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Moving to NYC as a young professional starting their career must be exciting! We all know that New York City is a city of opportunities. Whatever career path you choose, you can succeed in NYC. For those wanting to start their own business, first of all – congratulations! Starting a new business in New York’s competitive market sure is intimidating, but with a good idea and some marketing skills, you can make your business skyrocket. You should also do your research on the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs before your move with Divine Moving and Storage NYC. That way, you’ll know the best place to move to and be prepared to run a successful new business. Check out our list and choose wisely.

These are the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs

NYC is packed full of great places for ambitious entrepreneurs. In fact, you can even say that the city as a whole is the IT place for young professionals eager to succeed. However, if you want to start a business, you need to choose the location wisely. After all, it’s all about location, location, location. Downtown Manhattan is where all the businesses strive to be, so the market is very competitive. It’s wise to choose a less popular option. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest parts of New York City you can choose from. Before hiring local movers NYC offers, check out some of these places as potential spots for your future company:

  • Manhattan – Midtown, Upper East Side, or Upper West Side
  • Chelsea
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Long Island


Anyone who’s anyone wants their business located in Manhattan, and for a good reason. This part of New York City is where all the hot businesses, companies, and corporations are. However, this leads to a competitive marketplace, especially if you’re considering moving your business with the best movers in Manhattan to Downtown a.k.a Lower Manhattan. The rent prices for office space in this part of NYC are insanely high. Luckily, there are other options, equally as prestigious and appealing if you’re set on starting a business in Manhattan. Consider Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, or the Upper West Side.

Manhattan is one of the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs
Manhattan is the place most entrepreneurs choose for their business.

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is the so-called business center of the country. It’s actually the largest business central district in the world, which explains why Midtown movers are always busy relocating new businesses to this area. It’s definitely one of the most popular hotspots among young entrepreneurs. The downside of having a business in this part of NYC is the crowds and the tourists if that’s something you think would bother you. But, the upsides are numerous. Not only will your business thrive, but your employees will also have access to countless entertainment options to unwind after a busy day. The area is also rich in hot restaurants, bars, and cafes for your team to go on a group lunch or for drinks after work.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is known to be one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in NYC with numerous corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities choosing to call it home. Although the Upper East Side is not the first neighborhood you’d think about when it comes to renting office space, it’s a great choice. It’s less competitive than Midtown or Lower Manhattan, and you’d still be in one of the most luxurious parts of NYC. Moving here with Upper East Side movers to start your business can be a huge success.

You just have to be aware of the prices and decide whether they’re within your budget. Since starting a business is such a costly endeavor, you might find Manhattan prices a bit too high. However, if you’re set on this part of NYC, consider looking up available office space on the Upper East Side. The average office space rent in this part of Manhattan is similar to other parts at $76,57 per square foot.

Upper West Side

Another great option if you want your business in Manhattan is the Upper West Side. Less crowded and less competitive than Lower Manhattan, this NYC neighborhood is a good choice for ambitious entrepreneurs thinking about starting their company in The Big Apple. It’s no less exclusive and prestigious than its famous sister the Upper East Side, and your business will thrive just as well. Hiring Upper West Side movers is the best decision to transfer your offices to this prime neighborhood. This part of New York City is where some of the most successful companies are, so it’s worth a shot setting up your own business and join myriads of other young and prosperous NYC professionals.

business man
Upper West Side is one of the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Depending on the part of the Upper West Side you want to rent office space for your business, you will have to set aside between $65- $100 per square foot. Admittedly, that is quite pricey, but hey, such prices are expected and not surprising at all in Manhattan. If you search more thoroughly, you can find more affordable options, but they will still be more expensive than buildings in Brooklyn or Queens, for example.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option for having your business in Manhattan, take Chelsea into consideration. You’ll still be in the business center of the United States and reap all the benefits of being in the middle of all happenings after a move with Chelsea movers. Renting office space in this part of Manhattan is slightly cheaper than the Upper West Side and Upper East Side. You’d have to set aside $59 per square foot on average for space in some of Chelsea’s business buildings, and maybe even more, depending on the exact location of the building.


If there was one place that’s affordable, appealing for businesses, and family-friendly in case you want to live close to work, it would have to be Brooklyn. This up-and-coming NYC borough has been gaining popularity over the past years and has earned the title of being the hippest place in New York. Relocating your business and home with the help of prime moving companies Brooklyn offers is a smart choice. The borough offers numerous family-friendly neighborhoods and you can choose from excellent office space options for a fraction of the price you’d have to pay in neighboring Manhattan. Speaking of Manhattan, its proximity is one of the biggest perks of starting a business in Brooklyn. You will have the advantage of being close to the business center of the country, and yet not thrown in the middle of it.

There is also a lot of entertaining content, some of the most popular places in NYC are located in Brooklyn. Your employees will have a great time in Brooklyn’s bars, cafes, and restaurants after work. You can also opt to find a home for your family so you can be close to work. Brooklyn offers some great, safe neighborhoods. Its ever-growing population is living proof of the borough being one of the best places for families and businesses alike. The average rent for office space is $50 per square foot while renting a one-bedroom apartment averages $2,525.

business woman looking for the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs
Brooklyn is becoming one of the most appealing business locations in NYC.


One of the main reasons why you should consider starting your business in Queens is its affordability. This NYC borough has been gaining popularity river the last few years which in turn resulted in its economy booming. More and more entrepreneurs are opting to move their companies to Queens and Astoria as a neighborhood stands out in particular. Relocating your business with moving companies Astoria offers is beneficial due to all the space that it offers. You can rent fantastic office space in Queens for as little as $41 per square foot. Queens is also not as densely populated or crowded with businesses as Brooklyn and Manhattan, so your small business will have a better chance of standing out.

Long Island

Long Island is one of the places for businesses that’s been gaining popularity slowly but steadily. The reason why more and more entrepreneurs choose to relocate their companies with Long Island movers is the low rent prices and great public transportation. Long Island Rail Road is one of the busiest commuting lines in the country. Another great reason why Long Island is one of the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs is the tax breaks and incentives that the county offers to business owners who choose to anchor their companies here. In addition to tax incentives, you’ll also find rent prices for office space on Long Island to be amicable at $41 per square foot on average.

Be careful when moving your business to NYC and choose the right movers

Having reliable professionals take care of moving your business is essential. Relocating your workspace requires skills and experience you likely don’t have. Because office equipment is so fragile, it needs to be packed carefully. You will need a lot of time to learn how to pack all the electronics properly and safely move office furniture. You will also need expensive packing materials to ensure they are good quality and dependable. Commercial movers are perfectly equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle various kinds of business relocations. You will not need to worry about packing or buying supplies for the move. Just let the professionals take care of it.

two men shaking hands
Finding commercial movers you can trust is essential when moving your business.

Commercial movers have the skills to relocate businesses safely

Moving a business is significantly more challenging than relocating your house. If you’ve ever tried to move houses on your own, you’ve seen how DIY relocations can be complex and problems just keep popping up. Business relocations are even harder with all the sensitive documentation, fragile electronics, and bulky office furniture. You will need a lot of time and nerves to do it yourself. Instead, trust the process of moving your business to New York City to reputable commercial movers and enjoy. Moving companies train their employees extensively so that they know the best ways to handle all kinds of items including fragile office equipment. The easiest and least stressful way to transfer your business to NYC is definitely with the help of experienced commercial moving experts.

Make an inventory of your office equipment to keep track of everything

The safest way to make sure all your office equipment is moved securely at your new location in NYC after the move is to make an inventory. It might seem time-consuming (and it is), but it’s well worth it. Make a detailed list of all the items in your office you’ll be moving. That way you can easily look up any item from the list and check with the moving company if you can’t find it after unpacking. Because office equipment is not the cheapest, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re moving and whether or not everything made it to your new hot NYC location.

It’s also wise to take any confidential paperwork with you when you move your business. If there’s too much documentation, then try locking it in the cabinets and taking the key with you, while the movers transfer the cabinets along with other office inventory.

Having an inventory will be helpful both to you and your moving team.

Enjoy a smooth move to some of the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs

Having reliable movers by your side is what will make you relaxed when you choose the best place in NYC to move your business. Although this decision is not easy, the city is brimming with appealing places, and with hundreds of thousands of businesses operating in New York City, it’s clear why the city is called the economic center of the world. Choose one of the hottest spots in NYC for ambitious entrepreneurs, and with good marketing and some creativity, your new start-up will soon skyrocket. Enjoy your move and good luck with your business!

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