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When moving you are looking to preserve your stuff as much as possible. Especially the sheets, as you will start using them on the first day in your new home. You want to have a good sleep after the moving part is over. To attain this, your bedclothes need to receive special care before and after the moving process.  Learn how to properly store away sheets and bedding with tips from Divine Moving and Storage NYC.

Learn how to store away sheets and bedding

Clean sheets are a gateway to a good night’s sleep. That is why we must keep them from dirt, humidity, dust, and bugs.

  • make sure your bedding is dry
  • find a dedicated space to keep it
  • store it properly to keep feathers from breaking and to avoid wrinkling
  • consult professional movers for assistance with packing and preparing for storage
a man holding sheets
Learn how to store away sheets and bedding to avoid humidity and wrinkles

Rent a storage unit to put extra stuff away temporarily

If you have a lot of bedding that you will not use as soon as you move in, you may put it in a storage unit. You may rent a 24-hour storage Manhattan, and make sure your belongings are safe. In a short-term storage unit, you will find excellent conditions for your items. The storage space is climate-controlled, temperature and humidity are regulated.  The units also contain theft alarms and surveillance cameras. Make sure you label all boxes, and the company personnel will photograph your items and make an inventory.

Preparing sheets and bedding for storage

Make sure to store away your sheets properly. This will facilitate your move to a great extent, as packing and unpacking will take much less time. As it is of utmost importance to keep the moisture away, use cotton bags instead of plastic ones to store the bedding. Plastic does not provide any airflow which may result in mold on sheets. For this purpose, you may use a vacuum storage bag as well. To keep moths away use lavender bags. They will save your bedding from insects and keep them nice and fresh. Also, all bulky bedding should be placed at the bottom of the closet. Should you need assistance with packing, the best packing services NYC will make sure you have all you need. If you are struggling with packing techniques or supplies, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

If you have a creative personality, there are imaginative ways to store away your bedclothes. Look for innovative ways of arranging sheets. Storing your items or packing for a move does not necessarily have to be a tedious job.

lavender placed on a bed and used to help store away sheets and bedding
Lavender will give your sheets and bedding freshness and a beautiful scent


Choose the best services Manhattan has to offer

Whether you are decluttering, storing stuff, or moving, always take professional assistance into consideration. Choose the best movers in Manhattan to help you with your relocation and storage solutions. Once you learn how to properly store away sheets and bedding, you can rest assured they will be neat and tidy.

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