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Renting a flat can seem like a convenient lifestyle. You get the chance to move around whenever you feel the need to. You often find a new place to live, hire a reliable moving company, and simply move to a different location. However, in some cases, renters’ life may be everything but fabulous. For some reason, your landlord can evict you. In these cases, it is important to be well informed on the matter. Luckily, there are laws and regulations that can protect you from a sudden eviction. Professional moving companies NYC offer advice on what renters should know about evictions.

What renters should know about evictions

There are numerous reasons for eviction, but not all of them are taken into account by the law. A landlord is unable to evict the tenant in the lack of just cause for eviction such as:

  • falling behind with the rent
  • failing to pay the bills
  • breach of tenancy contract
  • tenant causing damage to the property
  • practicing illegal activities or disturbing the neighborhood

If you played by the book and never skipped a rent or caused any damage, then the landlord is giving you an eviction notice unlawfully. Remember to research your tenant rights, and use them for your defense.

a person counting money, symbolizing why renters should know about evictions
Failing to pay the rent or breaching the terms of the lease may lead to eviction

The process of eviction

Your landlord starts the eviction process by giving you a written eviction notice, stating the reason for eviction and a resolution deadline. Unless you pay the rent by the date provided in the notice or fix the damage, the landlord has the right to take the matter to the court. If you feel you are being evicted unlawfully, you can defend yourself by proving that the landlord has not kept his end of the bargain. For instance, you can gather proof that your landlord has not provided you with proper housing.

However, sometimes you have to move out because the landlord has put the property up for sale. In that case, rent a storage unit to temporarily place your stuff until finding a new flat.

Different types of eviction

In the notice to vacate the property, there is usually a period of time allowing you to fix the problem you caused. For instance, the landlord may give you 3-5 days to pay the rent you owe or to fix the damage. There is also a case of an unconditional quit eviction notice, which is a practice only in extreme cases such as falling behind with rent for several months or engaging in illegal activities. If you need to move out on short notice, a good moving company may offer you assistance. Save time on looking for moving boxes, and get them from the best moving companies in the Tristate area.

two men holding boxes
Hire a reliable moving company for your last-minute move

Moving last minute

Learn everything renters should know about evictions, to prevent them from happening to you. However, In case you have to leave your flat in a day, Divine Moving and Storage NYC offer a great service of emergency moving.


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