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Summer is great if you are somewhere on the beach sunbathing, drinking cocktails, and swimming occasionally. However, summer is not so great if you are working, moving, or renting storage. For many valid reasons, summer is the peak season for moving companies NYC. People are more prone to move when it’s warm outside and not when it’s snowing. Also, families with kids would rather move when it’s school break than in the middle of the school year. The same reasons could be the cause for renting more storage units during summer. However, renting a storage unit during summer is not completely the same as renting one during winter. Therefore, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when you decide to rent a storage unit during summer.

What kind of mistakes you can make when renting a storage unit during summer?

There are many benefits of renting a storage unit. If you are moving to a big city, you probably going to live in a small apartment in the beginning. Small apartments are good as they are easier for maintaining and clean. However, the biggest con of living in a small apartment is the lack of storage space. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. So, when you need extra storage space for your items, your best option is to rent a storage space Manhattan. However, there are a few things you need to do when renting a storage unit. Putting your items in a storage unit without preparation is not enough, especially during summer. You should be careful not to make the following mistakes:

  • Not choosing climate-controlled storage units
  • Storing forbidden items
  • Storing damp items
  • Not labeling boxes
women investigating common mistakes to avoid if you're renting a storage unit during summer
You should do the research when you’re renting a storage unit during summer

What kind of storage unit should you rent during summer?

There are a lot of storage companies these days. For this reason, when you want to rent a storage unit, you should choose carefully. Which one you will choose will mostly depend on what items you will store, for how long, and your budget as well. If you are going to rent long term storage in the summer, then you should choose a climate-controlled storage unit. As you know, it can get really hot during summer. When it’s hot outside, it will also be very hot inside a storage unit. In some cases, temperatures inside a storage unit can be up to 30 degrees higher than outside. The heat can damage your items beyond repair. Additionally, humidity is also high during summer which in combination with high temperatures will cause mold and other pests to grow inside a storage unit.

Why shouldn’t you store damp items in a storage unit?

It’s very desirable to clean your items before you put them in short term storage Manhattan. However, you can’t wash your items and put them in a storage unit while they are still wet or damp. If you put wet or damp items in a storage unit without climate-controlled conditions during summer, you will only create moisture that way. Moisture is the biggest problem in a storage unit as it creates a perfect surrounding for mold and other pests to reproduce. Also, moisture can damage fragile items by themselves such as items made from wood and leather. For this reason, when you are cleaning wooden furniture, you should dust them off and clean them with a solution of water and dishwashing soap. Wait until they are completely dry before putting them in a storage unit.

cropped woman cleaning and thinking of renting a storage unit during summer
You should clean your items, but let them dry before storing them

Why shouldn’t you store forbidden items in a storage unit?

There are good reasons why some items are called forbidden items to store. The most common forbidden items are flammable items, explosives, guns, important documents, biological items, perishable food, plants, etc. Perishable food is a type of food that requires special conditions for storing such as low temperatures. The most used perishable items are milk, dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. As you probably know, you can’t keep this type of food in a storage unit, especially during summer. They will spoil very quickly and they will attract bugs and rodents to your storage unit. This way, you are putting all your other items at risk of getting damaged. Also, bugs and rodents can easily go to other storage units and destroy someone else’s items. The better option would be to store non-perishable items. The perfect solution would be not to store any food at all.

You need to organize your storage unit properly

Well, this one is not the mistake related only to keeping your items in a storage unit during summer. Nothing should be done without a proper plan and organization and storing your items is not an exemption. You already know that you should clean your items before storing them. Now, you need to find good packing supplies. You can’t just simply put your items in a storage unit without any protection. For this reason, you should get cardboard boxes or plastic bins, bubble wrapping, tapes, etc. You can put smaller items in boxes or bins if you want more protection. As you can’t put a shelf in a box, you can either disassemble it or wrap it with protective material. A good tip would be to disassemble all furniture if you can and know-how. Also, don’t forget to label all boxes.

three cardboard boxes with labels
Organize your belongings and storage unit

Plan in advance

Keeping your items in a storage unit shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don’t want a scenario where you pay for a storage unit and get your items damaged. Sure, some items are easily replaceable, but not all of your items are cheap. For this reason, when you are renting a storage unit during summer, you should plan in advance. Find a good storage facility and rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Don’t store items that are forbidden by the company policy and get good packing supplies. If you do all of these steps, you won’t have any problem with your storage unit.


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