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It can be quite difficult to decide what do you want to move. On the other hand, it is quite easy to accumulate a large number of items, especially if you have been living in your current home for quite some time. In order to prepare well when relocating, you should find a moving company. This might sound simple since moving companies are only a click away but how to choose the best one? In addition to this, moving can be quite expensive. If you do not want to spend a little fortune on your relocation, you should choose the most affordable movers based on a moving estimate. It is simple to find a moving company that has all these points covered.  For this reason, before you decide to hire Divine Moving and Storage company, here is how you should prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate.  

Prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate

First of all, you need to find and hire moving companies Astoria in order to ask for estimates. How to find and hire a moving company? You have several choices.

  • Ask your friends and family members – in order to find a reliable moving company, you should ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends and family members. This is the best and safest option since your friends and family members would not recommend you a fraudulent moving company.
  • Search on the Internet – since you can basically find everything with the Internet, you can also google moving companies near you.
  • See on your social media – It is also quite popular nowadays to ask for recommendations on your social media. In addition to this, there are many local groups that can help you with this matter as well.
person reading news
You can find a moving company by searching on the Internet

Why do you need to get a moving quote? 

There must be a reason why you should request a moving estimate before you sign a contract. The reason is quite simple. Movers should come to your house and see how many items you plan to move. According to the weight and the size of your household as well as distance, they will give you approximately your final moving cost and the amount of moving supplies NYC. Of course, this can be changed if you decide to omit certain items. Additionally, it is also important to think about moving estimates. You have three types. The first one would be a non-binding estimate which means that your final price can be changed. The other one would be the exact opposite since a binding estimate meaning the final price won’t be changed. Lastly, you also have a not-to-exceed estimate which means you want to pay more but you can pay less. 

Prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate by decluttering 

Before you start decluttering your house, you should be honest with yourself. Take a look around your house and see how many items you are actually using every single day. Probably around 50% of all the things you own. Since you are moving, it is completely unnecessary to relocate everything that you have in your household. First of all, this can be quite expensive. Second of all, you can easily replace some of the items that you haven’t used in a really long time. Apart from this, you should also get rid of all the items that are old and impossible to use anymore. It might be difficult to say goodbye to items even if you haven’t used them for a really long time. However, this is necessary if you want to get the most accurate estimate. 

Person folding clothes
Decide what to do with your items

What to do with items? 

After you’re done decluttering your items, you need to find solutions for them. Luckily, you have a couple of them. First of all, you can try selling your items if you have enough time. You can organize a garage sale one weekend and try to sell items that are still in good condition. Otherwise, you can also try selling your items online. Remember, the main goal of selling your items is not to make money but to get rid of them. The additional money would naturally be helpful for your moving budget. The other option would be to donate your items. You can always search for the best charities to donate your items to. Make sure to ask for a receipt of your donation because later you can apply for tax reduction. Lastly, you can try giving some of your items to your friends and family or simply throwing them away. 

Prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate by cleaning 

The other important thing to do before movers arrive to do an estimate would be to clean your house. Since you need to show only the items and parts of your house that you plan to move, it would be distracting if your house is currently a little bit messy. For this reason, it would be wise to clean your house. But this is not the only reason. When you are cleaning, you can also make a plan which items you want to move and which ones need to be decluttered. This way, you will have a better understanding of your house and the number of items you plan to move. Additionally, you always need to clean the house before you move out. This is especially important if you’re living in a rental place. If you want your deposit back, your place needs to be cleaned well. 

person cleaning the floor shows how you should prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate
You should clean your house

Mistakes to avoid 

As mentioned, you need to prepare your Astoria home for a moving estimate properly before movers show up. This is extremely important if you want to get the most accurate estimate. Mistakes that you should avoid include cleaning the house, not decluttering the items, or forgetting to show everything to movers. In order to avoid doing any of these mistakes, make a plan before movers come to visit your house. This way, you will not forget to show all the things you plan to move. 


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