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There are times where you are put in a situation that where you are in need of leaving NYC on short notice. However, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for a quick escape. Furthermore, it’s a great time to get rid of stuff that has lost its use to you. Being pressed to move, does not mean that you have to do it in a dangerous way. Come up with a system that makes packing and unpacking easier, and make sure that everything is labeled. A trustworthy company that deals with emergency moving will be able to deal with this issue instead of you. In the text below, there is some helpful advice for organizing your short notice move.

A man leaving NYC on short notice
Make sure to make reservations on time when leaving NYC on short notice

Make sure to make reservations on time

If you already have a move-in date for your new place, make sure to make reservations as soon as possible. Figure out whether you are going to hire movers for the entire job, rent a truck or ask a friend for a favor. Take caution when moving during the summertime, as a lot of people are in the same boat as you. Therefore, it is better to act fast and make reservations because it can happen that there is no availability. Being short on time will make you desperate to find another mover, and at a higher price. If you are left without a move-in date, then finding and moving to storage units Manhattan is the way to go. If not in a rush to move in, you could store your items and wait for the moving season to pass. Once it has passed, you may be able to move in to your new place at a much lower place.

Write a list of thing to keep sell or donate when leaving NYC on short notice

When short on time, you should not go on a treasure hunt to find potentially valuable items. What you should consider instead are big items like appliances, rugs, and furniture. Determine if you are upsizing or downsizing and if your bed will fit into the new bedroom. It is also important to know whether your apartment is fully furnished and if it has all major appliances. If it has all of these items already, you are safe to sell your current ones. Perhaps you can replace the items in the new apartment with your current ones, and then sell the excessive ones.

After that, make a list of all of the big pieces that you have decided to keep. Also, make a list of items that you will not need in your new place. There is a possibility that your big sofa might not fit in your new apartment, or that it takes up too much space. Determine if you want to either sell the excessive items or donate them to a donation center that accepts furniture. You may also find that you have a lot of clothes that have lost their use. They can also be donated, or if they are somewhat unique, sold at a good price. This is a really good way to reduce your moving expenses.

A woman creating a list of items to donate or sell
Make sure to make a list of items that your going to keep, and a list of items to sell/donate

Get enough packing supplies when leaving NYC on short notice

Once you have all the details of the move covered and have only the necessary items left, gather packing material. You could get boxes from your local store, but it would be better to get specialized packing material. Items such as bubble wrap, containers, moving boxes, tape, and markers are essential. It is possible to purchase packing material from the internet or visit specialized shops. Whether your purchase the material online or in person, they can deliver it to your address. This is very beneficial when you are moving in a hurry since you won’t have to waste your time driving across town.

Organize your packing

When the packing day finally arrives, make sure to not rush the entire process. Packing in a rush takes the same time as packing in an organized manner. Therefore, take your time instead of frantically running all of the places trying to pack as fast as possible. Moving in an organized way, moving room from room, and labeling all of your boxes is much better. Doing so will save you from potential costs due to improperly packed items breaking during the move. Also, it saves you from tripping over your stuff, which could happen if you rush the entire process. Just imagine breaking that valuable china vase or TV while leaving NYC on short notice.

A man labeling boxes
Make sure to label all of your items and boxes for a more effective move

Organize a cleaning service

It is safe to assume that you lack the time or energy to spend the entire day cleaning up. What you should consider instead is to hire a maid service to do this work for you. If you have enough time, you could rent a 24 hour storage Manhattan and move your stuff there to make the entire process easier. Another instance when renting 24-hour storage is a good idea, is when there is a gap between the move-out and move-in date. It is well worth hiring cleaning services, especially if your security deposit is on the line. Besides cleaning your old place, you can hire them to do this for your new place too. Just imagine coming to your new home with everything clean and in place, ready for you to enjoy.

To sum things up

Take care to do everything properly, do not succumb to panic that this situation might cause. It is always better to keep a cool head and behave in an organized manner when leaving NYC on short notice. Make sure to have proper help when moving on short notice, because it can be overwhelming when done alone. This is where Divine Moving’s professional crew of movers comes into play. They will come to your location with a truck, moving equipment, and all of the necessary packing materials. The reliable crew of movers will handle all of the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your items. In the meanwhile, you can be with your family, and handle other obligations.




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