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Everyone loves summer, especially moving companies. Summer is usually peak season for moving companies NYC and they are often booked completely by the time summer begins. Now, the situation is the same for storage facilities. People tend to rent storage units more during summer probably for the same reasons as for moving. Additionally, relocation is one of the main reasons for the more frequent use of storage units. However, while warm weather sounds nice for storing your belongings, that’s not exactly the case. Heat and high humidity are the two biggest problems when searching for storage during the summer months. For this reason, you need to be careful about what and how you are putting items in a storage unit. Also, you need to choose a good storage unit, so that your items won’t get damaged.

Things you should know when searching for storage during the summer months

There are many reasons why you need to rent a storage space Manhattan. The most common ones during summer are relocation, students coming back home, storing winter gear, etc. As you already know, summer is a popular time for moving. People want to use nice weather and school break to move to another home. Also, students have summer break when many of them decide to come home or travel. Therefore, they need some place to store their items before next semester begins. A perfect solution is a storage unit if students can’t leave their belongings in a dorm or in an apartment where they currently live. However, no matter the reasons for needing a storage unit, when you are renting it during summer, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a climate-controlled storage unit
  • Pick the right size
  • Don’t store wet items
  • Book a storage unit early
  • Don’t store perishable food
box labeled storage
Searching for storage during the summer months is not very different from renting it during winter

Why should you get a climate-controlled storage unit?

High temperatures are nice when you are on the beach somewhere sunbathing and swimming. However, high temperatures are not so good for your items in a storage unit. The bigger problem might be high humidity levels than high temperatures alone. However, when combined together, they create a moisture which is the main cause of all damage. Moisture doesn’t equally affect all materials. Some materials like wood and leather are very sensitive and they get damaged faster than some other items. For this reason, you should opt to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you are going to rent long term storage. Climate-controlled storage units have a controlled level of humidity and temperature which will prevent moisture from forming. Additionally, most of the climate-controlled storage units have great air quality. Usually, climate-controlled storage is an indoor storage unit that additionally prevents dust and debris from collecting in your storage unit.

How to determine the size of a storage unit?

While picking the right size of a storage unit is not only the tip for renting it during summer, it’s always good to know how. It’s more common to get too big or too small a storage unit than the right one. The main reason for this mistake is not knowing the size of your items. It’s not the same as thinking about what you are going to store and seeing the items in one place. For this reason, miscalculation often happens. So, before you rent short term storage Manhattan, you should do an inventory of your items. Write down the number of cardboard boxes, furniture, art pieces, etc. The next step is to measure the length, width, and height of your belongings. The last step is to calculate the square feet or cubic feet and get an approximate size of a storage unit.

pink calculator and pink pen
You can determine the right size of a storage unit by measuring your items

What items you shouldn’t store during summer?

There are items that you can’t simply store in a storage unit no matter the season. Every storage facility has its own policies regarding what items can and can’t be stored. The most common ones are flammable items, explosives, chemical items, perishable food, etc, Perishable food shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit, especially during summer. Perishable food is a type of food that will spoil very quickly if not stored properly. The proper storage for perishable food would be either fridge or freezer. The most used perishable food is raw meat, milk, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc. While there isn’t one logical reason to keep food in a storage unit, sometimes people make mistakes. If you really want to store food for some reason, you should then get non-perishable food instead.

How to prepare your items before searching for storage during the summer months?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done without preparation. You can just put your items in a storage unit without preparation first, but that is not advisable. For this reason, you should first set aside items that you will store and check their conditions. You can wash items that you didn’t use for long time or winter clothes that you wore this winter. It’s very important to let all items dry completely before packing them. The next step is to get packing supplies. The best ones are cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Vacuum seal bags are great options for clothes and linen. Additionally, you can get boxes for a mattress, mirrors, art, etc. As you can’t put huge pieces of furniture in boxes, you should wrap them in protective materials such as bubble wrapping.

two people packing clothes before searching for storage during summer months
Pack your items properly for storage

When should you rent a storage unit?

You will have a hard time finding a storage unit during the summer. As they are in demand, you will have to reserve yours in advance, especially if you live near a college campus. Reserve a storage unit in advance will allow you to choose the storage unit that you want. The best tip for searching for storage during the summer months is to try to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. If you are planning to rent a storage unit for the whole summer, then you especially need a climate-controlled one. Also, good preparation and packing are important steps. You can consider preparing your items for storage as a moving preparation. It’s almost the same process, except you won’t be moving.

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