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As we all know, moving can get quite pricy, especially if there’s storage included. That said, many people also require storage for a while after their move, or well, without moving at all. When it comes to storage, one thing is quite clear, you need to store with a tried and tested company, like Divine Moving and Storage NYC. But aside from choosing a professional company to store with, there’s a lot more to consider. And the price is the first thing that comes to mind. However, to know how much your storage will cost, first, you have to decide what sort of storage you want. Want to know how much it would cost to rent a storage unit in NYC? Then read on and we’ll teach you all about what you should take into consideration when choosing storage, and how that correlates to storage prices in NYC.

The cost of renting a storage unit in NYC will depend on your needs

There’s no one price for storage units. Units, first of all, differ in size. Next, not all storage facilities have the same features. And what is important for you to know is that the price of your storage will depend significantly on that. But to make it clean and simple, here are the basic things you should be aware of when choosing storage:

  • Size of the facility as well as the size of the unit
  • Storage features like climate control or special security features
  • Location of the storage facility
  • Lease period
  • Time of payment
A man carrying a table.
The price of your storage unit will largely depend on what is it that you plan to store!

All these can impact the cost of your NYC storage unit. So before you make a definitive decision, make sure that you consider all these factors. For example, if you just need a 24 hour storage Manhattan residents recommend, don’t go for storage with insane climate control and extra security features. It’s highly unlikely that your furniture will get moldy over one night. So sit down, have a chat with yourself, and make a financially sound decision that will suit your needs.

The general costs of renting storage units in NYC

As mentioned above, we can’t just give you one price and send you on your merry way. Unfortunately, storage prices in NYC just don’t work like that. However, we can give you some price ranges that will probably cover the actual price of the storage you need. Just keep in mind that the cost to rent storage space in NYC can never be that low. Especially if you’re looking for a decently sized, long term storage with special features. But knowing approximately how much you’ll have to pay is better than wondering until you actually have to get out your wallet.

A frustrated woman looking inside her empty wallet.
Not knowing what the cost to rent a storage unit in NYC is can easily leave your wallet empty!

As it currently stands, the prices for storage units in NYC are:

  • 5’X5’ storage unit – from $35 to $85 per month. This type of unit is as small as a closet. If you live in a small Manhattan apartment this type of unit would be great for storing off-season clothes and small sports equipment.
  • 5’X10’ storage unit – from $55 to $125 per month. This type of unit is the size of a small room. Because of that, you’ll be able to fit larger sports equipment and a few pieces of smaller furniture.
  • 10’X10’ storage unit – from $100 to $180 per month. This type of unit is significantly larger and can comfortably fit up to two full bedrooms. You can use it for storing large furniture, appliances, and even small vehicles.
  • 10’X15’ storage unit – from $120 to $200 per month. This type of unit is rather large and can comfortably fit up to three full bedrooms. This includes very large furniture like sofas, wardrobes, and beds.
  • 10’X20’ storage unit – even up to $300 per month. This type of unit is entering a very large category and can accommodate the contents of a small house or multiple vehicles.
  • 10’X30’ storage unit – at least $300 per month but usually more. This is the largest unit you can find on the market. And the cost to rent a storage unit in NYC of this size is quite high. The unit is extremely large and most commonly used for business purposes. Aside from that, it’s often used for storing large furniture pieces and equipment, as well as vehicles.

Bring the cost down yourself

NYC isn’t cheap by any means. That means that storage also isn’t as cheap as it is in other places. However, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to bring down the cost of renting a storage unit in NYC yourself! But to do so, you’ll have to do some work or make some compromises. In general, the best way to save money on storage is to:

  • Prepare your items for storage in such a way that would make them require less space. This includes applying space-saving packing supplies and using special techniques.
  • Choose the cheapest plan that the company you chose offers
  • Pay upfront if a company you’re storing with offers a discount for that
  • Think about whether you actually need insurance
  • Opt-out of the extra features you don’t need
A woman packing an item for storing.
Packing items in a certain way can reduce how much space they require!

Renting storage in NYC can be quite costly

As you see, there isn’t just one cost to rent a storage unit in NYC. What you’ll have to pay will depend on so many things. But luckily, you can make storing much cheaper if you try. Looking for deals, giving up what you don’t need, and being crafty are all great ways to make storage much cheaper. However, never give up basic quality to save a bit of money, especially if you’re planning to store for a longer period of time! It’s just not worth it. But other than that, try hard and you may be able to find a sweet deal that will make storing much more enjoyable and significantly less stressful.


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