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So, you’re thinking about moving to SoHo. That’s great! But you really ought to know more about the place before making this big decision. After all, it’s far better to know what to expect than to get there and get a big surprise, good or otherwise.

So, what should you know if you want to move to SoHo? Here are the most important bits for you.

The spirit of SoHo: vibrant and artistic

Before we get into the particulars, we need to discuss the overall atmosphere in this part of NYC. That way, you will know whether relocating to SoHo is the move for you.

SoHo has come a long way since the 1950s. Where it once used to be an industrial powerhouse, it now serves as a beacon for creativity. Fashion gurus and artists of all stripes flock to this district in droves. That gives SoHo a particularly artsy feel, as well as a vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene.

So if you’re coming from a more downbeat part of town in terms of nightlife, like Astoria, for example, you will quickly notice the more lively spirit here. If that’s your jam, then you can start exploring moving companies in Astoria to get you relocated.

Moving to SoHo: a street in SoHo
The blend of old-time architecture and avant-garde spirit makes SoHo irresistible

Moving to SoHo means having your finger on the pulse of NYC

That title might sound a tad dramatic, but it’s not really far from the truth. You see, moving to Manhattan means that you find yourself at the heart of NYC. Almost all the goings-on this city is up to happen here, or at least have something to do with this part of the city.

Moving to SoHo, a pivotal part of Manhattan’s cultural affairs, means that you will hardly miss a thing. Not only that, but you will be excellently connected to the city in general, seeing that practically everything you’ll need is only a brisk walk or short ride away.

Shopping can hardly get better than in SoHo

No SoHo NYC neighborhood guide would be complete without a shopping section. That’s just because this part of town is so well-known for it.

While the artistic, bohemian vibe is its main draw, shopping is another trait that sets SoHo apart from other neighborhoods. It’s home to Broadway street, which is a mecca for shopping for all things related to fashion. The locals know that SoHo NYC shopping is the best NYC shopping!

Some top brand names in the fashion industry have stores open in SoHo’s stretch of Broadway. You can do your shopping in Club Monaco, Victoria’s Secret, Bebe, H&M, and tons of other staples of the industry. More economic shopping is also available with several venues that offer more affordable merchandise.

Lower crime rates for those moving to SoHo

SoHo is a pretty safe part of town. The crime rates here are lower than the surrounding average across the board. This includes everything from petty crimes to violent crimes, so you’ll be fairly secure if you opt for moving to SoHo. That’s great news for everyone, especially so if you have children and intend to relocate here. Speaking of kids…

SoHo architecture
Besides being splendorous to look at, SoHo is also a very safe part of the city

Solid education system

If you are moving to NYC with kids and are particularly interested in providing them with the best education you can, then you can’t really go wrong with moving to SoHo. While none of them are technically in the district, many high-quality New York City Department of Education schools are very close to SoHo. You’ll have plenty of options for choosing the right school your little one(s) can attend.

But what about students? Well, pursuers of higher education can rejoice in knowing that some top-notch universities are right here in SoHo. So if you’re a student, there are plenty of prospects for you in this part of town. With the help of some excellent student movers NYC calls home, you can make your academic dreams a reality right here.

Moving to SoHo means living a more expensive life

If you’re planning on relocating to SoHo, you should know about the costs of living there. Namely, prices are pretty steep. After all, it’s practically the heart of New York City. This means that money can leak away very quickly if you aren’t careful. For that reason, you should have a sound financial plan (like a great job waiting for you or one you can do online) in place before you start packing for the big move.

Crowded and narrow

The architecture in SoHo is distinctly lovable. The iron-clad facades and narrow walkways are what gives it its unmistakable charm we all adore. But while the aesthetics are undeniably something to marvel at, it does have its downsides.

Namely, space in SoHo is hard to come by. This applies to the streets (where crowds are a dime a dozen) to parking, and living quarters. Furthermore, most buildings are either luxury co-ops or walk-ups. The apartments might be smaller than what you’re used to, depending on where you live. If you discover that you have an excess of belongings, you can always arrange long term storage and store the items you don’t want to rid yourself of just yet.

A fire escape
Most buildings in SoHo look something along these lines, which some might find a bit crammed

Verdict: should you be moving to SoHo or not?

Let’s break down what we learned:

  • SoHo is a cultural haven
  • It’s well-connected to the rest of the city
  • Shopping is one of a kind here
  • It’s safe
  • The education is solid
  • Living here is pricey
  • Everything is a little crammed

So, taking into account all the above factors, is moving to SoHo worth it? The overall impression points to a resounding yes. Not only is it a wonderful cultural hub of New York City, but it’s also a terrific retail center. On top of that, it’s a safe part of town, which is always a plus. And if that isn’t enough, the education system is very strong in and around the district, so your academic goals, as well as your children’s, will be easily attainable. All of this considered, SoHo gets a glowing recommendation.

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