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Do you have many things at home and you are not sure what to do with them? Well, it is a good idea to get a storage unit if you still don’t have one. It is definitely the most convenient way of storing your items especially when moving or traveling. In this little guide, Divine Moving & Storage NYC will provide some useful winter storage tips for storage units. Let’s get started!

Start with cleaning your storage unit and items

Renting a storage unit is not cheap but it will give you complete peace of mind. Having one is especially useful during cold seasons when you want to keep your items in good condition. However, if you opt for long-term storage NYC you will have a safe place to store your belonging all year long. The first and most important tip is about cleaning your items and your storage. Before you store anything in a storage unit, make sure everything is clean. This is the most useful and the easiest way to avoid item damage during the cold winter season.

An empty storage unit. Some of the most useful winter storage tips for storage units are about cleaning it.
Don’t forget to clean the storage before bringing in your items

Protect your belonging and use a climate-controlled storage unit

Another amazing winter storage tip for storage units is to make sure your items are stored securely by covering them or placing them on pallets. This way you will prevent dust from getting into your items and also avoid moisture damage. During the cold weather, the ground may get wet so your items, especially furniture or boxes, will definitely be ruined. ! What is more, you can also opt for climate-controlled storage units. They serve to protect your items from extreme cold or hot temperatures.
So, if you still don’t have a storage unit start searching for affordable storage space Manhattan has to offer. You will definitely find it helpful!

Adequately prepare all the items for storage

You need to understand what are the items that need to be prepared for storing in advance. Obviously, different things are going to need different kinds of preparation. There are many items that are sensitive to cold weather. Those include liquid, electronics with batteries, photos, and so on. They include special care and need to be wrapped in some material and sealed. It would be great to also keep these kinds of items on top of others or on shelves. These commercial movers Manhattan will be of help and find an appropriate storage unit for you. You will then only have to decide what to pack and how to store it safely.

Two persons packing items in a box
Winter storage tips for storage units can help you to properly organize your storage

Consider buying a weatherproof lock

If you have never heard about it, now is the right time. A weatherproof lock is made to withstand the coldest temperatures as well as brutal force. Having one, your items in the storage units will be safe and sound. Even though the weather is cold outside your items do not have to freeze and fall apart. We hope you enjoyed reading about winter storage tips for storage units.


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