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Relocating your office on short notice can be challenging, especially if you have a large office with many employees. Preparing for an office move requires time to organize business, current clients, employees, etc. However, sometimes unexpected things happen and your moving preparation must be cut short. For example, you found an ideal office space, but you have only a very short time to prepare for your move. Well, if something like this happens, you shouldn’t worry right away. You can hire commercial movers Manhattan for help and then you will be able to relocate your office on short notice. Also, you can’t do it alone. Your colleagues should also help you to prepare your office move. You will be able to move your office in a short time if you prepare well and have good help.  

How to relocate your office on short notice – Useful tips

It’s not a really ideal situation to relocate office on short notice. It’s never good to do something quickly as mistakes are more likely to happen. However, if you are one of the people who shine under pressure, you won’t have a problem preparing your office relocation this way. Additionally, organizing an office move during the holidays can be as hard as not having enough time. But, the key for successful relocation in both cases is good planning. No matter how little time you have for relocation, you should still make a moving plan. For this reason, when you found out how much time you have for relocation, you should start planning right away.  

  • Every employee should pack their desk  
  • Find a reliable moving company  
  • Put someone in charge of the relocation  
  • Notify your clients  
  • Label your moving boxes  
white office
It is easy to relocate your office on short notice if you don’t have a lot of items

Where to find moving supplies?  

One of the biggest problems of preparing for an office move quickly is finding enough moving supplies. As office equipment can be quite expensive, you will need to find quality packing supplies. It won’t be a problem if you lose a couple of pens or paper. However, it will a huge problem if computers or other electronics get damaged during relocation. For this reason, you must get quality packing supplies for your office items like moving boxes Manhattan. Additionally, finding quality moving supplies on short notice won’t be the only problem you will encounter. Also, finding reliable professional movers can be a huge problem. Most of the good moving companies are booked in advance, so there might not be free moving dates available. However, you might get lucky and schedule a moving date with the moving company of your choice.  

You should assign someone to be in charge when you need to relocate your office on short notice  

When you are preparing office move, it’s a good step to put someone in the charge of the planning. Usually, the best person to assign to this work is someone who already had experience in office relocation or an administrative assistant. This person in charge needs to hire Divine Moving and Storage, plan individual tasks for employees, and supervise the progress of moving preparation. Packing office items usually takes the longest time that you don’t have for your office relocation. For this reason, everyone should pack their desk or at least prepare items for packing. It will be enough if everyone just takes out all items and divide them into separate groups like papers on one side, important documents on the other, etc. If you have more people to help with the packing, you will need less time to finish it.  

people in the office discussing how to relocate your office on short notice
Have a meeting to make a plan for relocation

You must contact I.T. company when you are preparing office relocation  

Every office has many different types of electronics that you don’t know how to disconnect and reconnect if you are not I.T. company yourself. For this reason, you should contact the I.T. department the moment you find out about your moving date. Moving all office electronics is a big job that also needs some time. For this reason, it is essential to organize moving your electronics right away. Additionally, moving preparation is a good time to declutter old electronics that you want to replace for some time now. After you select which computers, laptops, and phones to declutter, you now need to recycle old electronics. Another important task of relocating your office is to change your current address and to notify your current clients. Also, provide information on how long your office won’t work and how your clients can contact you for any questions.  

You should label your moving boxes when you need to relocate your office on short notice  

One way to speed up the packing of your office is to label moving boxes. Then, your employees can put items in moving boxes according to labels. This is a much faster way of packing your documents and office supplies. Additionally, you will have a much easier time unpacking all your office supplies after relocation. The goal is to get your business working as soon as possible. For that to happen, you need to unpack fast. You can do it if you labelled all your moving boxes during packing. For this reason, you shouldn’t skip this step. If you are feeling rather diligent, you can write down on each box a location and a number and the list of items that each box contains.  

cardboard boxes
Make sure to label your boxes

You should throw a party after relocation  

Preparing for an office relocation on short notice is very hard. For this reason, when you find out that you need to relocate your office on short notice, you will probably feel very stressed for some time. However, after you complete your office relocation, you should celebrate that with your employees or colleagues. You can either throw a small party just for your employees or have a grand opening with your clients too. It would be nice to celebrate your relocation in some way. Now, it’s up to you to decide how you are going to do it. 


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