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People often believe that storage units are only used by those that are relocating. This is quite untrue. Storage space is a solution to many problems in your everyday life as well. There are several examples of how this could benefit you. For instance, if you are living in a small apartment and you are having guests that are going to stay over for a few days – storage space could end up saving you. Long term storage space could save you quite a bit of stress in small and cluttered apartments. But, how could you end up getting more space from your storage?

You are already paying a lot of money for it – might as well make out of it. Getting more space from your storage is especially important when you are relocating. Relocation is an expensive task, and making an additional investment into storage space is yet another big cost you need to face. This is why you need to try to to make the most of it, and potentially rent less than you’d originally think you would. This is why you need to organize your storage space in a way where you will get the most value out of it.

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Your storage unit will be a lifesaver!

Benefits of getting more space from your storage

As mentioned before, we are trying to get the most value for your money. This is why we have come up with a few tips on how you could really make the most out of the storage unit you are renting. This is especially important for those operating on a tight budget, such as student movers NYC. Students need these tips more than anyone, considering that they are not really making that much money.

The benefits of getting more space from your storage are two-fold. First and foremost, you will be saving a bunch of money if you don’t have to rent two or more storage units. But there is another value aside from saving money, which is enough value in itself. The second value is the ability and potential to manage one storage space, instead of several ones. The more storage space units you have to think about and manage – the worse you are off. Aside from wanting to save money, you want to save time and energy as well. Having to juggle several storage space units will prove to be very exhausting. So, saving money and time is the name of the game.

So, how do you go about getting more space from your storage?

There are several techniques to achieve this. The first piece of advice we can give you is to use your moving supplies NYC wisely. If you do, there is plenty you can achieve. Being smart and tactical about your packing is essential to making the most out of your storage unit. But, let’s take it a step back first and talk about the very beginning of the process. The benefits of careful and tactical packing come later down the road.

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It’s all about proper planning.

The first step towards making the most out of your storage space comes way before the entire moving process itself. It comes when you first learn that you are actually going to relocate. This step is called planning. The only person in this world that knows everything about the things that are going to be packed is you. Furthermore, you will know best about the place you are relocating to. These are all very important elements of the planning phase, which is the phase you should invest most in.


The planning phase has 3 very important elements: knowledge about the items you are moving, knowledge about the location you are moving to and the knowledge about the moving (relocation) plan. These three combined will let you know which storage unit you have to take, how many things you will have to store inside and for how long. This planning will make all the difference, and all the following steps and tips will be leading towards making your final objective easier. And your objective is getting more space from your storage.

When you are able to plan carefully and account for all these elements you will know what you will need from your storage unit. The most common issue with renting storage units is renting them without any previous thought. This usually happens when you are caught blind-sided, without expecting to even have the need for one.

shelf with boxes
Organize your space so that every inch is used.

The planning phase abolishes this lack of vision. If you know that you will be needing a storage unit, you are able to foresee just how much of it you will need, what for and for how long. All of these questions will lead to getting more space from your storage just by utilizing its usage.

Organizing your items within the given space

The other problem is that usually simply shoves everything in the storage unit without any apparent structure. Try packing your storage unit as if it was your bedroom, for example. For instance, if you have shelves, try to populate them with smaller items that you are about to fit inside. If you have furniture, try to organize it in a way that it makes sense, and in a way that allows you to stack items upon it. Basically, just avoid randomly pilling up things in your closet. The approach should be to have an organized and structured way to populate the storage unit.

Start with the bigger items and make your way to the smallest ones. Good luck!

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