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One of the most essential things about human beings is that we need a place we can call home. A home is a place that is ours, a place where we belong to and one where we feel completely safe in every sense of the world. Finding a place in Manhattan is definitely not a simple task. More and more people are hiring the best movers in Manhattan every year to move to New York, so the real estate market can be really complex to navigate. That is why we have decided to create this homebuyer’s guide to Manhattan.

Decide what kind of home you are looking for

Manhattan is a large place that offers countless options. There is something for practically everybody here. In order to actually start looking for a home, you first need to decide what kind of home you want to have. Something you should do is to create a list of priorities. What kind of home do you want – an apartment or house? Then you need to about a location. Different parts of Manhattan offer different things. 

woman enjoying a swing
Some parts of the city are better for raising a family than the others

You probably won’t want to live in the same neighborhoods if you are interested in a place where you can raise a family, and if you are interested in a singles’ life. Creating such a list can make it easier for you to decide what you want. After going through, you may end up realizing that you should move to Upper West Side instead of some other part of Manhattan.

Homebuyer’s guide to Manhattan – Bouncing back after the pandemic

The pandemic has brought down the prices of homes in Manhattan during the last year and a half. Many people were trying to leave the city and there was a surplus of options. When this happens, prices had to go down. Many moving companies, Divine Moving and Storage NYC included, had to adapt to the new situation.  However, in the last couple of months, things have started to go back to normal. During the spring of this year, the new number of apartments sold was almost double than during the same time in 2020. In fact, the market is now more active than practically ever before. This means that, while there are many buyers out there, there are many options for you to browse through.

you will need a homebuyer's guide to Manhattan if you are planning to get your own place
Every part of Manhattan has something else to offer

So, which prices you can expect? 

Homebuyer’s guide to Manhattan would not be complete without going over the prices you can expect. When it comes to resale prices of Manhattan homes, they have risen to a median $1,000,000 resale price during the second quarter of this year. That is the highest on the record. The price of an average sale has risen by 12% during the same period and has reached a steep $1,900,000. While different locations will have different prices, it is best to make peace with the fact that they are going to be high as more and more people are hiring Manhattan movers and coming here.

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