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Moving a house from one place to another is an adventurous and stressful process. This can be challenging, especially when you are moving on a budget. The whole process of moving involves huge costs that cannot be ignored. Regardless of whether you are moving across the street or long distances, you need to prepare and make a cost-effective moving plan. Fortunately, there are many ways to negotiate your moving budget. You can save on things like moving supplies NYC. But, is cutting costs on packing materials a good idea?

Should you consider cutting costs on packing materials?

There are plenty of pros and cons of that decision. First of all, think about the exact purpose of your packing materials. If you are renting professional storage space Manhattan, then you will probably need high-quality boxes. Also, if you have a lot of breakable and valuable items, then saving money on packing supplies is not a good idea. The more valuable your belongings are, the more padding you will need. And not to mention the possibility of ripping those free boxes causing your precious items to fall on the ground.

Corrugated cardboard
The last thing you want to see is your moving boxes falling apart

But, sometimes cutting costs on packing materials can be really helpful. This is an area where you can reduce your expenses and save money for other important things, such as hiring furniture movers. Experienced and well-known moving companies not only help in difficult situations but also save valuable items from damage.

This clearly means that a well-prepared relocation plan can save you time and money. But make sure you use creative ideas when packing things. To help you in your cost-effective relocation process, we offer you a couple of ideas to help you save a few dollars while keeping your items safe.

What are the right ways of cutting costs on packing materials

1. Create a packing list

No matter how far or close you go, make sure you make a list of packing materials that will be needed to safely and securely take your items and prepare a budget for your move. Many people skip this step because they think it’s a time-consuming task, which can be a big mistake when moving on a low budget. Evaluate all your belongings and prepare a list of supplies that you will need during the packing process.

2. Pack your items in “used” boxes

This is one of the best and most economical tricks that can work in your favor. Instead of buying expensive packing boxes, you can find used ones that are in good condition for your household items. You can go to any liquor store and ask for used boxes for wine or spirits. Local grocery stores also have these boxes, or you can pick them up at any bookstore. And if you don’t want to walk around looking for boxes, you can always go online and find them on Craigslist.

Such boxes are good for packing books or other small items. Just make sure they are strong enough to carry your things. For your valuables, you can buy quality packing boxes from reliable moving specialists in Brooklyn. Such companies offer durable and quality boxes that can safely carry your things to your new home.

3. Use towels, linens, and clothing for fragile items

Many people buy expensive boxes and other packing materials to pack fragile items for safe moving. Of course, the safety of valuables is required, but you cannot spend your entire budget on them. Instead of using bubble packs, you can pack with towels, bedding, pillows, and grocery bags.

Wrinkled paper
Using ordinary paper for cushioning can also help you with cutting costs on packing materials

This can save you money, but make sure your hired moving experts handle the boxes carefully. You can also use the newspaper to pack fragile items such as glassware, artwork, lampshades, mirrors, plates, wine bottles, etc. before you put them in boxes. Do not forget to label these boxes so that the movers know what is inside. If you are moving yourself, keep fragile boxes in your car.

4. Rent plastic containers

If you want to save on the purchase of plastic containers, then look for companies that can rent them for a reasonable fee. It is highly recommended that you rent plastic containers from a reliable company that can provide you with high-quality containers for a minimal fee, as they are a good replacement for cardboard boxes that are waste and must be sent for recycling after unpacking.

You can ask for heavy-duty plastic containers to store your sports equipment, cleaning products, garage tools, and kitchen utensils. These containers of the same size can protect your belongings throughout the process of moving while keeping your budget under control.

5. Use trash bags

Although garbage bags are not strong enough to carry household items, they are well suited for packing bedding and clothing. You can start cutting costs on packing materials by replacing expensive boxes and bags with garbage bags. They can easily carry linens and other clothes. And the best part is that you can see what is actually packed inside, which will save you time in the process of unpacking after the move to your new home.

6. Egg cartons for cushioning

It is good to shield both sides of your moving boxes with empty egg cartons. They can protect your delicate items from any damage during loading and unloading.

7. Invest only in the necessary packing materials

If you have to spend money on packing materials, then spend it on those that are important for the safety of your belongings during the move. You can buy packing tape, bubble pack, scissors, markers for labeling or stickers for color marking, etc.

Packing tape
Those items are not too expensive, and yet, they can make your move much easier


Moving home is definitely an expensive experience. While there are some costs you can cut, there are several brilliant ways that can help you save money and budget. The tips mentioned in the post above will help you with cutting costs on packing materials and saving a few dollars. For a better experience, you can also hire the best NYC moving experts to help you pack and move carefully and neatly.

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