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‘Tis The Season! 

When throwing a party or event at your home, business, or rented event location in NYC, many people are not only overwhelmed with the planning, but with the execution of events both large and small.

From rearranging furniture and equipment to clearing it out completely to make room for a cocktail bar, dance floor, reception area, or even a stage, New York City’s Divine Moving & Storage can help make your party a smashing success–instead of a successful smashing of your prized possessions and valuables.

When hosting a celebration or event at their homes, it isn’t so much lack of space that clients are concerned about, but the protection of their belongings. Here at Divine Moving & Storage we understand that your furniture, decor, and even carpets and floors are susceptible to damage from over eager party-goers.

“Where Moving, Storage, and Party Perfection Meet!”

Hosting an event can be stressful! People often find themselves spending more time dealing with the minutia of a party–from what to serve (and when to serve it), how to lay out the event space, decorations, guest lists, to entertainment options, and even what to do about the occasionally misbehaved party guest, hosts have a lot to do and you can’t be everywhere at once. Big party planned and don’t want to deal with the set-up or the “leftovers”? Let us roll up our sleeves while you roll out the dance moves! With Divine Moving, score perfect party set-ups and FREE short-term storage for the post-party clutter. Your event hero is one click away! #PartyWithoutHeartache #DivineMoving”

“We Set the Stage for Your Unforgettable Event.”

Divine Moving & Storage works with you or your party planner to make sure that everything is ready to go in time for your party or celebration. And we’ll even come back and assist you with breaking down the event. You’ve got enough to do on the night of your fabulous celebration, so why not leave the heavy lifting to the experts at Divine Moving & Storage? That way you can party in peace and actually have a blast at your own event.

“Ever wished for a pre-party fairy and a post-party ghost? Congrats, you’ve found us! We handle the set-up like professionals you’d want to hire & offer free short-term storage so your ‘after-party mess’ can just ‘ghost’ you. Connect with us to make your next event ghostly clean and fairy nice!”

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It’s your party, you shouldn’t cry….unless you want to.

Divine Moving & Storage takes the stress out of NYC party planning by ensuring you won’t shed a tear–or ever lift a finger.

Our professional and experienced moving teams will help you setup & breakdown your event or deliver & pick up anything you need for your party. So whether you need just an extra set of hands for a few hours or an entire crew all day and night to move and lift heavy objects and equipment, Divine Moving & Storage has you and your guests covered. That way, you can get back to having a great time without having to worry about damage to your home, office, or rented event space.

“Stress-free Setup, Secure Storage, and Smooth Moves!”

You spent many years making your home a beautiful place and you don’t want to ruin that all with one night of harmless fun. Let us help you rearrange, remove, or store your valued possessions and furniture in a sealed off portion of your home or take it to our state-of-the-art climate controlled and temperature regulated, 24-hour video surveillance, secured storage facility for safekeeping while you get your party on.

You should worry about shaking your tail feather–not shaking and shattering your valuables.

Divine Moving & Storage assists clients with clearing space for their events in New York City with our short and long-term storage options. We can hold you items overnight or for as long as you need. A party is a time to celebrate and not a time to worry. Take the stress out of your celebration by calling Divine Moving & Storage today!

“Your One-Stop-Shop for Party Setup, Moving & Storage!”

Whether you are trying to plan a birthday party, wedding, office holiday party, Christmas celebration, Hannukah dinner, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, surprise party, block party, or movie night, Divine Moving & Storage will help you ensure that your NYC party goes off without a hitch. “Experience the Ease of Perfectly Set-up Parties with Divine Moving Plus Free Short-term Storage. Click to Let us Arrange Your Next Event!🥳 #PartyWithDivineEase #DivineMoving #EventSetUp”*

Everyone needs an extra pair of hands from time to time, and event planning–especially in New York City–is no exception.

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Fashion Week Parties

So call today to speak with our Event Moving & Storage Specialist and schedule your no-obligation consultation and flat-rate estimate. 212-244-4011

*”Ready to party but intimidated by setup & clutter? We’ve got you covered on both ends with our top-tier event setup service and free short-term storage! Let’s #PartyWithDivineEase. Visit our website to get your party started! #DivineMoving”*

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