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Relocation is more than just packing your items and moving away. There has to be careful planning and a developed plan about packing your belongings. On top of that, when moving, even with a professional moving company, you have to find a way to properly protect your items. One of the ways in which you can secure the safety of your most valuable belongings is to opt for a storage solution. For that reason, in today’s article, we will discuss the perks you get when you store your fine art in Brooklyn. A storage unit is much more than just an additional space in which you can store your items.

What to look for when you want to store your fine art in Brooklyn storage units?

There are a plethora of storage options you can choose from. Moreover, even your moving company may be able to offer you either short-term or long-term storage. If your moving company does not provide such services, you can always contact a storage facility and rent a unit in that manner.

an outside view of storage units where you can store your fine art in Brooklyn
Storage units provide a variety of different solutions for the items you store inside

Regardless of your choice, storing valuable and fragile items, like artwork, needs to be done in proper conditions. So, before you decide to rent a storage unit, look for these features:

  • The size of the unit
  • The conditions it provides for your items
  • Overall safety

The size of the unit

The first thing you want to look for is, obviously, the size of the unit you are renting. If you plan to store your fine art in Brooklyn units, you have to consider other factors. For instance, are you going to place other items inside as well? Because you will be dealing with fragile items, you have to ensure they will be safe. Consider the size of the unit you want to rent before you contact Brooklyn movers to come and relocate you.

The conditions it provides for your items

The next thing you want to look for is the condition the unit can create. For instance, items like artwork will require climate control. Additionally, you can also opt for the pest control option as well. The temperature control of the unit will ensure the materials of the artwork do not succumb to moisture, excess water, or hot temperatures.

a small rat on the ground
If pest gets into your storage they can cause severe damage to your artwork, so make sure you opt for pest control

On the other hand, pest control will prevent pests from coming into the unit and damaging your artwork. If you are moving to a small apartment, you should store the excess belongings in a unit with proper conditions until further notice.

Look for overall safety when you want to store your fine art in Brooklyn

The safety of the items you store inside the unit is very important. After all, once you store your fine art in Brooklyn, safety is among the first things you have in mind. Communicate with the storage facility and see what security options they offer. In addition, securing your items in different ways will bring peace of mind. Especially when you are storing fine artwork, which is usually both expensive and sentimental.


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