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New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world makes storage space hard to come by. Manhattan micro-apartments, for example, often only have room for a bed and kitchenette but somehow still cost thousands of dollars a month to rent! If you are moving to Manhattan and you know how to use a storage unit, though, it can be an incredibly useful service. With tiny micro-apartments, people are actually paying more for less as storage space tends to be very affordable in comparison to living space. Continue reading our article and find out some great ideas to use storage when living in a micro apartment in Manhattan.

Declutter your home and decide what goes to the storage unit

Living in a micro-apartment can be tricky. It feels like there’s always clutter everywhere, and you’re always stepping over things. You might feel like you will go crazy. But the good news is that you don’t have to feel claustrophobic forever. If you know what to do, you can make your tiny living space work for you—and even make it feel spacious, too! To get started use storage space Manhattan.

Go through each room of your apartment and decide what should stay and what should go. Keep only the stuff that you need, and the things that are truly important to you. Everything else, you should put in cardboard boxes or plastic containers that most of the movers NYC offer and store them safely in one of the storage units.

A man and a woman giving high five and preparing to use storage when living in a micro apartment in Manhattan
Do your research – find out how to use storage when living in a micro apartment in Manhattan

Storage units are safe and secure

If you need to store your things for any reason, think about what you want to put in a storage unit. Do you want to keep your items safe? Well, if you do, then put them in a storage unit! Don’t let your belongings get trampled by your cats or stolen by burglars. Keep them safe in a storage unit where they can be well-protected from all of life’s ills. When you store your items at short term storage Manhattan, you can feel confident knowing they’re being kept in a secure location. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have peace of mind that your valuables are secure while you’re away.

a couple packing
Don’t be afraid to put all your valuable belongings in a storage unit

Use climate-controlled storage units

Another clever way to use storage when living in a micro-apartment in Manhattan is renting a climate-controlled storage unit. If you live in a humid area, for example, you will want to be sure that your storage unit is climate-controlled so that your belongings don’t grow mold or mildew. Some items, like books and photographs, can also suffer damage by dampness. That’s why it is a great idea to keep your belonging in long term storage Manhattan units. They are affordable, too!

Before you decide to use storage you should figure out how to properly organize a storage unit. Learning how to use it can bring you many benefits. The price of storage units can vary depending on the location and size, but even when you factor in fuel costs and other expenses, it’s often less costly than buying extra furniture to store your belongings. So don’t hesitate and rent one! We hope we helped you understand how to use storage when living in a micro apartment in Manhattan.


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