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Of all the places in the world to go for a spring break, spring break in NYC could be the most perfect one. If it is not the perfect one, it is in the top 5. NYC is the forever alive city with an incredible number of things to do. And just when you thought you ran out of things to do… You find something new. NYC is extremely diverse with people from all over the planet. As such, the city caters to all the diversity within it, meaning that you will be able to find plenty of things to do, see and learn. After one holiday you might even go as far as moving to NYC with kids.

NYC is renowned for its glorious skyline.
Check out the view!

Ok, so everyone keeps telling you that spring break in NYC offers a million things to do. But what are those things? Where do you find them? How do you look for them?

We will kick off by giving you a few suggestions on where to start. The good side is that when you start looking for these suggestions, you will come across countless new ones on your own. This is the beauty of it!

Spring break in NYC – exploration

The absolute best way to explore NYC is to get a map, put in a pair of headphones and walk around. Arguably, there are parts that are a bit less safe, so don’t catch yourself wandering into dark alleys past midnight. Make sure to map out the safe, tourist walkways and start moving!

The best gems of NYC are those that you can stumble upon by accident. This is why we suggest that you follow these steps that we propose, but make sure to explore as much of it as you can as you go. This way you are guaranteed a good time plus you are guaranteed to find something we never thought about. Best of both worlds! So, let’s dig in!

There are a lot of events to partake in

For instance, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This is something that is a must when you are in for spring break in NYC. It would be such a shame not to be Irish, at least for that one day. Grab some shamrocks as well as a green garb and join over two million spectators for the parade. It starts at around 11 am at 44th Street, going all the way up to the Fifth Avenue past St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick's Parade is something you do not want to miss.
Happy St. Patties!

You get to meet a lot of people, the overall mood is great, there are some cool drinks to try and the music is epic! You should not miss out on it. Also, there is a ton of music festivals in NYC you should attend!

Macy’s Flower Show

Another thing you do not want to miss out on is the Macy’s Flower Show. This show is maybe a bit specific, and not everyone is going to have this as their cup of tea. However, Macy’s flower show is something to be seen. This traditionally introduces spring every year since 1946. You will have blossoms and lush foliage out of a dream to awe all the people attending. It is incredible.

Broadway shows

The Lion King and Chicago are just some of the headlines you will be able to witness on the Broadway. No matter where you come from, what your interests are like and what you love seeing, Broadway is something that is a simple must go to place.

You should plan your stay around having at least one evening dedicated to the Broadway. It would be a shame not to.

Central Park is definitely worth visiting while on spring break in NYC

This place is something out of a dream. You should be very careful not to miss out on having at least a day or two spent in Central Park. It would be a shame, really. You don’t have to be outgoing or sporty to enjoy it. The place is huge!

There is a massive population of people spending their free time in this humongous park. This means that there will be plenty of other people around if you wish to socialize and meet someone new. Furthermore, there will be loads of people spending their very own spring break in NYC in Central Park. And who knows, you might end up wanting to stay in NYC. If you need help with this, Divine Moving and Storage NYC is at your service.

One of the definite go-to places in central park is the Children’s Zoo. Do not let the name trick you, this is not solely for children. The place is very well maintained, and even though I hate zoo’s in general, this one shows that the animals are very well taken care of and that they are overall happy. This brings joy to my face!

NYC Skyline

The NYC skyline is something to behold. With its incredible Skyscrapers, you will be able to observe NYC from a totally different perspective. One that I enjoy the most. The only better way to witness this is to rent a ride in a helicopter. Even though this sounds appealing, it is much cheaper to explore the skyline via skyscrapers.

If you are looking at spring break in NYC things to do, checking out the skyline should be one of them.
NYC Skyline is a sight to behold.

Pick a day with cool weather and clear skies and pick a skyscraper. The Empire State Building, for instance, offers incredible views for you to explore the NYC skyline. This means that you have various decks on the 86th floor as well as on the 102nd floor. This would be the equivalent of having a mountain in the center of the city, narrow enough to fit and tall enough for you to see the entire city from above. This breathtaking view will keep you occupied for hours, if not days. Some of the best photos on your smartphone will be made from this lookout. This is something you should definitely not avoid when spending spring break in NYC!

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