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Are you relocating with your furry friend soon? Finding a decent pet-friendly apartment anywhere in NYC is hard enough, let alone Midtown. So hooray for getting your hands on one. Now let’s show you how to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment so you get that deposit back! Adopting a new dog, particularly a puppy, is not the same as bringing a newborn into your house. It’s more like having an inquisitive toddler itching to sniff, scratch, and bite their way into every nook and cranny. Even with the best-behaved pet, you’ll almost certainly need to pet-proof your home first. Dog-proofing is not about presenting your dog with obstacles to overcome. They could simply see it as a challenge accepted. And it’s not about safeguarding your possessions either. It’s about protecting what’s genuinely valuable: your pet. Utilize this checklist to thoroughly pet-proof your home – and to keep your pooch safe and secure.

Clever ways to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment

If you’re lucky enough to have a naturally calm pet, kudos to you. Some of us have had quite a journey with ours. Many times, I’ve tried to crate-train my dog and I’m officially out of ideas. My pet just doesn’t seem to be content without chewing lamp cables or devouring the bag of chocolate chips on the kitchen table. It’s his favorite thing to do. If you have similar problems, we at Midtown moving company hear you. When the training doesn’t go as planned, these pet-proofing tricks will do.

a cat surprised that you decided to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment
No matter how well behaved, pet-proof your home to keep your pets safe.

Living room

While you may spend most of your time in the living room snuggling and playing with your pet, your cute kitten or puppy is still capable of getting into mischief. After all, a single distracted moment might result in the destruction of a piece of furniture or the injury of a pet. By applying these pet-proofing techniques, you may have some peace of mind while your pet is playing in the living room.

  • Use anti-scratch tape on the couch to deter scratching.
  • Cover electrical cables to ward off the chewers
  • Insulate HVAC vents
  • To avoid injury, relocate or obstruct exercise equipment
  • Remote controllers should be kept on a high shelf
  • Put up pee pads or water-resistant carpets in case of mishaps
  • Put away children’s toys to reduce choking hazards

Bonus tip: Any tiny décor or trinkets should be stored or relocated to a high area.


Pets significantly alter our personalities. They enable us to develop as individuals by increasing our patience and increasing our activity. If you’re new to pet parenthood, you’ll quickly discover that pets also require you to become more organized. Otherwise, you run the chance of a naughty critter stealing your favorite t-shirt or pair of shoes. The bedroom is a high-risk area for clutter, since you may be accustomed to leaving shoes out or dumping dirty items on the floor. To prevent your pets from damaging your favorite stuff — and preventing them from eating anything they shouldn’t — use the following ideas to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment. Feel free to call our quick and efficient same day movers NYC in case you don’t have much time to pack up all your things and move.

  • Always keep the closet door closed to prevent your dogs from entering
  • Conceal your cables and charge your gadgets on a high shelf
  • Construct a bed for your pet with blankets, toys, and an item that smells like you
  • Ascertain that all plants are non-toxic
  • Maintain a clean floor by keeping clothing, pillows, and other things off the floor
  • Make your bed each morning to deter digging
  • Transfer lotions and lip balms to a high shelf

Bonus tip: Tuck the corners of your blankets beneath the mattress to avoid attracting the chewers.


Your pet’s favorite room in the house is probably the kitchen. The odors and the occasional spilled bit of food are heavens for pups who never appear to be satisfied. However, accidents do occur. From sharp tools and highly hot kitchen technology to pieces of food or wrappers that should not be consumed, it is critical to maintain a high level of alertness when your pet is in the kitchen. Especially when you start taking out all of your kitchen appliances to pack your kitchen for the move. This is why we suggest taking advantage of our packing services NYC and taking your pet outside while we pack everything for you. We understand that while you’re in the midst of preparing dinner, this might be easier said than done. To keep your pets safe and to allow you to focus on the work at hand, ensure that your kitchen is adequately pet-proofed.

A cat sitting on the kitchen counter
To keep your cats off the counter, follow these tips.
  • Add a gate to the kitchen to keep counter surfers away.
  • All garbage and recycling bins should have lids.
  • When not in use, keep the dishwasher closed.
  • To prevent cats out of tiny crevices between appliances and cupboards, caulk them.
  • Maintain closed cabinet doors.
  • Install childproof locks on doors if your pet is curious.
  • Never leave potentially hazardous cooking products out.
  • Protect your cat from leaping on a hot surface by erecting a stove guard.
  • Maintain a high shelf for cleaning materials and dangerous foods.


Does your cat have a habit of pretending to be oblivious to your presence? Or your dog follows you everywhere? Even to the bathroom? While it’s endearing to believe they’re only guarding a pack member, their tailing instincts increase their chances of chewing up your baseboards or stealing the toilet paper roll. However, by taking the following pet-proofing steps, your best buddy may accompany you while you go about your business or take a shower without requiring your constant supervision.

  • Always keep toilet lids closed.
  • Lock away cleaning materials
  • Prevent choking by keeping hair accessories off the floor
  • Place medications on a high shelf out of reach of your dogs
  • Apply bitter spray to the edges of bathroom cabinets
  • Remove rugs till your pet has reached adulthood
  • Remove the toilet paper off the roll and place it in a cupboard
cat and dog hanging on the couch
Try to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment right after you move in.

If you’ve failed with crate training before, don’t worry. Use these methods to pet-proof your new Midtown apartment. Your pet will learn to behave in no time. If you have any further questions about your upcoming move to Midtown, don’t hesitate on calling our moving companies NYC. We’re here to help you with all of your moving needs.

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