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Closing a business is a hard thing. Even though there are various reasons for this, that does not mean that it is easy. There are many tasks that you need to handle in order to close it. But, one of the main problems for people that close this business is what to do with leftovers, furniture in the first place. There are many things to consider here like using storage units Manhattan to store the furniture. Of course, there are some other things that you can do too. Here is what to do with office furniture after the business closes!

Do these things with office furniture after the business closes

  • Liquidate the furniture
  • Donate the furniture
  • Store it

Liquidate the furniture

One of the most common things that you can do with your office furniture after business closing is to liquidate it. It is a process where you basically get rid of and sell the furniture to other companies. It does not matter whether the furniture is used or not. The key here is to sell all together because you will get a better price. Of course, all of this requires time so be sure to handle this when you have enough time to breathe.

a man holding a hand - office furniture after the business closes
Liquidating is the most common way of getting rid of the furniture

Donate the furniture

Even though it seems like you can’t donate furniture, you can. It is a very good thing to know if you do not know what to do with your furniture. There are many charity organizations that accept furniture donations. The only thing that you should know is where and how to handle the business. Some of them offer to pick it up so it can be beneficial!

Store it

Another way to solve your furniture problem after the business closes is to store it. You just have to find a reliable moving company NYC and see whether they offer storage services. But, many people think that this will be too much for them to handle financially.

Actually, it does not cost that much to rent a storage unit. Most of them are pretty affordable. Of course, everything depends on the time that you are going to use that unit. The plan is best made with the professionals so be sure to handle it well.

a storage unit
Rent a storage unit and leave the furniture there

How to move your furniture to the storage unit?

Doing this by yourself can be overwhelming. That is why having office movers by your side can be good. They will handle everything with ease without you even doing anything. If you are also renting a storage unit from them, you may even be able to get a discount.


It may not seem like but you can see that there are ways to handle the office furniture after the business closes. Everything depends on whether you want to keep it or your want to get rid of it. Be sure to think this through because you can return it if you chose some options from this list!


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