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To get your collection up and running in time for Men’s Fashion Week this July, you need the right moving team to coordinate getting your collection to the runway, backstage furniture, and vanities set up and parties staged and organized.

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Fashion Week

Let Divine Moving & Storage do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the fashionable week ahead.

Men’s Fashion Week in New York City can be a busy time for designers, fashion houses, models, event planners, and especially the support staff who work incredibly hard to create these successful events. When setting up events there can be a lot of heavy lifting that goes into it. With Divine Moving & Storage setting up and taking down the event can be done quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly with our experienced professional and licensed fashion movers.

At Divine Moving & Storage we’re here to assist in the hustle and bustle that goes into setting up a successful event. With 20 years experience setting up and breaking down event spaces, galleries, fashion houses, warehouses, parties, and impromptu events we know how to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We know it can be chaotic backstage and you need extra hands to move things around and clear space. You want to show off your collection, not deal with moving it from place to place and then back again. When Divine assists you, we can keep our experienced licensed movers on-site with you for the duration of the show.

So when you need some muscle for the heavy lifting, you don’t need to call your assistant (who’s already scrambling and running around too!)–Divine’s movers will already be on-site to assist you with anything and everything you need.

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Donate Your Old Clothes
Divine will come to your design studio, warehouse, or store, and expertly pack up your collection in brand new moving boxes that are made specifically for couture items to protect them while moving or storing. We will then unpack them, build the racks to hang them on, and place them to your exact requirements. Before we even begin, we’ll go through and label everything with you so that the appropriate pieces get to the right people in the right places. And when the event concludes, we’ll break everything down for you and pack everything up to get it back to it’s home without any wear and tear.

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find something at the last minute just as the lights are going up.

And what about the after party? Need the space cleared quickly? Divine has you covered. We can set up for the show and either stay on site or come back at the end to quickly clear the space and rearrange furniture and art to accommodate any need you have. The only thing we won’t pick up and move are the models themselves (although you could always ask).
We can help build and breakdown the runways, set up the chairs, set up placeholders for your esteemed guests, move vanities, organize clothing racks and generally deal with any heavy lifting you don’t have the time or energy to deal with. And don’t worry, we come in our clean branded uniforms but if you want us to wear anything else to blend in, we’re more than happy to accommodate that–or any other–request.

With modern shows, many designers are eschewing traditional fashion show spaces for more modern and exciting venues to showcase their collections.

If your show is being held in a space that isn’t typically used for Men’s Fashion Week, we can pack, wrap, and move the items to our temperature regulated and secure storage facility for as long (or as short!) as you need us to before bringing it back and expertly unpacking the items and putting them not only back together but back exactly where they belong.
We’re even experts at keep a space cordoned off for you to do press so they won’t be fumbling around near your models, designers, staff, or guests. Since many of your guests may come early or stay late, you need space for them that is out of the way so you can work. We know that you need to keep your space clean, classy, bright, and filled so when the lights come on, you’ll knock it out of the park with our Divine intervention.
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Divine Moving Trucks in NYC

Men’s Fashion Week in New York City is stressful enough as it is.

With Divine Moving & Storage we can help reduce your stress level and get you off to a heavenly start.

Call today for more information and let’s get NYC’s Men’s Fashion Week moving!


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