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Are you getting ready to move your studio? If so, you will need to do everything you can in order to move all of your equipment without putting it at risk. Worry not – we, at Divine Moving and Storage NYC, are here to help you do this. With the help of this guide and our tips on packing music studio equipment, you will relocate from point A to point B in record time and with no problems along the way! Does this sound good? If so, make sure to keep reading our guide!

Before you start packing music studio equipment, come up with a good plan

It is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings about moving your studio equipment. After all, those pieces are expensive and they mean a lot to you! However, moving your musical instruments and other equipment doesn’t have to be stressful. If you plan your move carefully, follow the best packing tips, and hire a good moving company, you will be able to move all of your precious possessions safely to the desired location. So, forget about worrying about your move and focus on planning it! Having a moving plan and a schedule is what will help you prepare for the move on time and avoid problems. Yes, moving can be that simple!

Empty planner for writing a plan for packing music studio equipment
A moving plan will help you move your studio hassle-free

Things you will need to pack music studio equipment and move safely

Whether you want to relocate an office, household, or a music studio, you will need to make a moving checklist. Your goal will be to divide the upcoming relocation into smaller tasks and then write them down. Plan when you will take care of these tasks and make sure to stick to your schedule. By doing this, you will manage to pack your music studio equipment before the big day.

To help you with these preparations, we have written some of the things you should include in your moving checklist.

  • Finding new space for your studio equipment. Don’t start to organize the move until you find a place where you will be able to keep your musical instruments and other stuff you want to move.
  • Decluttering music studio. We all like to keep things we don’t use anymore. But, when the time for relocation comes, you will have to finally get rid of these items. Moving fewer items means that you will spend less on your relocation.
  • Gathering moving supplies NYC of the highest quality. You want to keep your studio equipment safe during the move and quality packing supplies will help you do that.
  • Finding help. Packing music studio equipment and moving it to a different location isn’t something you should do on your own. To avoid problems and have a smooth relocation, it would be best to ask a couple of friends to help you out, or, even better, hire reliable movers.

The best tips for packing different types of musical instruments

After you create a checklist, go through your moving schedule once again, and gather packing supplies, you will be ready for the next stage – packing music studio equipment! This part can be a little challenging since different musical instruments can not be packed the same way. But don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to pack all of them!

Woodwind and brass instruments

In case this won’t be your first move, then you probably already know how to pack wooden furniture properly. But, what about woodwind and brass instruments? Do you know how to pack them for the move? Well, these instruments need to be completely taken apart before you start packing them. Every part needs to be wrapped in at least three layers of wrapping material. Only after this, they will be ready for placing in a hard case. In case you don’t have any, place them in a quality moving box and use a lot of cushioning materials to prevent any damage.

Stringed instruments

We are sure your studio is drowning in stringed instruments! To pack them properly for the move, you will first need to loosen all strings and tuning keys should be turned parallel with the headstock. After this step, place your stringed instruments in their hard case. In case you don’t have any, make sure to wrap your instruments separately in layers of wrapping material. Place them inside the moving box and add cushioning materials. But, don’t use packing peanuts or anything similar to them! Instead, you should use crumpled packing paper or towels.

Brown acoustic guitar and a brown backpack
Packing peanuts could get inside your stringed instruments and damage them

Box up your instruments and check whether there is some movement inside by shaking your box gently. In case you hear movement, add more cushioning materials. After doing this, you will be ready for your relocation and for setting up a new studio!


To pack drums safely for the move, you will need a lot of sturdy boxes. You will have to remove the heads and rims. Also, make sure to place tension rods and other small parts of hardware in a separate, small box. Big parts should be wrapped before you place them ina moving box and the box should be filled with cushioning materials. Feel free to use packing peanuts since they won’t damage your drums. And you know what? Packing your drums this way will allow you to store them safely if you decide to get storage services NYC.

Person holding cymbal
Take apart your drums before packing them for the move

Final words on packing music studio equipment and moving to a new address

There you have it – these are the most important tips for packing music studio equipment! Follow them and all of your belongings will be properly packed. The last thing you should do is get informed about the post-move paperwork you will need to handle and you will be ready for the move! In case you want to learn more about the relocation process, feel free to contact us.

Our experts will gladly organize the entire process and help you move with ease.

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