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The number of toys that your kids use or have used can quickly get out of hand. And as they grow older, more and more toys will have to be stored. Especially if you have more than one kid. So, when you want to store your kids’ toys, you need to get creative. And find spaces and ways of making them easily accessible, while being out of the way. As the playroom starts getting filled, the attic, basement and even rented storage unit can be the solution. 

Why do you need to store your kids’ toys?

Kids love toys! They help them learn motor skills, keep them happy and occupied, and are something that they’ll remember fondly of. While you might think that throwing away or giving away their toys is the perfect solution. They certainly won’t agree. And, yes, all those toys that they don’t play around with anymore might be difficult to keep around. Especially if moving from a house to an apartment. But you also feel that warmth when you find them 5, 10, or even 15 years down the road. They will instantly remind you of all the happy times you’ve spent with your kids when they were little. So, they are definitely worth hanging on to.

kid on bed with toys
Your kids will be happy if you save some of their toys

As your kids grow so does their toy collection

Kids change toys more often than we even realize. When they are little it’s all about plush toys and puzzles to get their motor functions developed. But as they grow older they start discarding old toys and want new ones. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. At some point, renting long term storage might seem like an only solution. And while it’s a good solution to your problem, you can also invest a little bit into organizing their toys.  

How to properly organize and store your kids’ toys?

We’ve finally gotten to the big question. How to tackle this problem? Well, that depends on your living situation. If you are living in a large house, you probably already have a playroom. So that’s a good place to start. But, if you live in an apartment or a moving to NYC with kids, you’ll have to downsize on toys a bit. It might be painful, but if you do it properly, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance. And not upset either yourself or your kids.

toys ready for you to store your kids' toys
You need to sort your kids’ toys, so you can easily store them

Declutter before you store toys

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a smaller apartment, gotten sick of all the mess, or are just organizing your kids’ toys. Decluttering is something that you should be doing on regular basics. As there are many benefits to decluttering old, unused objects. Both when it comes to toys as well as your household items. Especially before the move. But, when it comes to toys, it’s all about keeping your sanity. As the number of toys can quickly escalate.

 Of course, you won’t just throw away random toys. But, separate everything that is damaged, broken, or otherwise unusable. Also, you might also consider throwing away toys that haven’t been in use for long enough to be too dear to your kids.

Donate and recycle

A great way to handle an excess of toys is to donate some of them. Have your kids pick out a few of the toys they are willing to part with. It will develop their empathy and they will feel good for doing a good deed. Damaged or broken toys should be thrown away. But, there’s still a great opportunity for a lesson for your kids. Talk about the importance and the process of recycling. Especially when the toys are made of plastic. You’ll get fewer toys to store and your kids will learn a valuable lesson.

phone with recycle sign
You can recycle your kids’ toys

Store toys based on their type

The first thing that you need to do is lay all the toys out on the floor. It’s sometimes difficult to have a clear picture of what you have. And laying everything out on the floor will make things much clearer. It will also help you with the organization and storage of toys.

You can use broad categories when storing toys. Arts and crafts can go into one bin. While plush toys can go in another. You can store delicate items in the attic while leaving sturdier toys in the garage. It all depends on your preferences. And the layout of your home. 

Which containers should you use for storage?

The choice of a storage container is something that depends on your personal preference. As well as the place where you plan on storing them. But, there are many different options. You can use plastic bins, cardboard boxes, wooden crates, or soft storage containers. For toys that are going to the storage unit, it’s best to use plastic bins. And if you plan on keeping the toys in the playroom, you should put them in soft containers. As they look nice and are easily accessible even for little kids.

box where you will store your kids' toys

How to store toys in the house?

The way in which you store your kids’ toys is something that depends on many factors. Their age, your preference, the room you are storing them in, etc. Toys that are going to the attic or basement are best kept in plastic bins. As they allow you to neatly stack them. And keep the toys well protected. The same goes for storing them in storage units. But, if you intend on keeping them around the house, then you’ll need something nicer. Soft storage bags are a great solution. They look nice, can’t hurt your kids even if they tip over. And can house many toys. They are perfect for toys that are still in use.

The storage unit is a great long-term solution

With two or more kids, toys can quickly fill your home. Especially if you have kids which prefer different types of toys. From dollhouses to plastic trucks, your home can quickly become too small for all those toys. A great solution is to pick a storage unit that is close by. And store everything there. Simply put all the toys in plastic bins or cardboard boxes. They’ll be safe. And you’ll have easy access to them when you need to. You’ll have countless memories to go back to whenever you open one of those boxes.


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