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Let’s face it, renting apartments in New York City isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The city is overpopulated and it’s not really easy to find the right apartment for you. And even if you do, there’s a chance the apartment doesn’t come with a landlord who’s easy to work with. There are plenty of issues that could arise when it comes to dealing with your landlord. Of course, you want to prevent any serious issues with them if you want to keep the apartment. So, here are the common issues with NYC landlords you should beware of.

Not paying rent on time causes issues with NYC landlords

This is probably the most obvious reason for having issues with your NYC landlord. One of your main obligations to your landlord is paying rent, of course. So, if your payments are late, this could quite quickly become a big issue.

A person holding a dollar bill - to avoid the common issues with NYC landlords, pay rent on time
If you want to avoid the common problems with NYC landlords, start by paying your rent on time.

If worse comes to worst, you could be evicted. In order to avoid having to hire same day movers NYC and unexpectedly look for a new place, just be punctual. Because no matter how understanding your landlord may seem, they probably won’t tolerate tardiness when it comes to paying rent.

Damaging the apartment

When you’re renting, you’re aware that the apartment belongs to your landlord. Each landlord has their own rules about their apartments. However, something that most landlords frown upon is their tenants damaging their property. Of course, some landlords will be more understanding than others, but they surely won’t be pleased if you damage something that belongs to them. To avoid these issues with NYC landlords, make sure you inspect the apartment before moving in. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for any damages that were there before you moved in.

Bear in mind that some landlords even consider smoking to be damaging to the apartment. So, if your landlord forbids you from smoking inside, we recommend listening to them and not taking your chances.

Noise complaints

Because the apartment belongs to the landlord, they are the person your neighbors might turn to if things go south. This often happens when tenants give neighbors reasons to complain about excessive noise. So, if you’re moving from a dorm room where you were used to daily parties, you should be careful. After your student movers NYC help you move in, you need to start adjusting to a new lifestyle and be mindful of others around you. Also, have a chat with your landlord and see if throwing a party here and there is okay. This will prevent one of the common issues with NYC landlords.

Keeping pets inside

Sadly, many landlords disapprove of their tenants keeping pets inside. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Williamsburg or Manhattan – it’s pretty much the same everywhere.

Two dogs lying together
Unfortunately, keeping your dog in the apartment might cause issues with your landlord in NYC.

In some cases, you will be allowed to keep your furry friends, but oftentimes this would only cause problems with your NYC landlord. So, to avoid complications, you need to ask them point-blank if it’s allowed before you move in.

Open communication is key for solving common issues with NYC landlords

The best way to avoid the common issues with NYC landlords is by openly communicating with them. You need to know where you stand, how you should behave, what’s allowed and what isn’t. So, try and maintain a good relationship with your landlord and talk with them about potential problems.

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