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When moving, you need to pack all of your belongings into containers and take them to your new home. Depending on how many items you have, the packing process will be more difficult, Most people like to have items that they don’t need, which can be a problem when moving. No matter how many items you have to pack, you will need adequate containers for those items. Hiring movers NYC will give you peace of mind because they will think about this instead of you. But you have some suitcases laying around your home, so why not use your suitcases wisely during move? We will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your suitcases.

How to use your suitcases wisely?

Even though it is always recommended to hire local movers NYC for help, you can also choose to do it by yourself. Did you know that your travel gear can come in handy if you use your suitcases wisely? You can do some of the following:

  • Use suitcases to pack clothes
  • Pack shoes
  • Transport breakables in a suitcase
Person sitting on a pink suitcase after she managed to use your suitcases wisely
Suitcases can come in handy when packing

Use a suitcase to pack clothes

This tip is quite obvious since you usually pack clothes in a suitcase. But, did you know that there is a much more efficient way to do that? Rolling your clothes into small rolls takes up much less space than folding them the regular way. Another benefit is that you will be able to take out a certain item without making a mess. Packing this way will make the suitcases a bit heavier, so make sure to inform the Manhattan moving company you hire about that. If you have a rushed move on your hands and don’t have a lot of time to pack clothes, you can even put your clothes inside with the hangers. Even though they will get some wrinkles, it is much more time-efficient than packing, You are in a hurry, and time should be your only concern in this case.

Pack shoes

Even though you probably washed your shoes before moving, they are still shoes after all. Due to this, you shouldn’t pack them together with other clothes. A suitcase is perfect to store all your shoes in one spot. Even though you will be putting only shoes inside, put each pair into a separate bag. This will prevent the soles of one pair from rubbing onto your favorite white sneakers. If you have shoes that you haven’t worn in a whole year, don’t bother packing them, just get rid of that pair. Decluttering before packing anything will greatly decrease the load that some of the best movers in Manhattan will have to transport, therefore lowering moving costs.

Picture of blue shoes
Put shoes in separate bags

Conclusion on how to use your suitcases wisely

If you have a lot of them, it is mandatory to use your suitcases wisely. Implementing these tips will greatly decrease the need to buy moving boxes, and therefore spend more money. We wish you good luck packing!


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