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Moving day can seem to be the most stressful day in your life. Moreover, stress and exhaustion can bring out the worst in people, and they could tell even things they don’t mean. If you let all of that get to you, you will seem like the rudest customer to your movers. When your moving day arrives and you welcome your movers no matter how stressed out you are, keep in mind that they are human beings as well. Therefore, you need to remember some moving day etiquette.

Moving day etiquette – things you need to do before movers arrive

Even if you have really good manners, you might accidentally crack under the pressure on your moving day. Dealing with a lot on your mind can make you forget moving day etiquette. No matter if you are moving with the help of your friends or you have hired the best Brooklyn movers, you need to remember that your movers are only people. Before you can welcome your movers you will need to do these things first:

  • Finish packing before your movers arrive. You need to finish packing before the moving truck arrives. If you are not sure you packed everything you should make a packing checklist. It won’t be nice for you to start packing when the moving company truck arrives at your driveway.
  • Label all the boxes. You need to label all of your boxes. This is a super important step to do, especially if you are packing fragile items. Your movers need to know which are boxes containing them and they will carry them with caution. Therefore, labeling your boxes will make their job easier.
  • Make sure you organize your boxes well. You need to clear the path from your rooms to the doors. Also, you need to make sure your driveway is clear. You don’t want them to trip over something. For that reason make sure you clear the path for your moves. Moreover, by doing just that you will speed up the relocation process.
  • Don’t overpack your boxes. Movers need to be able to carry your moving boxes. If you overpack them not only that your boxes will be heavy but they can fall apart as well. That is the last thing you want to happen when you are moving. This is one of the moving mistakes people keep on repeating.

What else can you do to ease their job?

Make sure you have informed your neighbors that you are moving. Especially if you don’t have enough space on your driveway for a moving truck. Ask them to use their part of the parking space. That way you won’t have inconveniences with your neighbors when your movers arrive. The same goes for your new living space. If you are moving from a house to an apartment building you need to consider asking to use the elevator for a certain time period. That will make your movers’ job a lot easier and it will show that you know moving day etiquette. Moreover, you will have a faster and smoother move.

There is one thing you can not forget – you are working with people and moving can be hard and exhausting. Therefore, you should provide your movers with refreshments throughout the day. Make sure you have plenty of water bottles on hand. Moreover, you might include a quick snack for your movers. They work a lot and the will need all the energy they can get. By doing that, your moving day etiquette will be on point. We recommend that you arrive at your new home before your movers. That way you will have time to go to the grocery store and buy cold water bottles. This act of courtesy won’t pass unnoticed.

water bottles
Preparing the water for your movers will show great moving day etiquette

There are some things you need to do to maintain moving day etiquette

You hired a professional moving company to help you with the moving process. If that is the case you need to let them do their job. They are well-equipped and they know how to handle moving boxes and furniture. Therefore the best thing to do is to stay out of the way. You need to move your kids and pets out of the way as well. However not getting in the way does not mean you should disappear. Your movers will need you to explain to them where you need the boxes to go and remind them which ones contain fragile items. Also, you should bring your essentials with you. Imagine opening ten boxes only to find a wallet. Your movers will lose their interest in the tip before you find it randomly. Therefore, you need to keep your essentials with you during the moving process.

movers loading the truck
Your moving company will take care of everything on your behalf

Tip your movers

Tipping is not mandatory nor will your movers will expect that. However, it is appropriate to tip your movers when they finish their job, and you are satisfied with their work. No matter if you hired a well-known Divine Moving and Storage NYC moving company or any other movers, this goes the same for everyone. This is a nice way to thank your movers for all of their hard work. Therefore, you will need to have cash ready on hand. Your tip should depend on how hard they worked and how many inconveniences were there during the day. If your friends are your movers, you don’t have to tip them. However, you should invite them to a nice dinner after you are finished with your move in order to thank them in that way. Also, you can gift them some gift cards. They are your friends and they know you will return the favor.

The dollar bill
Tip your movers if they did a good job

Moving day etiquette – conclusion

Etiquette is important in everyday life, and not only when you are moving. You need to be polite to your movers in order to have a pleasant moving experience. For more information about your upcoming move, feel free to contacts our moving company. If you follow our guidelines you will have an easy stress-free move that will bring a smile on your face. Good luck with your move, and don’t forget to be friendly with your movers.

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