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There are many reasons why you should move your bakery to another location in NYC. First of all, it might help your business to flourish if you decide to move company. Then, the new location might bring more customers. Maybe this space that you currently have don’t have enough capacity for your bakery. Whatever the reason might be, it is time to organize a relocation with moving companies NYC. As you might know, relocating your bakery in NYC can be quite challenging. You have to make sure that you organize everything properly so you can open your bakery as soon as possible after relocation. For this reason, here are all the useful tips and tricks when you want to relocate your bakery in NYC.

How to find a new location in the city? 

Before you hire commercial movers Manhattan for your relocation, you should make sure you have made the right decision. As you might know, the most important thing is to find the perfect location for your bakery. For this reason, your new location should have the following 

  • Accessibility – your new bakery should be within easy reach to both your customers and suppliers. 
  • Cost – you should calculate all the overall operating costs and see if they fit into your current budget. 
  • Crime rate – do not open your bakery in an area with high crime rates. 
  • Competition – it is favorable to have little to no competition. 
  • Labor – you should be able to find competent employees. 
  • Demographics – you should pay attention to demographics in the area where you plan to open your bakery. 
  • Growth Potential – the new location should provide a lot of opportunities to grow your business. 
aerial view of NYC
It is important to choose the right location when planning to relocate your bakery in NYC

Keeping your bakery supplies safe and usable 

One of the biggest challenges when moving your bakery would be to keep all the supplies well protected and useable again. Since you are using a lot of ingredients that could spoil easily, you need to find the proper way to store them during your relocation. For this reason, you should try to find inventory storage NYC for all the supplies that can go bad. When looking for storage, it is important to find a storage unit where you can control temperature and humidity. Since most supplies for bakeries cannot handle drastic temperature changes or humidity, you should find a climate-controlled storage unit. The easiest way to find a storage unit would be by asking your movers. Nowadays, most moving companies offer storage services as well. If not, then you can ask your movers for some recommendations. 

How to prepare all the bakery equipment for moving or storing? 

When you are moving your business, the other important thing would be to properly prepare your equipment for your relocation. Since you are moving bakery equipment, you need to clean it properly before relocation. This is essential for several reasons. First of all, your equipment might be covered in flour, yeast, and other similar ingredients. These ingredients would attract rodents or insects quite easily. This is something you do not need during your relocation, especially if you plan to store your equipment for a certain time. Therefore, make sure to clean everything so there won’t be any food remains left on the equipment. Then, you should disassemble all the pieces that you can. This will save you time and space when relocating your bakery. If you save time and space, it will automatically mean you’re also saving money during your relocation. 

person preparing to relocate your bakery in NYC
You should clean all the equipment you are using on daily bases

You should relocate your bakery in NYC with professional help 

The best way to relocate your bakery would be to hire movers. There are several reasons why you should get professional help for your relocation. Since you are moving your business, your goal should be to open your new bakery as soon as possible. Being out of work also means having no income for that particular period. If you are not familiar with the moving process, you might take longer than expected. This will not work well for your business, especially after the relocation. On the other hand, moving bakery equipment can be quite challenging if you don’t know what to do. When you hire professional movers, they have all the right packing supplies and moving equipment for your bakery. This means your bakery equipment and supplies will be well protected during transport. You can use them as soon as your movers deliver all the items to you. 

Notify your customers about the move and the new location 

It is not mandatory to notify your customers about your upcoming relocation. However, it is more than welcome to do it. Just because you are moving to the new location, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the customers you had so far. For example, if you are moving only 20 minutes away from your old location, your customers can easily find you at your new store. Additionally, your loyal customers would appreciate the feedback. This can be also useful for your business as well. They can easily recommend your bakery if they know someone in your new area. For this reason, do not forget about your old customers but you should also try to find new ones. Nowadays, it is really popular to advertise your business on social media. This is especially important for bakeries and coffee shops. Make sure to decorate your bakery in an eye-catching way. 

wrapped churros
Notify your customers where they can buy their favorite pastries from now on

Enlist your employees to help you 

Lastly, when you want to relocate your bakery in NYC, you should ask your employees to help you. Of course, this means that your employees are coming with you when you open the new bakery. It would be much easier if you have more people to assist you throughout your relocation. It is almost impossible to organize everything by yourself. For this reason, hire movers and get your employees to help you. This way, you can successfully organize a bakery relocation to any part of NYC. 


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