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Overstuffed file cabinets, overflowing piles of toys, tangled cords, do any of these terms sound familiar to you? If you want to know how to overcome your storage challenges and how to deal with them, you are in the right place. We at Divine Moving and Storage NYC pride ourselves on our organizational skills and we are happy to share our best tips and tricks with you. Know that every homeowner encounters space challenges from time to time. From wishing to have a larger closet to a larger room, to a larger home, more often than not the ratio of possessions in a home will always surpass the ratio of space in the home. We are here to help you tame your high-octane clutter spots with these simple storage solutions.

5 common storage challenges and how to deal with them

If you’re struggling with storage space in your home or apartment, we are here to provide you with some solutions. Do you have a habit of going on shopping sprees and cluttering your house? Not to worry…we have a few little hacks to make your life a bit easier. If you incorporate them into your weekly routines, your home will look clean, organized, and clutter-free in no time.

one of the storage challenge and how to deal with them - cluttered room
When you think about storage challenges and how to deal with them, the first thing that comes to mind is clutter.

1. Cluttered spaces

Sometimes it looks like there’s never enough space to fit in all your possessions. However, a straightforward solution to the problem is decluttering. Every once in a while, in your spare time, you can let go of some of your clothing, shoes, and other items that are no longer useful to you. No, you are not going to need your prom gown again. So, we suggest that you either give it to charity or retail it. For more alternative ideas on what to do with your rarely used items, visit this link. If you’re having trouble letting go of your things, you’ll need to find a way to create more space. We are sure that there is an extra hidden space that you can put to use in every house. Think about where you can find another hanging space or how you could rearrange your furniture to get more space.

2. Odd-shaped rooms

Other times, the problem is that the shape of the room is just a little too strange. This can often limit the number of items that can fit in some parts of the room. A simple rectangular room can simply store a lot of things in the corners, but a spherical, hexagonal, or even trapezoidal room may be a problem. The easiest solution to this problem is to get a good designer. Once you make custom furniture and storage units, you will be amazed at how many things can fit together in some strange ways.

3. Storing things in random places

Understandably, everybody delays things randomly around the house on occasion. People are used to living at a fast pace and we often leave the house in a hurry. Once you have all your things organized, try your best to keep them that way and store them in their place. If you are going to move some stuff around, please do so intentionally. The more coordinated your things are, the more space you will have. Storing your clothes in the kitchen and shoes in the hallway will only reduce the amount of free space available. Maintain your things in some type of order at all times.

organizing bins
Having your drawers labeled and storing things correctly will help you stay organized.

4. The “junk drawer”

When we talk about storage challenges and how to deal with them, one of the first things that pop into our heads is our messy little drawer. Most households have at least one of these. But if one turns into several it may cause problems. We often stuff some small items in these drawers and let’s be honest, half of them, you don’t even need. Little items like this are hard to find when they’re just dumped into a small space. Tidy up your messy junk drawer and get organizing bins or boxes for small items. Divine Moving and Storage have moving supplies NYC for every relocation, of all shapes and sizes.

5. Holiday and birthday decorations

For something that will only get used once a year, holiday items and birthday decorations cause a huge headache when it comes to storage options. Store your Christmas tree ornaments in an egg carton. They are stackable, they save space, and most importantly they will keep your ornaments protected. Fairy lights are also a nuisance in most households. To prevent them from becoming a mess, wrap your fairy lights around a piece of flat cardboard.

Christmas tree ornaments
Store your holiday decorations and rarely used items in a harder-to-reach area.

Should you buy storage containers?

If you find that you still need a little bit more space after decluttering but just can’t find it, you may want to rent a storage container. A great option would be inventory storage. But, only do that once you thought through your space thoroughly and there is definitely no more space available in your home. Once you are settled in your home, reconsider your shopping habits.  Only buy something that you know you will be happy with not just today, but for the years to come in your home.

Sometimes, the problem happens to be that we have simply outgrown our living space. Utilizing every inch of a small apartment and finding a way to fit everything into a tiny space is a difficult task, that’s for sure. But it is also very rewarding. There are many ways to make tiny spaces work. Not only will you feel better after rearranging and refreshing your apartment, but you’ll also get to express your creativity in your own living space. It’s time to reorganize your life! Having a designated spot for everything will help you keep track of your possessions. It is so good knowing that your belongings are in order, plus you’re less likely to lose them! They say that people love staying in hotels because it’s an escape. You can have that in your home as well, you just have to know what are your storage challenges and how to deal with them.

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