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The packing process is not the same for all items in your household. Yes, packing is essentially wrapping items in packing paper and putting them in moving boxes of the right sizes. However, it’s not the same process to pack a small figurine and huge dining table. Packing smaller items is much easier. But as you can’t possibly leave your furniture behind, you will have to pack it as well. Luckily, every part of relocation can be easier if you hire one of the moving companies NYC. Additionally, good moving preparation is half of a job already done. This means you need to get all the necessary packing and moving tools. Only then, you can start packing your furniture for relocation.

How to start packing your furniture for relocation?

Furniture is usually the last item left to pack. It’s more practical to pack first smaller items and then to start packing furniture. For example, you can’t start packing a bookshelf until you take off all books and other decorations first. Additionally, when you have already taken books and figurines off the shelf, you might as well pack them. This way, you will put smaller items in moving boxes and you will have more space to move around furniture when packing them. If you don’t want to even try to pack furniture, you can hire one of the best movers in Manhattan to do the packing for you. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, you should first get necessary packing supplies and tools such as:

  • Measure your furniture and doorframes
  • Get packing supplies
  • Tools for disassembling
  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Wrap all pieces of furniture individually
couple is packing your furniture
Packing your furniture for relocation is not hard if you have the right tools and help

What packing supplies you should get when moving furniture?

You can’t move without packing supplies. This also applies to moving your furniture. You can get the packing supplies by yourself or Long Island movers can bring them if you get full moving services. No matter what options you choose, it’s important that these packing supplies are in good condition and new if possible. Furniture is usually expensive. For this reason, it’s better to invest more money in new packing supplies than to buy new furniture to replace an old one that got damaged during relocation. You should get moving blankets, large moving boxes, plastic zip-top bags, packing tape, tools, utility knives, etc. You will also need to get tools for disassembling furniture such as a wrench set, hammer, hex keys, screwdrivers, a drill, etc. If you don’t know how to use these tools, you should also get someone to help you with disassembling furniture.

How to keep your furniture protected during relocation?

One of the biggest concerns is how to protect your furniture during relocation. As you already know, furniture is not cheap. It’s in fact a big investment that you don’t need to make right after relocation. For this reason, there are a couple of ways to protect your furniture during relocation. The first step is to disassemble your furniture. Almost all pieces of furniture can be disassembled, you only need to know how and with which tools. It would be good if you have a manual that you used for assembling your furniture. If you don’t have one, you can always search on the internet or find someone who knows how to do it. It’s much easier to pack and load pieces of a dining table than a table in one piece. You will have then more space in a moving truck also.

furniture covered in wrapping
It’s important to protect your furniture with packing paper or bubble wrapping

Should you clean your furniture before packing?

The answer is yes. All furniture should be cleaned from dust and strains, est. When you are cleaning wooden furniture, you also need to remove old polish and strains of water. When it comes to cleaning wooden surfaces, you should first start with a light dusting. After this, you should clean with the gentlest cleaner. If you don’t have a cleaner in your home at the moment, you can mix water with dishwashing soap. Just make sure not to wet the furniture too much as you can damage it that way. After you made sure that your wooden furniture is cleaned, you should put a light layer of polish. Now, you should clean the furniture before disassembling it. But you can also clean it after. It is only important that you do it before packing.

How to pack your furniture?

After you clean and disassemble your furniture, you can start packing. All smaller pieces of furniture, you should put together in zip-top bags so they don’t get lost. The best option would be to mark each bag and put pieces from one piece of furniture together. This way, you won’t mix up other parts. For bigger parts of furniture that can’t fit into zip-top bags, you should wrap them in packing paper, blankets, or bubble wrapping. Tape everything firmly, so that the wrapping doesn’t slip off from the furniture. You can put these bigger pieces such as table legs into large moving boxes. Also, don’t forget to protect the corners of the furniture with cardboard boxes or newspapers. The general rule of loading a moving truck is that the heaviest and largest items are first to go.

couple sitting on the floor
You should hire professional movers to pack your furniture

Measure the doorframe before moving your furniture

You can’t disassemble some furniture and you will need to move it in one piece. The biggest problem is moving a sofa. For this reason, as you will have to move in one piece, you must measure your doorframes and furniture. Also, you will need to clean the exit pathway to avoid any possible injuries. If you didn’t hire movers, you should get help from your family or friends to carry heavy furniture to the moving truck. Packing your furniture for moving might sound hard right now. But you will see that all these steps are necessary and will make your relocation much easier.


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