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Finding that perfect NYC neighborhood to call home is never easy. If you are having a hard time making up your mind, we completely understand. Who wouldn’t, with so many attractive places on the map? Chelsea is definitely one of them. That’s why we want to help you get to know this neighborhood a little better and see why you should give moving to Chelsea a thought. All you need for a quick and smooth Chelsea move is a reliable team of professionals. Also, since the lack of space is an acute problem in this city, renting a storage facility could be an effective solution. A good Chelsea moving company can take care of the moving logistics while you take care of planning your new life in Chelsea.

A drawing of a man driving, moving to Chelsea by car
Discover why more and more people are moving to Chelsea.

Why you should move to Chelsea

Your Manhattan moving decision to replace it with Chelsea is a decision you won’t regret. Chelsea is surrounded by Hell’s Kitchen, Garment District, Flatiron District, Meatpacking, West Village, and the Hudson River. The neighborhood is suitable for families, singles, as well as professionals. A below-average violent crime rate for New York City sounds good, doesn’t it? Both public transport and walkability are excellent, so you don’t have to worry about getting around. In addition, all kinds of fun, from fashion to fine dining and sports, await you here in Chelsea. To sum up, you’ll get everything you need in one place.

It has a home for everyone

Before moving to Chelsea, it is necessary to find a home. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you prefer modern high-rises or brownstones, you’ll find a place for your taste. Besides, you don’t have to be a millionaire to live in Chelsea. Apart from luxury homes, there are also relatively affordable ones. If you see yourself in a new apartment building with amenities such as a private lounge, rooftop terrace, or fitness center, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

You can see newly-built condo towers lining the neighborhoods’ main avenues and the High Line Park. As you move away from these areas, you’ll notice that the height of buildings gradually decreases, until old brick tenement housing turned into walk-up apartments becomes dominant. The charming, tree-lined, old-fashioned side streets are mostly quieter. The north part, on the other hand, is more industrial, with large apartment and condo complexes.

It offers good educational environments

If you plan on moving to New York City with kids, this neighborhood boasts some of the best private, public, and parochial schools. There are The NYC Lab School, Guardian Angel School, and William T Harris School, to name a few. There is no doubt your kids will have a chance to get a proper education after moving to Chelsea.

Enjoying your free time after moving to Chelsea

This very neighborhood was once full of warehouses and struggling immigrant families of factory workers. Today, Chelsea is one of the most high-end neighborhoods in NYC. Those who have the privilege of calling it home are surrounded by some of the nation’s coolest shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. We’re talking thousands of shops, hundreds of restaurants, and over a hundred nightlife options. Add a vibrant cultural scene and relaxing outdoor spaces to the picture, and you get one of the most perfect neighborhoods in The Big Apple. 
A man sitting in a gallery, paintings in the background
Chelsea has some of the best experimental galleries in the world.

Art lovers, consider Chelsea as a potential home base

Being one of the city’s best neighborhoods to explore art and culture, Chelsea is ideal for artists and art fans alike. Manhattan’s art scene is thriving and this artsy neighborhood has a big role in it. Move here and have some of the world’s top galleries at close proximity. They include Matthew Marks Gallery, David Zwirner Gallery, Tyler Rollins Fine Art, and many others.

The High Line

The High Line, one of NYC’s most gorgeous parks, will provide you that haven of peace all New Yorkers need. This verdant, elevated rail line turned urban park and walkway stretch along Chelsea’s west side. If you go on foot, you’ll have easy, traffic-free access to both the uptown and downtown area. Escape the concrete jungle for a few hours and take a relaxing stroll with your loved one, enjoying the stunning views of the neighborhood and its landmarks. During the summer, you can enjoy free musical and dance performances and other amazing events right there in the park.

Other recommended attractions

  • The Chelsea Piers is a large sport and entertainment complex located on the Hudson River. Here, you’ll find synthetic fields for all kinds of sports, a skate park, batting cages, an ice rink, a driving range for golf, bowling lanes, as well as great restaurants.
  • Chelsea’s outdoor and indoor markets attract millions of visitors annually. Once you move to Chelsea, you can spend the entire day at the Chelsea Market (open 7 days a week) without going bored or hungry.
  • If an exciting nightlife is on your list of priorities, this vibrant neighborhood has some of the best bars and nightclubs. Chelsea is very popular among Manhattan’s LGBTQ community. Even though its gay scene has become commercialized, Chelsea still has some of NY’s best gay bars.
A pencil and a piece of paper with a few boxes checked
Yes, every neighborhood has its benefits, but Chelsea is one of those that tick all the boxes.

Preparations for moving to Chelsea

Every relocation is a great opportunity to declutter. In the same way, you ought to use your process of relocating to Chelsea as a means of cleaning your home of all the redundancies. Now, as with any project, it is best that you take the organized, and well-planned approach. When it comes to decluttering, this means going room to room, and taking out all the items, including the ones that are buried deep inside your closet, cupboard, and dark corners. After everything is out in the open, you should separate it into four groups:

  1. Keep
  2. Toss
  3. Gift
  4. Donate

It sounds simple when you put it like this, but sooner than you know, the vast majority of your items will find its place in the first group, leaving you wondering what was the use of all the hassle. Since it can be hard to differentiate between the items that belong to other groups, let us help you. Everything that you haven’t used for over six months should go to the second, third or fourth group. Items that are damaged, broken, or have simply lost the purpose they serve should be tossed. Items that still have their impeccable state, are for the last two groups. Try to remember if your great aunt has had any particular affection or interest for your old vase, or if your husband’s uncle would like unopened garden gloves that you received a long time ago. When donating, be careful not to give items that are dirty, ripped, or damaged.

A person holding a gift
Decluttering can be a great opportunity to bring joy to many people. Get some decorative paper and make personalized gifts.

Gathering all the necessary packing materials

The biggest and most essential part of every move. For this reason, it ought to be addressed with due attention. If you plan on relocating to Chelsea on your own, you will need to start early and plan every step of this process. After the decluttering, we suggest that you make an inventory of all of your items, so as to ensure you have enough boxes. You can try and get them for free by asking if your local grocery stores or clothing shops have some to spare. Just make sure that they are damage- and odor-free. You will also need ample amounts of bubble wrap, packing paper, and ducktape.

Still, keep in mind that there are alternatives to packing when you are moving on your own. Instead of packing everything in boxes, consider using the containers that you already have. Duffle bags, suitcases, bins, baskets, and even drawers will all do just fine. Just make sure not to leave to many of the heavy items in your baskets and drawers, and tape them shut with extra care. As for the cushioning materials, you can turn to your closet. Socks can fill your glasses and other ceramic dishes, while your sheets, t-shirts and such can protect the rest. Of course, for the more expensive items that you own, we suggest that you stick to bubble wrap, so as to ensure no damage is inflicted during the road.

The packing itself

As with decluttering, you will go room to room, only this time starting with the rooms you seldom use. This will help prevent you from living in a warehouse for months, proven that you start packing early. Attic, basement, storage rooms and such should take priority. When the time comes to pack your bedroom, start with the items you don’t use on a daily basis. Leave all that is crucial for your daily routines for the last days prior to relocation.

A bedroom
You don’t have to pack your sheets right away. However, certain vases, pictures, and other decorative elements are not crucial for your good night sleep can go into the box sooner rather than later.

Make sure to pack heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter belongings into bigger packages. This will ensure that no box is too heavy to lift and handle. It is also paramount that you label every box that you’ve packed. This will save you a staggering amount of both time and nerves when unpacking comes. In addition, if you need a certain item, it will be much easier to find it, rather than going through every box.

Boxes that are particularly heavy, or hold items of great value should have their edges reinforced. Simply use your ducktape, and go over the edges a couple of times, strengthening the structure of the box. Do not overfill the boxes, and remember that you cannot overdo the bubble wrap and packing paper.

If you are an elderly lady or gentleman, and all of this seems too complicated, strenuous and arduous to complete, know that you have excellent senior citizen moving companies nearby. They will take care of all these tasks with great efficiency and due care. You can rest assured that all of your belongings will reach their destination in an intact state, while you won’t have to do so much as lift a finger.

In a case of need

Relocation is not always a smooth process, and one ought to be aware of all the alternatives and possibilities. Namely, if your future home in Chelsea is not ready to take you in, but you have to move out right away, know that you have options. While your clothes might not need much space and can stay in your car, your big armchair, fridge, and sofa need more room than your trunk can provide. With this in mind, know that furniture storage NYC can prove to be quite useful. It will keep your belongings safe and sound for the time being. In the meantime, you can go about your days, sorting out all the other important matters.

An inside of a storage unit
Storage units are great for all the items you don’t want to get rid of but don’t have enough room for at the moment.

Moving to Chelsea with the help of local professionals

The idea of living in Chelsea may already be filling you with joy and excitement, but the same can’t be said about the process of relocating to Chelsea. Long days (or even weeks) of packing and lifting heavy boxes are in front of you, and the mere thought makes you want to quit before you have even started? We know how you feel. We are not new to this town and industry. Divine Moving and Storage NYC has been relocating New Yorkers for many years.

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