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NYC is one of the most famous and biggest cities in the world. Moving to Manhattan is a dream for many people. Working and living in NYC sounds amazing in theory. However, the reality is a little bit different as there are pros and cons of living in NYC. The biggest problem of living in NYC is traveling around the city. NYC is made of five boroughs and more than 300 neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods have good connections with other parts of NYC. This is especially problematic if you are living and working in completely different parts of NYC with poor public transport. Spending hours commuting every day and changing different buses is not an ideal situation. For this reason, when you are moving to Manhattan, you should choose one of the best connected NYC neighborhoods for traveling around the city.  

What are the best connected NYC neighborhoods for traveling around the city?  

As you already know, NYC is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Manhattan is the most famous one as you probably guess. Everyone wants to visit or move there with Divine Moving and Storage NYC once in a lifetime. However, while Manhattan is the most popular one, other boroughs are also very convenient for living. It can be a little bit complicated traveling around the city as a newcomer as NYC is really huge both in size and population. For this reason, you need to find a nice neighborhood that is well connected to other parts of NYC. Your new neighborhood needs to fulfill other conditions such as low crime rates, affordability, etc. Therefore, you should consider the following neighborhoods:  

  • Upper East Side, Manhattan  
  • Astoria, Queens  
  • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn  
  • Rockaway, Queens  
  • Fordham Heights, Bronx  
people standing by the train
A good connection is very important when choosing a new neighborhood

Your new home could be in Astoria, Queens  

Astoria is one of the best neighborhoods in Queens for living. There are many reasons to back up this claim. The neighborhood is named after the richest man in America at that time and some important historical events happened here. One of the reasons to move here with moving companies Astoria is cultural diversity. During the long history of Astoria, many people from different nations moved here. Dutch, British, and Germans were the first ones to move here, then followed by Irish, Italians, Jewish, and Greeks. The best feature of living in Astoria is the affordability and proximity to Manhattan. For this reason, there are many young professionals living here while working in Manhattan. You can get to Astoria by bus, train, and subway. The bus lines you can take are M60-SBS, Q100, Q102, Q18, Q69, while subways are N and W.  

Rockaway is another good option in Queens  

Another neighborhood in Queens that you should consider is Rockaway. The neighborhood has over 50 000 residents and it’s a pretty average neighborhood for living. Rockaway is an urban place where more than 80% of residents rent their homes. The biggest pro of moving to Rockaway with moving companies Queens must be the beach. Rockaway Beach is made of a 5.5-mile stretch of sandy beach and boardwalk. As summer in NYC can’t pass without a trip to Rockaway Beach, the neighborhood is well connected. There are a couple of ways to travel from and to Rockaway such as by car, subway, and ferry. For example, you will need around 45 min car drive from Rockaway to Manhattan. If you want to travel from Manhattan to Rockaway by subway, then you should take the A train to the Rockaway Park Shuttle and you will have around one hour ride.  

person standing at the beach
Queens has many good neighborhoods to choose from

You should consider moving to Long Island 

Long Island is the largest and longest island in the US and more than 7 million NYC population live here. There are many reasons why you should move here with help from Long Island movers. Unfortunately, there is not a direct subway line to Long Island. However, Long Island is easily accessible by rail, land, air, and sea. Contrary to popular belief, it is convenient to live on Long Island. You just need to give yourself time to find all the best ways and routes.

Brooklyn Heights is the top neighborhood in Brooklyn for transportation  

The reason why Brooklyn Heights is the best neighborhood for traveling is the accessibility to the subway. The median distance to a subway station in Brooklyn Heights is 12 miles which is similar to the best Manhattan neighborhoods. Brooklyn Heights is located right across the East River from lower Manhattan. This is a very affluential neighborhood with well-restored brownstone rowhouses. As Brooklyn Heights is one of the richest neighborhoods in NYC, the real estate prices will be pretty high. The median home value is more than $1 000 000 which is almost five times higher than the national average. While this is very expensive, there are many advantages of moving here with Brooklyn movers such as safety, schools, transportation, etc. There are many transit lines that go near or through Brooklyn Heights such as bus lines B57, B62, BXM18, M103, and M55.  

Manhattan has many good options for you  

This list wouldn’t be complete without Manhattan and one of its neighborhoods. Upper East Side is one of the best neighborhoods according to many. This is a very luxurious neighborhood as many of the richest people here. Almost every Upper East Side guide starts by mentioning how affluential this neighborhood is, especially on Madison Street and Park Avenue. The real estate is pretty diverse from Renaissance-style townhouses to trendy condos and apartments. The vibe of the neighborhood is slower and calmer than the usual crowds of NYC. However, Upper East Side has everything you will need for a quality life. The biggest advantage of living on the Upper East Side is public transport and connection to other parts of NYC. There are subways lines that will take you to The Bronx, Brooklyn, and other parts of Manhattan.   

a picture of subway lines
Manhattan has one of the best connected NYC neighborhoods

How to choose the best neighborhood in NYC for you?  

Finding a good neighborhood in NYC is not easy as there are many good choices. For this reason, you should choose one based on your priorities. A good neighborhood should be affordable, safe, and have good public schools, and public transportation. Therefore, you should choose a neighborhood from the list of the best connected NYC neighborhoods for traveling around the city. Good public transportation is not the only good thing about these neighborhoods. So, you should pick your new neighborhood fast and start preparing for your relocation to NYC soon. 


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