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You probably prepared for your relocation well. You called the agency, you made sure there is space for the truck and everything else necessary for the process to go well. However, the people from the company said the crew will come at a certain time and they are already half an hour late. Let’s help you find out what to do if your Chelsea movers are late!

Don’t panic if your Chelsea movers are late

One of the worst things you can do is panic. If your Chelsea movers are late, there has to be a reason. First of all, check how much time Chelsea movers are late. If the amount is below half an hour, it is insignificant. Don’t forget it’s NYC, the traffic is unpredictable and nobody can really be sure when they can get stuck in a traffic jam. If you chose a good and reliable company, don’t worry. They are doing their best to get there on time.

Try calling the company

If your Chelsea movers are late more than half an hour, call the headquarters. That’s a significant delay and it deserves to be noted. Tell them about the situation, why you are calling, and where you live. They probably have GPS tracking devices on their trucks and will be able to tell you the exact location. Keep in mind, there are a few reasons why your Chelsea movers could be late:

  • A vehicle breakdown – it is not uncommon for such situations to occur and you should know it’s not something to worry about. they’ll repair the damage or send a new vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Traffic jam – New York City is famous for having awful traffic during the rush hours. People are going to work or from work and that slows down everyone’s movement. Don’t forget that Manhattan is even worse. People are often stuck in traffic for hours and if your Chelsea movers are late because of that, it is pretty justified.
  •  The storage is closed – It is necessary to find the best furniture storage NYC has to offer because there is a chance that the company won’t be able to access your belongings because of how poor storage can be organized.
Towel and candles
There is no better thing to do if your Chelsea movers are late than to relax with some music or a bubble bath.

Try to relax

If the company is a responsible one and provides you with the necessary information, there is nothing else you can do except relax. Leave the worries behind since you can do nothing about it. Go buy yourself a cup of coffee, take a walk or just grab a quick nap. Keep in mind everything will be okay and that someone is fixing the problem while you are relaxing and waiting.

A lot of cars are creating a traffic jam
Don’t forget that New York City is known for traffic jams.

Reschedule if your Chelsea movers are late

If your schedule is really tight, call the agency and reschedule. Divine Moving will be kind enough to understand that you are a busy person. You will be able to book a different time for the relocation and they will come at the appointed time without a problem.



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