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Are you planning on moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea? With good tips and guidance, you will be all set for moving and packing. You will only have to worry about exploring the best New York City neighborhoods. You can worry about finding good entertainment and how to spend your free time after you relocate. We can all agree that these worries are not so scary at all, are they? So sit tight and prepare for the nice ride through the packing and moving with Divine Moving and Storage NYC at your side.

Reasons why you will love Chelsea

New York City has a lot of great neighborhoods, but one of the favorite one among young people is definitely Chelsea. And here we will write you why.
Chelsea is known for the part of the city that has over 200 art galleries. You can enjoy art and learn something new in their workshops anytime you want. You can take a walk in The High Line Park which is about 1.5 miles long. On the other side, if you are a sports fan, in this part of the city is Madison Square Garden. There you can also find a lot of street performances and entertainment.
Among all of these, if you still consider moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea, think about the famous flea market which you can find in this area.

Madison Square Garden at night
Moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea gives you an opportunity to walk down Madison Square every night.

Packing for move

One of the main problems you come across when you are about to move is how to pack. Since you have already researched the place you are moving to, you should know what kind of stuff that you possess will be mandatory to bring with you. Decluttering is one of the hardest jobs, especially if the place you are moving into is a lot smaller than the one you are leaving. But with the right guidance, you will pack and be ready in no time. One of the important things is to discover since you are moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea, what kind of services Upper West Side movers can offer you.

How to pack when you are moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea

Here are few steps on how to pack efficiently and still have time for yourself:

  1. Pack room by room. In order to make yourself easier to unpack, think about putting things in boxes from one room first. Do no mix stuff from the bathroom and from the bedroom. When you finally move, those boxes will come with you and you do not want more things to do than necessary.
  2. Label, label, label. Since you will be packing room by room, label boxes so you would know where to place them later in order to unpack.
  3. Fragile stuff should be labeled also. Even though a good moving company will take care of all of your stuff, you should be careful and write down that something in the box can break.
  4. Prevent property damage. You can do it by folding clothes and placing books in the moving boxes. You can not imagine home many books can fit in one box if they are folded nicely. But try not to overload them. It will be heavy to lift not just for the movers but for you too.
full boxes for moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea
Try not to overload boxes while packing.

Should you find a storage place when planning to move?

Another thing people think about is whether they should find and rent storage facilities when they are planning to move. One thing is sure. You do not need to stress about your belongings and valuable stuff when moving. Keeping them safe and sound in the storage place can free your mind and help you not overthinking about this. By placing them in the storage, you will not have to worry, because Chelsea moving company will, among everything else, offer you 24/7 security. 

How to deal with stress while moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea

Moving is very stressful. Someone will say that it represents the most stressful part of your life. If you are lucky enough to find a place that you like and think that you can spend most of your life in, moving does not always have to be so stressful.
Things you can do to make stress a little smaller and to beat anxiety are next:

  • Have a list and a plan which you will follow. Studies have shown that following the list will not only lead you to a good organization but will also make you feel better.
  • Pack and declutter with friends and family. If you are with someone, you are going to have more fun and the time will fly by.
  • Do not worry if you are feeling sad. Changing the environment and leaving people you love can be really hard to bear, so if you are feeling down it is perfectly normal, and do not try to suppress those feelings.
  • If you haven’t, research the area you are moving into, and try to find things that you like to do. Whether it is taking a walk or just reading a book on your balcony, there must be parks and libraries you can pay a visit to.
  • Moving can affect anyone. Talk to your family members or give more attention to your pets. We can all feel the same energy.
dog on the bed
When you feel sad about moving, your pets can feel it too. So try to overpass it with them.

Moving from Upper West Side to Chelsea is a big task and an even bigger opportunity. Whether you are moving alone or with someone, Chelsea can offer you so much. You can never be fully prepared for what is waiting for you. But you can prepare for moving and have everything settled up. To sum up. If you organize and have your friends to help you with packing, the whole process of moving will be a lot easier and it will make you a little less stressed about leaving everyone and everything that you love.


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