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Moving is a stressful event for everyone involved. Changing everything, moving to a different home, neighborhood. Changing all of your habits. And imagine what that looks like from a kid’s perspective. You should include kids in the moving process because it will give them peace and a feeling of control over something in their life. Of course, your kids cannot help you to find a reliable moving company in NYC, but they can help you pack. Or they can help you sort things. You can make everything feel like a game for them!

The first step to include kids in the moving process is to talk with them

The first and the most important step if you want to include your kids into the moving process is to talk with them from the beginning. Before you start searching for a moving company and moving supplies NYC you should talk with them and prepare them for the relocation. If you talk with your kids openly from the start, they will feel involved and will feel better during the relocation. Just let them know that relocation is an option and that you would like to hear their thoughts.

Include your kids in the research process

One of the things that you could do to include kids in the relocation is to show them your research on your potential new home, their school, etc. Of course, you should show them only the options that you really consider, and ask them for their opinion. What they like and what they don’t like in their new home. You can ask about their ideas on what you can do with your new home, how to decorate it and it might help you to maximize the space. Your kids can be a really great source of different ideas and they will feel involved with the moving process.

parent with a kid by a computer
Talk with your kids, do research before you make the final decision on moving

Let your kids decide what they want to bring to the new home

Decluttering is something that you will do before you move to your new home. But you should let your kids decide what they want to throw, donate, or keep. Of course, you can guide them, but let them make the decision on their own. It will help them feel confident. Also, the relocation won’t seem so scary for them. They will feel that they have some control and that they made a decision about their belongings. Of course, you can always make a compromise if they choose to keep something you really do not want to move with you. After all, the most important thing is to include your kids in relocation, so do your best to adjust to them.

You can involve your kids in the moving process by letting them pack their own things

A great way for your kids to feel useful and good about the whole moving process is to let them pack their belongings. Give them moving boxes, and supervise them. You can let them pack their toys, and choose which toys they will pack for storage. It will help the decluttering process and at the same time, your kids are going to feel useful. You can create a reward system, for every box they pack successfully they can get a reward. It can be candy or something else that they like.

mother with a kid
You can supervise your kids while they pack some of their belongings

Make packing interesting

There are a lot f different ways to make packing interesting. Packing is also a great way to include your kids in the moving process. You can make packing interesting by creating a colorful labeling system. You can let your kids paint their moving boxes. That will help you with inventory storage as well. You can talk with your kids and create a drawing system to label moving boxes. Your kids will love that they can draw on big moving boxes, and you will have clearly labeled boxes.

Plan different activities with your kids

Although you might be moving, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your kids. You can organize a goodbye party with one or two of their close friends. Or maybe you can plan a walk where you will visit all of your favorite places in your old neighborhood. One of the ways to include kids in the moving process is to give them the opportunity to say goodbye. It will help your kids to adjust to their new home.

Explore your new neighborhood

One of the things that should be on the top of your list when you move is to go with your kids and explore neighborhoods. There are a lot of kid-friendly activities. You can find your new favorite park or a place to eat. This is a great way to help your kids to learn more about their new neighborhood. Even when the moving is finished, getting to know their new surroundings is a part of the moving process. Everything is new and different, and that can be scary for kids. But if you create a first positive experience for them – they will feel more confident and happy.

walk with a kid in nature
Take your kids to explore your new neighborhood

Let your kids help

Although sometimes it can be complicated to actually let your kids help with everything during the moving process, it will mean a lot to them. You can make a fun game and compete in cleaning. It can be a fun family activity or a fun family day, depending on how much time you have before the movers come. There are a lot of ways to involve your kids in the relocation, and depending on what your kid likes – you should do it.

Take care of your kids on a moving day

Although your kid can help with most of the things during the moving process, on a moving day you should make sure they are far away from all the noise. Professional movers will come to load all of your belongings into the moving truck. And while you are paying attention to them, your kids might hurt themselves or break something. So it is a much better solution to hire a babysitter or ask a friend or a family member to help out that day. They can take your kids to the park or for a walk while everything is loaded. Everybody will be happier, and everything will be much easier that way!


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