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So, you found a new home for your family! You must be very excited, but probably a little bit scared at the same time. Moving in itself is stressful enough, let alone moving with an entire family. Not to mention the difficulties of having to relocate if you have children. The key to prepare your children for moving day is in a good plan and thinking in advance. Give yourself a bit more time than you would if you weren’t a parent. Because you know you are responsible not only for yourself and your personal belongings but for one, two or even more lives. Preparation is key, especially if you are moving to NYC with kids (or some other metropolis). So, let’s see if we can guide you through the process.

Toddler playing
To prepare your children for moving day, you will have to take your time.

How should you break the news to your children

You need to be careful when announcing the big news to your children. They are most likely not going to share your enthusiasm when it comes to leaving home. If you have a baby, you shouldn’t worry about him or she adapting to the new environment. Teenagers will probably be excited to change their house and meet some new people.

Then again, if you are planning on moving with a toddler, that might be a totally different story. Toddlers get attached to their first home because almost all of their memories were made there. Your job is to ensure that they understand that only the walls are going to change and everything else will remain the same. That is why the task to prepare your children for moving day is so significant. 

A good plan to prepare your children for moving day is to start early

Coffee and notepad
Early planning and execution can make things a lot easier for yourself and your children

It is not a secret that every project needs to be planned thoroughly in advance to be successful. The „moving with kids“ project is no different. The advice to take your time might sound unrealistic since you probably don’t have a minute to spare at this moment. When you have such a big thing as moving ahead of you, you need to make time, by starting early. A good plan should include answers to the following questions:

  • Are we going to move or hire the professionals the likes of Divine Moving and Storage NYC?
  • Where are we going to get the moving supplies?
  • When are we going to pack for moving with children?
  • Can you prepare your children for moving day while packing?
  • How are we going to prepare a new place for the arrival of our family?
  • How can we alleviate the stress our children are coping with?

Time to start packing

Packing with kids can be quite an overwhelming task. If they are old enough to pack their own stuff, you should let them do it. If they are not, they might find it interesting to assemble moving boxes Manhattan, help you with duct tape or stick labels when you have finished packing the boxes. You can use this opportunity to get rid of some unnecessary stuff. Your child probably doesn’t need as many toys as he or she has, so maybe you could throw away the broken ones and donate some others to the local kindergarten. If your child is attending the kindergarten, giving the toys away could be an excellent way to say Goodbye to his or her little friends.

If you opted for a DIY relocation scenario, asking your friends and family members to help you on the actual moving day is not such a good idea. Even though having a few extra pairs of hands might save you a few dimes, their help is more needed in the days before the move. The best option for you is to focus on your children on the moving day and leave the loading, transportation, and unloading to the professionals.

If you do have friends and family members who are eager to help, you can ask them to spend some quality time with your kids while you are packing. That will give you a few precious hours to pack and organize your stuff, plus the kids get to enjoy eating ice cream with their favorite aunt or going to the cinema with your best friend. Don’t hesitate to ask your child’s best friend’s parent to babysit. They will probably cherish the time the kids have left to play together before you move.

The day for moving with your children has come – stay calm

If you decide to hire a reliable moving company, there is no need for you to panic. The professional movers will always know what to do, and you can make the ride to your new home a nice family trip. You need to make sure that the box with your child’s favorite toys and your essential box are the last ones to be loaded on moving the track and the first ones off it when you reach your new address.

Unpack and start creating new memories with your offspring

Parents with baby, laughing
Start making new memories after moving with your child.

You have reached your destination, and hopefully, your new home is ready for you to create some new memories in it. You have probably already had the children rooms painted the way you know your children would like. A lovely housewarming gift for your child is an excellent idea. Every child will cope with moving stress more efficiently with the help of a toy they have been asking you to buy for a long time now. Maybe you could even consider getting a new pet if that is something your child desires.

A new house should be a good place for creating some new memories, but do not forget to maintain family rituals. Don’t skip those long weekend mornings in bed with your children, movie days, and pizza nights that your kids love so much. They need to see that other than the house, everything else in your family remained the same, so there is no need for them to worry. Some children will adapt to the new home more quickly than others. You need to be patient and prepared that after moving with children, it might not be the case with yours.

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