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And you think you can use internet and select any random New York City Movers that you want to?

Not really!

If you want to get the best New York City movers, you need to make sure that the company you select have certain qualities. Every company needs to have qualities that gain the attention of the customers; similarly, when you search for a moving company for your moving needs, you need to ensure that it has qualities to meet your expectations.

Following is the list of the top ten qualities that all the New York City movers must have to get more and more customers for themselves:

  • The company must be an experienced one: The first and the most important quality of the New York City movers is that they have got to have a huge amount of experience in the field of moving goods. Unless the company has an experience in its field, you can’t trust its services. This is because you get to know about its quality of services with the help of all those customers that have hired it in the past. Even if the company has recently entered into the market, it needs to ensure that it has experienced team members.


  • The team should know how to communicate nicely with the customers: When you call up the customer service executives of the New York City movers, they should know how to interact with you since you are a customer. When a company believes in the proverb – a customer is the king of the market, it knows how to be polite to you. If the company is not good, the team members would never pay attention to your issues or queries. Executives speak on behalf of the company and hence, they need to be trained to handle you, the customer, in an effective way.


  • The company should make itself available according to the needs of the customers: Most of the companies have now realized the importance of satisfying the needs of the customers and being there for them just when the services are needed. This is because when you search for New York City movers, you notice that the list is huge and there are many movers that you can easily hire for your needs. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t slip off the hands, every company tries its best to do everything that it can for you. If a company is not adjusting according to your timings and needs, find the one that does; there are too many in the competition!


  • Moving truck in NYC
    Moving truck in NYC

    The company must have a well-skilled team: You need to check the team of the company working under its roofs. This is something that can be done with the help of visiting the website and learning about the kind of people work in the company. If you think the team has received a lot of positive reviews or there are some specific workers that have received a lot of appreciations from various customers, you can surely go ahead and hire it. On the other hand, if you find a lot of negative remarks or if the team does not seem good enough to be hired, keep the search on for New York City movers.


  • The company should focus on being affordable for its customers: Money is extremely important to each one of us; just like the companies charge for their services, you need to make sure that you are able to afford their services. You can’t spend more because when you are shifting to another house, there are many things that you need to spend money on and hence, you have to search for those New York City movers that provide you with affordable services. However, this does not mean that the quality of the services should not meet your expectations; there are many companies that provide their customers with excellent services at cheaper rates.


  • The company should do the packing for the customers and not just moving: While some of the moving companies are not into packing the stuff for their customers and just moving them, there are others that provide their customers with each and every service related to moving. If you want the company to undertake the packing activity for you, search for those New York City movers that do the thing. On the other hand, if you know how to pack the stuff for yourself, hire a company that’s merely into shifting the items for you. The big thing is that the companies belonging to the latter category don’t take guarantee of not having the products damaged because they are packed by you.


  • A good company always takes guarantee of shifting your items without damaging them: If a company is good and it knows how to use its competitive advantage of experience, it takes the guarantee of having all of your items shifted to another location without being damaged. If you want a company to provide you with high quality services, search for the one that is confident about its services. The moment you think a particular company is confident, you can go ahead and hire it for your shifting or moving needs.


  • The company should have good reviews online: Internet is a boon to all of us, even when it comes to finding about New York City movers in town. The moment you search for different moving companies, there are many names displayed out for your reference. When you visit the websites of different companies, you find out what their customers have to share with you. No doubt some of the companies manipulate the feedbacks from customers, there are reviewing websites that can be trusted, when it comes to getting genuine reviews or feedbacks from different customers. Visit such websites or take the help of online forums to find out where a particular moving company stands in the market.


  • Your friends should refer the company to you: This is a little difficult thing or a quality to be possessed by all the good movers in town, but if you don’t have a lot of moving companies in your local area and you have friends or loved ones that have shifted to or from another location, they might refer particular companies to you. If the experiences of your loved ones have been good with a specific company, you can surely hire it because that is like an additional quality that you can count upon. Your friends would never refer a bad company to you.


  • The company should have its existence on internet: Gone are the days when moving companies did not have their websites; most of the companies have their websites and blogs online. A company that believes in upgrading itself with the advancing technology is the company that deserves to earn more profits. A good moving company knows the importance of internet and the reasons why a business has to be on social media and internet. If you find a company that does not have its website, it is difficult for you to find out more information about it. Websites and blogs give you more information and hence the company can be trusted in an effective way.

Why Picking Home Movers in New York City is Necessary for City Living

NYC moving trucks
City Moving Trucks on a Manhattan Block

Living in the city has its advantages, but it also means it can get hectic when everyone is trying to move around at once. Here are some of the reasons it is necessary to use NYC movers when moving in the city. If you need home movers in New York see below:

  1. We Know Where To Go

While GPS and all that is great, navigating and finding locations throughout the city is what we excel at. One wrong turn and your move could become a lot more frustrating when you are doing it yourself.

  1. The Right Tools For The Job

Most people that live in town don’t keep trucks and lifts around. Trying to move large pieces of furniture without the right tools and experience can lead to injury as well as damage to your furniture. Home movers in New York City know how to get your furniture to your new location in as great condition as it was in before.

  1. We Can Help Get Your Damage Deposit Back

Moving items can damage floors and walls if you don’t know what you are doing or try to move large objects yourself. Our expert New York City movers will ensure that your move doesn’t cost you more money than it should.

  1. Delicate Electronics and Antique Handling

Moving fragile or sensitive items to another location carries some risk, especially when not packed properly. We are one of the best moving companies in Brooklyn for those that want to make sure antiques and electronics are treated with the attention they need.

  1. Trucks and Vans For The City

Our fleet of NYC office movers uses trucks and vans that can negotiate smaller spaces and move throughout the city with ease. We have enough capacity to move even larger offices quickly and easily.

  1. Storage At Your Fingertips

Not all New York moving companies offer the level of service that is found at Divine Moving and Storage. We can pack and store items for the length of time you specify if you want to take your time getting your new place arranged or if you simply have items you are not sure about using at your new location.

  1. Easiest Moves

Getting help when moving makes it much less stressful and easier to accomplish. For busy people in the city, a great mover is a must.

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New York view


Moving to New York City can be an interesting place to move, regardless of the time of year.

Knowing the right people and using the right New York Moving company is part of the advantage of knowing the right people and places when it comes to attempting to move in and out of a city as big and great as New York.  People who have lived in New York for years are going to be more accustomed to the culture, as well as what makes moving to and living in New York so special.

Many New Yorkers have reflected on things they wish they would have known before their move to this great city. There is a lot to think about when it comes to being able to spend time in a great city such as New York and make the most of the time here. A city of over 8 million people, New York is one of the busiest cities on the face of the Earth. It can be overwhelming when someone isn’t properly prepared to be able to tackle all that New York is going to throw their way!

What to Know when Moving to New York City

The Subway System

Those who have lived in rural areas or who have never lived in a big city may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of subways and tunnels here in New York Ciity, as well as the difficulty in learning this seemingly complicated system. Learning the subway system before moving to New York can be a big advantage to someone that is contemplating or has already decided to move to New York City. A beginner’s guide to the subway system of New York is a good start for someone wanting to learn the subway system of this great city. If someone is moving to New York City and planning on relying on the subway system for transportation or commuting, learning the subway system is a great way to start.

The Cost of Eating Out

According to a Zagat Survey, the 2012 cost of dining out in New York was $43.16, after the tip and tax were included. That number could only have risen in the past few years, so those who are moving to New York City may want to plan on their budget for dining out and determine when to balance grocery shopping with dining out in New York City. Daniel, Bouley, and Juni are the top three restaurant destinations, according to TripAdvisor, but planning on grocer locations adjacent to your new apartment or townhome is a wise move for New York City movers.

NYC is the Melting Pot of the World

Studies have shown that more than 800 languages are spoken in the city of New York. Those with a history in Spanish, Italian, or Russian may get along well in certain parts of the city. But, as one of the most diverse cities in the world, moving to New York can be full of surprises for those who aren’t used to such a diverse environment. But this is part of what makes living in New York such an enlightening and exciting experience.

Life in NYC

Life in New York City is a unique experience. One can get by in New York without owning a car, doing their own laundry, and can learn to outsource the no longer necessary aspects of life. There is a part of life in New York that makes someone never feel alone and learn to adapt to being around large amounts of people all the time. Moving to New York has its advantages and disadvantages, each of which can be met with confidence when someone is properly prepared when moving to New York City.

Divine Moving is the premiere moving service for someone ready to set up a move to New York City. They have been assisting New York City movers since 2000, and even provide relocation consultation.

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new york moving
Moving to New York City can be an experience all on its own! New York City movers, Divine Moving, are able to make it a positive one. Today we want to discuss some tips to keep your belongings and valuables safe during a move and what can be done to prevent anything from getting damaged in your local moving company experience.

Tips to Keep Your Valuables Safe From a Local Moving Company

Use Ratchet Tie Downs

Whether you are undertaking a big moving project with the help of a local moving company, or just taking a couch across town to a buddy’s house, it is ALWAYS a good idea to move with your belongings ratcheted down. These straps can be a little tricky to use at first but the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to learn how to tighten and loosen the straps. They will help keep your belongings and valuables safe and free from harm throughout the process.

Load Boxes First

Again, whether you are using a local moving company or are moving some things in a truck or SUV yourself, loading boxes first allows the more abstract shaped furniture, tables, and miscellaneous items for the front. This will allow you to load as much as possible and secure the furniture and tables in the back while leaning them against the boxes for support. The furniture can then be tied down to walls or rails to keep them secure and in place.

Remove Drawers and Glass!

Many cabinets, dressers, and shelves have drawers that slide and move around if they are not removed. Emptying these drawers and removing them from the dressers will prevent them from sliding out during the moving process. The drawers can also be tied or strapped in to avoid the same issue.

Cushion is Your Friend

It would be difficult to have too much cushion during a move. The most efficient way to go about keeping fragile spots or fragile pieces from being vulnerable during a move is to wrap them in a healthy dose of clothes or blankets – and if those aren’t available bubble wrap will do the trick. A few towels or blankets would save the price on bubble wrap, and either one will be able to keep fragile pieces safe. But remember this does not take the place of properly securing down your belongings!

Use Common Sense!

Don’t lift anything that will cause you to strain, as this puts you at a risk for hurting your back. Refrigerators, washers or driers, and desks are some of the heavier pieces to consider letting a professional help you move. Also remember to always double-check to make sure your belongings and valuable are strapped down and secure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Lastly, remember that for big jobs and heavy items, Divine Moving is here to assist you. We specialize in moving and help New Yorkers move on a daily basis. Let us help you and make the beginning (or end) of your stay in this wonderful city smooth and carefree!

If you or someone you know would like help from a professional local moving company, don’t hesitate to call! Our friendly, professional movers would love to get your into your new home, apartment, or office! You can reach us at 866-668-7666

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