and organize a move. Why add to the stress even more, when you can hire professional movers and enjoy knowing your possessions are in the safe hands of relocation experts? Make sure to hire Long Island movers and relax while they take care of your relocation from start to finish. You need to pay attention to two things, though:

  • hire movers on time
  • keep the NYC weather in mind when choosing a moving date

Get moving services on time

Hiring movers ahead of time is essential if you want to get the best quality service. Life happens sometimes, and you have to move on short notice. Of course, most movers offer last-minute moving services which are excellent in case of emergency. However, short-notice movers are usually quite pricey. But, if that’s not the case with you, it’s best to start searching for a reputable moving company up to 8 weeks before your moving date. The benefits are numerous. You’ll be able to get estimates from several companies and choose the one that best fits your budget. You can also choose the mover you think offers the most for their price, and the one you think has the best reviews and best quality service. Having movers organize your move and do all the hard work will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Organize your relocation with the NYC weather in mind

It’s important to keep the weather in mind whenever you decide to move to a new and better rental in NYC. The weather conditions can greatly impact your move, which is why you need to adjust. Moving during summer means it can be very hot on your moving day. The summers in New York City are hot and humid, which is not a great combo for the hard physical work that moving is. So, remember to stay hydrated and wear light cotton or linen clothes. Your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy either!

On the other hand, the winters in The Big Apple are cold and wet, which brings out new issues. If you’re moving during winter, don’t forget that a cold wave can make NYC snowy and slippery. Keep your and your movers’ safety in mind and make sure to remove any ice from the pathway to your house or building.

woman looking for the best places in NYC for renters
Choose light and breathable clothes if you’re moving in NYC during summer.

Enjoy your new place in NYC

After you’ve found the ideal neighborhood and the perfect place to rent, and hired movers, it’s time to relax. The movers will do all the hard work of packing and loading/unloading the moving truck. The organization part is also done by the moving company, so you really have nothing to stress about. Finding the best places in NYC for renters can be tricky, but the city is packed full of great options. There are housing choices according to everyone’s taste and budget, you just need to know where to look. Put a smile on your face, and enjoy exploring all the interesting and beautiful things that New York City has to offer!

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