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No matter how much money you have, planning a move should include planning the moving budget. If you do it step by step and be organized, you will not have any surprises or unexpected costs to stress you out. The most important thing is that you start on time, and have a clear idea of your moving budget. And we will show you some useful tips on how to plan and create your moving budget without any problems.

Having a moving budget in your head is a tricky business. Sometimes things are easily forgotten in stressful times like moving times. So, having a clear image of your moving budget in front of you is the best solution. Using your computer or tablet(you can carry it around and update the information anytime) you can create a certain table or template of your moving budget. Probably the best way to do it is using Microsoft Excel or a similar software. It can help you to easily run a table and calculate your costs if you put a certain formula. Very useful and easy to use! Your moving budget table should include the following categories:

  • category
  • estimated expenses
  • actual (final) expenses

Categories you will put in your table depend on the type of your move and special requirements.

Person looking at Excel spreadsheet on laptop.
Use Excel spreadsheet to prepare your moving budget.

Decide on the type of your move

First things first, you need to know how you are going to do this move. Are you going to hire the professional movers or do everything by yourself? When you decide on that, you will be able to know which cost categories you need to put in your moving budget table.

Hiring professionals – what are the costs?

  • Moving company fee – general fee usually includes paying the workers for their job and fuel charges. You should be able to know a rough number by getting a free estimate NYC. Be sure to get estimates from a couple of companies before you choose the right one.
  • Insurance– some basic insurance is probably included in the pricing, but if you have some special items and valuables, you may want to consider additional insurance.
  • Extra charges – if you have any special items, expect extra charges. Extra items also include flight charges, shuttle service, long carry expenses, etc.
  • Packing services – if you want your belongings to be packed professionally, you will have to pay extra for this service.

DIY move

You may think that moving by yourself is basically free. Well, think twice, Here are the costs you need to consider before deciding on a DIY move.

  • renting a moving truck – be sure to know how big truck you need, because the price depends on that information.
  • gas –to calculate how much gas you need, ask the rental company how much gas the particular vehicle needs and measure the distance you need to travel.
  • packing tools and supplies – if you want to pack your belongings right, make sure to get the right packing supplies NYC. The things you need are the good-quality moving boxes, a lot of tape, markers, labels, bubble wrap, protective plastic sheets, scissors, etc.
  • Insurance– insurance is very important during any kind of travel, so if you are not already insured, be sure to get it now.
Drawn dollar sign - much needed to prepare a moving budget.
Many items should be put on the list of the moving costs.

The costs on your moving day

Once the moving day comes, moving budget has some more items to add to the list. Be sure to count:

  • gas for your car/flight tickets – if you are driving, make sure to include the gas fees into your costs count, and if you are flying – be sure to book tickets in advance, to save some money.
  • food-especially in a long-distance move, you and your family will have to eat during travel.
  • hotel– if you are traveling long-distance, make sure to book accommodation in advance and include those costs in the budget.
  • taking care of your pets – if you need somebody to take care of your pets on your moving day, you can check a pet hotel and ask for the fees.

Taking care of your old home

Whether you are moving from a rental or you are selling a place, there are some costs to pay before you leave it to move to a new home. If you are selling, there is a commission you need to pay. Also, there are lawyer services, inspections, and advertising that can be added on the list. Both rented and sold places need to be cleaned or/and painted, which costs you a certain amount.

Storage is often included in moving budget

Very often there are some boxes and items that can’t be loaded to your new home. So, you need to rent a storage unit in NYC for the leftover boxes. Make sure to get a storage space of appropriate size, so you don’t need to pay more.

Unexpected costs

During loading, transport, and unloading, some unexpected things could happen. Some of your items could be damaged, so you need to fix or replace them, which implies more costs.

Coins pouring out of a glass jar.
Unexpected costs can be an issue if you are not prepared.

You need to save some money?

If you are looking at your budget plan and realize you need to cut some costs, don’t worry. There are ways to reduce moving costs. One of the most effective is decluttering your home before the move. Go through your belongings and set aside all the items you no longer need. If you are not moving too many items, you can reduce the moving costs significantly. You can also sell those items online or on a garage sale, and earn some money to help your moving budget.

What Should I Do While The Movers Are Moving My Stuff?

Use movers to move the most efficient So, you’re all set for your big move tomorrow. Congratulations! Your apartment is ready and the movers will soon be on their way. And if you have selected a full service move, you’re in luck, because we’ll do practically everything for you. The packing, the loading, and the heavy lifting will all be taken care of. But what does that leave you free to do? Here are some ideas of what to do while the movers are moving and packing your stuff from one apartment to another. Assemble any important papers, personal belongings, and children’s toys. Put them in a prominent location and post a sign above them that says “DO NOT PACK!” so that it’s clear to the movers that they should not touch these things. You can also put those items in the bathtub or a designated closet. While our movers are moving they will give you a time window for our arrival to your new NYC apartment, be ready for us to arrive as early as 15 minutes before the earliest time in the window. Greet them and give them any special instructions, making sure you’re available if we have any questions. But use the time that they’re working to make sure your family is fed, any messes are cleaned up, your car has enough gas, and you have cash available for any tips you plan to give. Lock your pets in a room that the movers do not need to access. Make sure they have adequate food, water, and litter boxes as necessary. Post a sign on the door that says “PETS – DO NOT OPEN!”You won’t want to take the time to have to chase down your dog or cat if it escapes, and they’re likely to be very nervous with strangers in your house. Purchase a case of water and put it in a cooler with some ice as a really nice gesture to your hard-working movers. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, especially if it’s hot inside or outside. Even if they don’t drink any, it’s the thought that counts. Consider springing for some pizzas if your packing or unpacking is taking place over the lunch or dinner hours.

We got you covered!

Kit for moving Tie trash bags to all of your door handles and let the movers know they’re there for their use. When movers are moving they use a large amount of paper, labels, and packing tape. Even though they’re contracted to clean up after themselves, making it easy for them to dispose of trash and waste will make things better and cleaner for everyone. Save the packing of your pillows, pillow cases, and bed linens until the morning of your move. When you wake up, put all of these items in a large box or plastic crate and clearly mark it “bed linens”.  When you arrive at your new home, it will be important to know where this is so that you can get a good first night’s sleep. Take an inventory of all your highly valuable items, put them all in one place, and snap a photo of them with your phone. Have the movers pack all of these items together in one or several boxes marked “HIGH VALUE”. Personally observe the movers sealing the box or boxes so that you will be at ease, knowing that your valuables are packed securely. Even if the items packed together don’t really match or “go together”, it’s good to have these kinds of items packed in as few boxes as possible. Go over the entire list of your inventory with the head mover. You’re more than welcome to follow them around the house while the movers are moving, but it’s highly likely they’ll have things under control. If anything is lost or damaged, you will be able to file a claim, so relax. As long as a detailed list exists and the movers have signed off, including packing everything on your list, you should be good to go. Just be sure all of your documentation is signed properly and all boxes and crates are sealed before being loaded. A good mover should have this covered without you telling them, but keep an eye out nonetheless.

Let us do what we do best - and that is to move you!

We hope you enjoy your move and that you’ve found these tips valuable. Just remember to take as much time as you can and relax with your family so you get the most out of the experience. Yes, it can be stressful watching strangers handling every one of your treasured possessions and household items, but remember that these strangers are professionals and are paid to be very good at what they do. Your stuff should be just fine. Divine Moving and Storage in NYC is a full-service moving company that’s been operating in the city since 2000. As New York’s premier moving and storage company. Divine Moving and Storage handles local moves as well as national storage relocations. Satisfaction is our number one priority, and we’ll treat you like family. Divine Moving and Storage is fully licensed, certified, and insured. Movers are moving review

How to Have a Stress-Free NYC Moving Experience

Moving can be an overwhelming and demanding process. This tension can manifest in very obvious ways, or in more subtle and subconscious ways. Whether you’re moving across the city, or across the country, change is change and can be uncomfortable for anyone. There are many ways to help relieve and reduce this stress.

  Moving day in NYC Plan ahead. This cannot be emphasized enough when one is moving in New York City. There are countless steps, big and small, that go into a NYC move. There more of them that you have written down and a time to tackle each one, the less bumps in the road you will hit. Things to consider in order to have a stress-free NYC moving experience :
  • Shutting off utilities
  • Submitting address changes
  • Finding the right NY moving company
  • Choosing the right moving date
  Have a back-up plan. The world is an unpredictable place, and you can’t let it ruin your big plans when it throws you a curveball. If your moving date is hit with a storm, or you suddenly fall ill, have a rain date. If there’s construction or a detour en route to your new home, make sure that you have an alternate route that is doable for your moving trucks. There’s also a rare, but possible, chance that your moving company doesn’t show up if you hired an unlicensed mover. You can avoid any added frustration or (further) delays by having your Plan B laid out, and ready to be put into action.   Say a proper goodbye. Whether you have lived in your current place for a year, or 10 years, you called that place home. Take the time to bid adieu to it. Your transition to your new home will be a happy one if you create a positive memory of your old one. There are many ways to do this. Take strolls through your neighborhood every day and spend time outside of your home to cherish its appearance. Think about the memories you have in your home, and even throw your home a goodbye party with some of your friends. You don’t need to “leave it all” behind just because your moving into a different place- you can take those positive thoughts and memories with you.   Go with the flow. Life is unpredictable, and if everything goes in a straight trajectory, then something must not be right. Allow yourself some breathing room when you need it. Moving in New York City can be emotional and you can slip-up during it. Apologize when it’s due, and move forward from any mistakes you might make. The tension and chaos of packing, hauling, unpacking, logistics and other countless factors can be overwhelming, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself for things to go perfectly for a stress-free NYC moving experience. Stress-free NYC Moving   Get enough sleep and eat well.  With so many things to plan and consider, moving takes a lot of energy, focus, and dedication. We can often forget to take care of ourselves and make sure that we’re getting some of our most basic needs. Compromising our health to get through the moving process as quickly as possible can actually make the journey that much harder. Don’t skip meals and listen to your body when it’s telling you it needs rest. The more alert and refreshed you are each day of your move, the more you can expect it to go smoothly resulting in a stress-free NYC moving experience.   Treat yourself. To reiterate, your health and wellbeing is a key component to a successful move. Aside from giving your body what it needs, you need to provide yourself with something for your soul. If you need to take time to get your favorite comfort food, make the trip. If you need to take a couple of hours to see a movie, or get a spa treatment done, delegate that time for yourself. Even simple things as maintaining some of your regular or routine activities each day will give you a sense of normalcy that you need when you are changing one of the largest parts of your life. If you can conjure up the energy for your morning jog or gym session, or read a book for an hour each morning, take that time to clear your mind and focus on something you enjoy doing. After all, you are the most important moving tool for a stress-free NYC moving experience.   Turn to support when you need it. We often find ourselves having trouble asking for help; however, in stressful periods of time, it’s important to seek support from friends and loved ones. Even if you have a moving company hired, sometimes its best to ask a friend or family member to help you out as well, for moral support. Don’t be afraid to call a parent, or a friend, if things don’t go as planned and you need to vent. Your circle is there to support you and get you through troublesome situations. Especially if you are doing a long distance move, they will cherish whatever time they will have with you.     Most importantly, take a deep breath. You have a new chapter ahead of you in NYC and an adventure to look forward to.


            Congrats! You’ve landed a big job, in the Big Apple, and with that comes a big NYC move… to a much smaller space. But you have an entire house full of things that you you’re dreading even hauling with you, let alone trying to fit into your new, NYC apartment.

Downsizing your move How do you sort through it all without feeling like you’re throwing part of your life away? How do you fit it in something that’s one-fourth the size of what you live in now here are some secrets for a successful NYC move-  

It’s your lucky day. We’ve put together this list of strategies to make your downsizing efficient and painless for your upcoming NYC move.

  1. Start Planning Your NYC Move Early
If you know that your new means of living are going to be much tighter than your current situation, it’s best that you plan ahead and with ample time before you have to move in. Moving in NYC is stressful as is, and just as how you were told in college, procrastinating on a project of this scale is not recommended. You can devote only 20-30 minutes/day leading up to your move to get things done efficiently and without causing any added tension. Start by measuring out the rooms in your new apartment or home.  This will allow you to determine how much furniture, décor, and all other belongings will fit comfortably. Planning this ahead will also avoid you desperately searching for someone to buy your sectional sofa from you the day before you end up having to leave it behind on the curb. Planning, sorting and packing early on and gradually before your actual NYC move also prevents you from making rushed decisions that could result in you tossing something you actually need or hold dear. Packing and moving
  1. Give Serious Consideration to Your Clutter
When you’re forced to a compressed living space, it comes down to what’s important and imperative in your everyday life. You can start in all the nooks, drawers, and closets that have things stuffed and stacked into them. If you’re finding little tools, knick-knacks, clothes or any items that you haven’t seen in months, odds are you don’t actually need it. customer with boxes getting ready
  1. One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure
You don’t have to actually “toss” things you no longer want or need into the garbage. When you are sorting through your things, put them into piles: to keep, to throw out, to donate, and to sell. Gently used books, toys no longer in use by your kids, clothes that are a gently worn, and other items one could take for granted and consider throwing away can be saved and donated to someone who needs them. Setting up donation pick-ups is free, and odds are, there are countless donation centers and charities in your areas who are always in need. If you have some clothes that don’t fit you anymore, just aren’t your style, or that you won’t wear again, chances are that there is someone out there who will buy it off of you. You can take bags of gently used clothing to thrift or resale stores and get some cash for your items. It’s also incredibly simple to set up your own ebay page to sell and ship out your items yourself. Make room in your new apartment AND make some extra cash? Win-win. The same goes for furniture and decorations around your home. You can easily sell these items online or at resale stores for some money to help alleviate those moving costs. Let us reiterate, don’t wait until last minute do try and sell these things! moving and storage nyc  
  1. Hit a Wall? There’s a Solution for That
So you’ve gone through your clutter and tossed just about everything you could possibly imagine. You’ve sold some of your furniture, gave your young family members some hand-me downs, and bargained your old denim jeans and shoes for some cash at your local thrift store. Still have too much stuff to fit into your new place? Don’t sweat. Lucky for you, Divine Moving and Storage has many storage options, It is here with us that your furniture, décor, clothing and personal, sentimental items are given the same TLC and attention that you would give them. With a climate controlled facility, 24 hour security measures, and a meticulous inventory control method, you can be assured that your possessions are in safe and caring hands of Divine Moving. storage units in NYC
  1. Optimize Your Space
Once you’ve chosen what to keep, sent out what you don’t, and stored what you don’t need immediately, it’s important that you take what’s left and make the most of the small space you have. Find organization systems for your closets, maximize your minimal floor space by adding shelves to your walls, and take advantage of multifunctional furniture pieces. Don’t put it past you to use the storage compartment of an ottoman or under-the-bed drawers and sliding containers. movers cleanout

            The good thing about downsizing is that your life is now a little simpler and a lot less cluttered. Your home is now filled with only the things you’ve found to be the most important to you, and you’re ready to take on a new chapter in your NYC life.

NYC trusts Divine Moving & Storage’s premium White Glove relocation service to take care of all their moving needs. Our professional moving specialists have years of experience packing up priceless works of art, antiques, crystal, china, and even musical instruments. With Divine, you never have to worry about damage because we take the time to ensure your valuables are protected and safe for the entire time they’re in our care. For a luxury move without the luxury price tag, for your next NYC move call Divine 212-244-4011

 Divine Pro NYC Move Seal  

Professionals vs Friends, How to Choose When Moving

Moving in NYC is a big task. An unfortunate part of the process is the cost in preparing and then making the move. You understand your budget best. Is it cheaper to rent a moving truck and ask a couple friends to move with pizza dangling as motivation? Will you get the same result as hiring a moving company of professionals? Here we weigh when friends are a viable option and when the cost of a NYC moving company outweighs the herding of cats…I mean friends. How Much Effort Do You Want to spend? Time is money. Effort is money. How much do you value your time and your effort? Everyone values their time at a different value. Using the following formula can help decide whether or not it is worth handling the move yourself with a handful of friends or if a moving company and their efficiency is the better option.

Moving Cost - (Time + Effort) = x

If x is agreeable, you hire the moving company. This is a high level formulation to decide whether or not the discussion is on the table at all. Use moving trucks to move the most efficient

How Tight Is Your Deadline?

Usually there is a tight timeline as all the moving parts of the move are falling into place. Friends are great, but they can sometimes be unreliable to meet deadlines and the amount of stress that invokes can be debilitating. When they do show up, packing, loading, and unloading can be an exhausting task. A moving company, the task and effort is another day at the office. The moving process happens every day for them. Through this time they have built the strength and endurance to plow through the heavy burden. They also understand deadlines and the pressure to meet those deadlines as a professional business. Therefore, reliability weighs heavily when deciding. If you have hordes of friends who are all willing to throw in effort, it may not be as exhausting but most of us can only boast about that many friends if we look on Facebook. In real life, it may not be as populous as we would hope.

How Much Stuff Do You Have? (moving truck size)

The amount of stuff you have will decide how big a truck you need to secure to make the move. With a studio apartment you may only need a ten foot truck. A two or three bedroom apartment might need a 26 foot moving truck. How comfortable are you driving a large truck? In places like New York City and being unfamiliar with driving an oversized vehicle is a recipe for destruction. Ask yourself how much stuff you have and what size truck you would need and how comfortable you or your friends would be driving such a truck to decide on whether hiring professionals to take on that liability or trusting your frat friend Jimmy to not wreck the truck you rented for the day is the option for you. time for a garage sale

How Far Away Are You Moving?

If you are moving across the hall, or even in the same building or block you are currently living in, then having a bunch of friends over for beer and pizza may be the best option. You do not need a rental moving truck and it is more about effort of carrying your stuff around than packing everything in a way to secure your things for a longer haul. If you are moving a long distance out of state or even a crowded distance from one NYC Bourough to another, professional, licensed, and insured movers are the best option hands down. They are prepared and supplied to secure your stuff through practiced packing to make sure the move is seamless. The relief from the guarantee your stuff will arrive safely is too large to pass up

The Decision Is Yours

Friends are great and whether they really want to help or not, will often show up to lend a hand. They will work hard for you and while there may be some new marks on the walls, they will help get it done. It is up to you to know the limits of their expertise, skill, and willingness to help. When weighing out all the logistics of your move, most of the time you will find professionals are the way to go, especially in major metropolitan areas. Let the professionals do what they do best and let your friends join you for the big game in your new place.

The best NYC moving services are only call away. Divine Moving & Storage has been moving New York City for 20 years and as NYC’s most experienced moving service we can have you packed, moved, and unpacked in a flash. Moving doesn’t have to be exhausting and Divine it never will be. Why make moving difficult when you can make it a Divine process. Call today to find out why Divine is called the best moving company in the tri-state area.


Divine Pro Moving

When people move for the first time in New York, they often make all the classic mistakes. They wait until the last minute to get all of the packing done. They ask their flaky friends to help them carry the larger items down the stairs. And they often call the wrong moving company. The one that charges ridiculous fees only to throw all of furniture in the truck without proper padding. Or the that expects a hefty tip the minute all of those boxes have been stacked sloppily on the curb.

Whether you’ve never moved within NY or you’re a seasoned apartment hopper, it’s good to know how to find the right moving company. Because with all the stress that moving entails, handing over the reigns to the movers, even for a bit, should be the most relaxing part.

Here’s our guide to choosing the best moving company in the five boroughs.

Moving In NYC
  1. Look for someone local.
  You don’t have to be in the city long, or even have a driver’s license, to you realize that it is not easy to navigate our NYC streets. Parts of the city are on a grid, the other parts are a historical maze. It’s tricky to know which streets are one-ways, and it takes just the right balance of aggressive honking and smooth driving to get anywhere in any neighborhood.   When you look to a national moving company, then, you might not get someone who has the knowledge, and, let’s face it, the patience to deliver your belongings quickly and safely. Only the local movers can do that.  
  1. Check the reviews.
  We live in an age in which we have quick access to a company’s successes and missteps. By reading online reviews, you can easily see how other people have experienced the service. Read ours here. Our recommendation is not that you should try to find a company with no flaws. After all, it’s New York. Things often don’t go perfectly. But instead, look for a company that makes an effort to correct any mistakes and offer positive solutions.   And, don’t underestimate the value of good reviews. After all, the internet is filled with angry people, and customers who have had a good experience will rarely write about it. Only when the service was exceptionally good will the average person sit down to write a positive review. a review of Divine NYC movers 
  1. Remember: Experience Means Success.
  Businesses come and go at such a rapid rate in this city that even restaurants that have been around a few years start to feel like institutions. So, if you come across a moving company that has been doing this for a while, that’s a great sign. Plus, older companies will also be more versed in how to deal with any issues that come up, so you’ll feel taken care of on moving day. Divine Moving have been servicing NYC since 1999  
  1. Give them a call.
  How an employee interacts with you on the phone is a pretty good indication of how you’ll be treated on moving day. If the person on the other end of the line is forward and willing to answer your questions, you can trust that they’ll communicate well on-site.   And, this isn’t always easy advice to follow, since we live in an age where an app can circumnavigate any requirement to speak. But when it comes to a good moving company, you want to be treated like a realperson with belongings that have real sentimental value. So calling them up will give you a sense of whether they can think of you as more than just another job.  
  1. Ask for the specifics.
  While you have an employee on the phone, make sure to ask for the specifics like,  
  • What do you charge for a deposit?
  • How can I contact your employees throughout the move?
  • How they might you deal with damaged items?
  • Are there extra fees if I live in a walk-up?
  • What is the time range you think the job will be done?
  Also, don’t be shy to ask for an estimate. What a moving company charges is an indication of the service you’ll receive. Something too high and you might worry you’re getting overcharged. Something extremely low and you can probably expect to be charged hidden fees later. You’re really looking for a price that is slightly lower than the middle of the pack.   And again, don’t feel bad about asking all these questions. A tried-and-trusted company will be patient and should have all your answers at the ready.  
  1. Most importantly, start looking early!
 Packing and moving This is a huge city, and people are constantly moving around. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to vet a mover and iron out the details. Even a few months in advance isn’t too early to start getting the ball rolling.  

Once you’ve found the perfect moving company, you can check it off your list and start focusing on what’s important: like scoping out the best coffee shops in your new neighborhood.

Divine Moving & Storage is the best licensed and insured moving company in NYC. We specialize in quick, efficient, and easy packing, moving and storage. Call today for a free quote! 212-244-4011

Divine Pro Moving

6 Things to Remember When Moving in NYC

The process of moving to a new home in New York City is an often an overwhelming one. It is generally advised to create a list and add to it as you remember new things you need to do. No matter how early you start this list, you will invariably miss a few things on it. Below are six things you might have forgotten to add to your list.

Optimize Your Move Date

Easy, right? Just call up the best moving company you can find within your budget and set a date. Done. Check off the list. Did you get a good deal or were you trying to clear your list as quickly as possible? Moves are expensive, saving money where you can and setting your move date correctly are quick ways to keep money in your wallet. Choose mid-week, mid-month moving dates. You usually get better deals because they are slow times. Peak times, when demands are high at the beginning and end of each month will cost you more than a pretty penny for them to squeeze you in. For the best deal, try to move between October and April when demand for moving companies is ‘off season’. check our off-peak dates calendar for the best deal days- Reduced Rate Dates

Transferring Your Utilities

The timing of the transfer is tricky while setting up your move date. The last thing you want is to show up to your new home and the lights are not on. Make a list of all the utilities you need at the new home and work your way down it giving the utility companies a firm date on when to turn off your current location’s utilities and turn them on at the new home.
  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet/Cable
Con Edison In New York City, many of those utilities will already be ready to go or may be included in the rent if you are renting. Check with your landlord or the rental agreement to find out. Click here for direct links to the utilities websites

Moving Prescriptions

This one usually slips through the cracks until you order much needed prescriptions for your health and realize your health provider sent it to your old pharmacy…across town. While this is not the end of the world, a simple phone call can save you a lot of time and annoyance getting it transferred to a nearby pharmacy.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Think of it as a grab bag if you were running from the law. You will need a few basic necessities when moving to a new home until you can establish yourself.
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries including toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Charges for electrical gadgets
  • Toolkit
  • Cash
Kit for moving There are plenty more things you could pack in the bag. Think about the day to day life of a normal week and think about what items you use regularly. Need your coffee in the morning and the Keurig is still packed? Throw in Starbucks bottled coffee to get you through the morning.

What Movers Can't Move

Surprise! You cannot transport certain items by moving company. There is a list of items that every moving company will refuse to haul. Ask for that list if it is not hosted on their company website. Divine's is here. Some are restricted by State or Federal law, and some are the company’s choice due to liability or complexity. These items can include: paints, pesticides, scuba tanks, propane tanks, extinguishers, fertilizer to name a few. For a complete list, ask your moving company. Some things like cleaning solvents are best transported by you. Don't move these items

New Home Measurements

The last thing on the list, that is most often forgotten about, is your new home’s measurements. Will the couch in the old place fit in the new one? Have you measured out all the furniture making the transition? Nothing is worse than putting all that effort into packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then while unpacking you find out the dining room table does not fit. It is embarrassing and induces panic on what to do with the table. Avoid that by measuring the new home and having a plan on what to do with each piece of furniture. Moving will always be a hassle, but going through your to do list and being as thorough as possible will help go from an overwhelming potential disaster to a controlled chaos ending in that new home feel and immense relief when it is finally over.

Divine Moving & Storage is the best licensed and insured moving company in NYC. We specialize in quick, efficient when moving, and easy packing, moving and storage services. Call today for a free quote! 212-244-4011


8 Tips to Make Your Mover Love You AKA Moving Game Plan

Moving NYC Moving in NYC is a painful process. It involves a mind for logistics, preparation, sentimentality, and hard work. When hiring professionals, especially in New York City, it removes a lot of the stress you go through during a move. Movers take the heavy burden and heavy lifting off your shoulders. Since this work is hard, there are some things you can do to make their job easier and more efficient saving you time and money in the process.

Prepare for The Movers

Hiring movers is not as hands-off as you want in NYC or any city. They manage the logistics of the move, the packing and hauling, and the storage of your stuff. Preparation is still required on your part. Make sure they have a place to park their truck. In cramped streets of New York City, it is hard to find a place for trucks to park so they can load and unload your things. Take this into consideration and plan with the property manager or city to set time and space aside. Movers cannot help you if they have nowhere to park.

Have a Moving Game Plan

When the movers arrive at the location they need to pack or wrap everything and empty room by room, it is a good idea to have a plan of action. If you have none, they will do their best, as professionals with experience, to pack what they think makes sense. However, they do not know which stuff you consider a priority over others, or what needs to be set aside. If you take the hands-off approach to their packing, you may be looking for items for a long time not knowing which box something ends up in.

Pack Your Fragile Items

Make fragile items your responsibility. The movers will pack your items as carefully as they can but they are on the clock. A clock you are paying for. They do not want to drag their feet so there is a balance between careful packing and getting the job done. It is strongly recommended that the owner of the fragile items be the one to pack them. That way, they have the control and time to carefully wrap their items to keep them safe. Label them clearly on multiple sides of a box to note the fragile item so when it is being loaded and unloaded, the professionals will know to take extra care.

Group Like-Items Together

If the movers are packing out your stuff, do your best to group items together. This will help keeping like items together and also in the unpacking later. If board games and clothes are in fifteen different boxes because they were spread throughout an apartment, how will you ever find what you are looking for? Try to keep it together so it is easier for the movers to pack and, at the other end, easy for you to know what to unpack.

Storage or No Storage

New York City is not known for its vast storage in most apartments. Sometimes storage units are a necessary evil. When hiring professional NYC movers, life becomes much easier if the movers have their own storage facility. Companies like Divine Moving offer such services. If storage is needed, clearly indicate what stuff needs to go to storage. This to differentiates what needs to be set aside at their storage facility and what needs to go to the new location.

Clear Separation of Immediate Needs

When movers are packing you out of your old place, make sure you set aside things you will need immediately upon moving to the new location. Leaving everything lying around will ensure the movers packing up needed items in boxes with non-immediately needed stuff. When the movers do not have to ask if something should be set aside, then they can move more quickly and efficiently. This helps you as well. More often than not, once you are at your new home, it can take time to go through and unpack all your boxes and find the right place for all the items. It is less stressful when you are not frantically digging through boxes looking for that one item you needed yesterday.

Get Out of the Way

Once the game plan is communicated, everything is grouped and separated, and all is ready to go…get out of the way. The movers are professional. They do this daily and are good at it. Letting them get into the rhythm of their task at hand without interruption is key to a fast, painless move.

Tipping Your Movers

You tip waitresses, you tip your hair dresser, you should tip your mover. While not required, it is proper etiquette to do so. Their effort should be appreciated for lifting and hauling heavy furniture, protecting your walls and floors, and protecting your stuff and tipping is the best way to do so. It is also common decency to offer cold drinks like water or sports drinks if you have them. The caveat here is their interaction with you. If they act like professionals, show you curtesy, and listen and follow your requests, then a tip is deserved. If they do not, then just like at a restaurant, it is not deserved. Please do not confuse cool, determined, professionalism with indifference. The movers are single-minded in getting their job done quickly and done well.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

These eight tips will make your moving experience with professional movers run smooth and relatively pain-free. We all know how overwhelming moving can be and with the myriad of things to do on your check-off list, these few tips will ease the burden of the move itself and make your movers love and appreciate you.

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