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Renovation is a huge task to start and complete. There are many reasons why you might want to renovate your place. Maybe you finally have enough money to change that one or even two rooms. If you are moving with Divine Moving and Storage NYC, you might want to renovate your new place before officially moving in. Now, the question is whether you should move out while your home is being renovated. It can be quite uncomfortable to live in a house that is currently under reconstruction. But then again, it can be quite expensive to renovate so paying for another accommodation might not be possible. Here are all pros and cons so you can see which option works better for you. 

Move out while your home is being renovated – all the pros 

Let’s start with all the advantages of moving out while you are in the middle of renovating your home. It can be extremely uncomfortable to live in a house that is currently under reconstruction. If you will hire people to work, and then you will have all the time people coming in and out. In addition to this, if you are working from home or if you cannot function well without the proper rest, it is better to move out. In addition to this, people who are really sensitive when it comes to noise should definitely move out. If you want to move out more than just one box of your items, you can always search for last minute movers NYC to help you out. They can help you to pack your boxes and move everything in a short period of time. 

people working
It can be more comfortable to avoid construction noise

You can avoid looking at your half-done home 

Some people do not like to look at half-finished projects, especially when it comes to their house. For this reason, the stress level can be too much to handle. When people are under stress, they cannot focus, they might have trouble sleeping, functioning normally, and completing their everyday tasks. If you like to have everything around you well organized, then, you should definitely move out while your house is under reconstruction. If you think living in a house in this state would be extremely stressful for you, find some other accommodation. Depending on how much your renovation will take, you can only pack one bag or one essential box. Here you can place all the items that you will need in a couple of days that you will be away from your home. If renovations take longer than two weeks, then pack more than one box. 

Where should you move out while your home is being renovated? 

If you decide to move out, you will need a place to stay. Luckily, you have a number of options to choose from. Here are the most common places where people stay while their house is being renovated. 

  • Family or friends – you can always ask your family members or friends to stay a couple of days with them. Usually, this means free accommodation for you. 
  • Hotel – the next option would be to stay in a hotel. Unlike the first option, this is not free. Just on contrary, it can be quite expensive. 
  • Airbnb – if you find living in a hotel a little bit uncomfortable since you cannot cook or you don’t have enough space to move around, you can always rent an apartment short-term. You will have the entire apartment for yourself and it might be cheaper than staying in a hotel. 
a red sofa
You can rent a small apartment

All the disadvantages of leaving your house 

You can always stay in your house during the renovation. If you can live with the noise, people going in and out, and having your place have done, then just stay in your house. As it was already mentioned, renovating your house can be quite expensive. Some people cannot afford to pay both for renovation and also for accommodation. If you are on a limited budget, it would be better just to stay in your house. You will save money that you can invest in your renovations. After all, depending on what you plan to renovate, you might not even hear anything or feel uncomfortable during renovations. For this reason, see if you can handle living inside your house during renovations. You will also have more time to clean your house after renovation.  

Don’t move out while your home is being renovated if… 

Some people are not comfortable leaving their house and their precious items inside with strangers. If you are not the one doing renovations, you will need to hire people for the job. This means leaving your house empty while strangers come to do their job. Even though You should not assume bad about people, it still does not hurt to be careful. Apart from this, sometimes correct to be pretty big problems during renovation renovations. If contract workers need more instructions from you during the process, you should be available to them. Therefore, it is better if you are present in your house during renovation. On a similar note, if you want to oversee the work being done, it would be easier for you if you live in your house. You can check their progress every single day. 

empty room
If you want to oversee the process, you should stay

What should you do? 

Should you move out while your home is being renovated or not? This entirely depends on your decision. If you think you can handle living in your house while with all the noise and workers inside, then you should definitely stay. If not, then you should find some other accommodation. In any case, you should choose an option that you would be comfortable with. It is important to organize your time and your schedule well in both cases. Therefore, give yourself time before you start renovating your house and see how to organize everything. If you want to start and finish your renovation process successfully, start planning today.


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