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Are you looking for a way to make more money on the weekends while still not compromising your studies? Divine Moving will help you know your options when it comes to part-time jobs for college students. There’s a reason why some of the college jobs are so popular, and some of them will definitely be found on our list as well. The job will not only help you support yourself during the studies, but it is good to have something to add to your CV before you graduate!

 part-time jobs for college students
Most convenient part-time jobs for college students are flexible, so that you can adapt them to your studies.

Are part-time jobs for college students necessary?

When you first move to a new city and start college, you might realize that you need to start working in order to have some of the items you want. Many people even think about hiring student movers NYC back again and leaving because they don’t know how to fight the pressure. Many people have to work to fully support themselves or to start paying off student loans. So, while the jobs often aren’t necessary for existence, they’re necessary for many other things.

Part-time jobs for college students that you can apply to easily:

  • Working at fast-food restaurants
  • Administrative jobs in companies
  • Working in restaurants or cafes
  • Physical jobs

Those are some of the most frequent jobs, but also the most flexible!

1.Heavy lifting

Do you want a short gig and quick money? If so, look for the ads that are searching for people to work in storage or lift heavy items. This is a good option if you’re in shape, and it’s often well paid. You can find work at some of the Manhattan moving service companies, for example. Many of the companies have items that need to be sorted in their storage, and those companies are often giants like Coca-Cola.

2.Delivery are well paid part-time jobs for college students

Working as a delivery person who rides a bike or some electric vehicle can pay off greatly. It’s a physically straining job as well, but it’s well paid and the companies are hiring often. The best part about those types of the job is that often, they’re more flexible than the other ones. You can work late at night, and the pay depends greatly on the amount of work that you do.

3.Data entry

The data entry jobs are great because you can find them everywhere. Almost every big company needs students for data entry and similar jobs. It’s not the most fun, but you won’t have to do heavy physical work, and that suits many people better than the previous two. In the end, you’ll be sitting in the office for the decided time, and oftentimes you’ll be surprised how well you’ll be treated in companies like that.

student babysitting a baby
Babysitting can be a good job if you want short time frames where you can study.


This is the job that’s some of the most often go-to jobs for students. People do it because there’s no heavy physical work, and the work itself is rewarding. You’re taking care of a little kid or a baby and while they sleep you’ll be able to study.

5. Sales are one of the most convenient part-time jobs for college students

Sales are something that you can do from door to door, or by calling people on the phone. If you’re a communicative, easygoing person who can connect with others without a problem – this can be a good choice for you. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to apply and start earning! 

Are you just moving for college?

If you’re just looking at your work options after you’ve relocated, you should keep in mind that your journey begins with the relocation. To have a smooth transition into your new apartment or the dorm, give us a call! Start preparing everything you can in advance, including researching part-time jobs for college students. Early preparation will make your transition much easier!


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