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Planning a move has always been a challenge. When you need to find the right place, a good house or a flat and to pack, it can give you quite a headache. But have you ever been in a situation when you have to move on short notice? Whether it is because of an emergency or just the right opportunity that can go away, moving to Midtown in less than a week is possible with Divine Moving and Storage company.

What makes you move in less than a week?

Emergency moving is usually something that you have not planned. It is the type of moving where you do not have enough time to plan and organize. But it requires some of it. You need to create a plan and hire last minute movers who can help you with the relocation in the moment of need. One of the other reasons you have to move on short notice is the opportunity that you got. Whether it is a job opportunity or just a good price on the house you were thinking of buying, you should probably not miss it. Because it is possible to move to Midtown in less than a week.

Woman looking at the watch
Whatever reason you have to move in a hurry, moving to Midtown in less than a week is possible.

How to prepare and pack for emergency moving?

So, you have made a choice and you are leaving your current flat and move. This requires a good packing plan and organization. You do not need to overthink it. It is important to declutter things. See what will you bring and what is the most important to you to go along. For the other stuff that you do not know what to do or where to move them, you should rent storage.

On what things you should pay attention to when you are about to rent storage?

When you want to rent storage you should pay attention to these things:

  • Is there a surveillance camera?
  • Are there alarms, such as fire alarms or smoke alarms?
  • Does the renting price include the security 24/7?

All of this stuff is very important in case you want to store your valuables or belongings that you are not sure whether you would like to bring with you. Even if you decide to take them with you, you do not have to do it right away. Settle down first in the new apartment and research the neighborhood.

woman taking off her jewelry and preparing all for moving to Midtown in less than a week
Renting storage may be the best decision you can make to save your valuables while relocating on short notice.

How to pack for moving in less than a week?

So, we have realized that moving to Midtown in less than a week is maybe more difficult than planning a move for a long time. But, if you think about it, it might be better to move on short notice because you don’t have to and cannot plan the whole packing process. You need to make firm and instant decisions on what will go and what will stay. So, one of the things you need to think about when packing to move to Midtown in less than a week are:

  1. Think about what you need the most. It is your documents. So, basically, they are always around you, but you need to have some plastic bin or container where you will place all the papers that you find important.
  2. Since you can rent storage, declutter things by placing things in two boxes. One is for the move and the other one is for storage. You do not need to pack efficiently. Because of the lack of time, you can pack however you like for storage. Unpacking it will take some time, but you do not have to hurry with that.
  3. Bring what you wear and use the most. It will certainly need you in Midtown.
  4. If you are moving for a job opportunity, make sure you bring nice clothes. You need to leave a good first impression. The rest of the stuff that you would wear at home can wait in storage.

With all of this on your mind, you can hire a Midtown moving company. The company will give you all of the important information when it comes to moving on short notice.

Can move on short notice affect your mental health?

Moving to Midtown in less than a week might not affect you right away. You could be busy by finding the moving companies, storage places, and packing supplies. When you want to move to Midtown in less than a week you could be busy with the planning of moving and packing. You might even have your mindset on the new neighborhood or even that job that you got the opportunity for. But, moving can and will affect your mental health. That is why it is very important to do next:

  • You need to reduce all the anxiety and stress around you. Which basically means you need to focus on the future. You cannot think about the past or the things that have already happened.
  • Try seeing things that are coming through “new eyes”. This means, do not go with your heart and mind closed for the new friends and neighborhoods.
  • Try taking a long walk. Being in nature can positively affect your mind and make you think clearer.

By nourishing yourself and your brain, you can preserve your mental health and go to the new flat and space with your mind and heart fully open.

people jumping on the sunset
Try to give a chance to new opportunities. It will help you preserve your mental health.


With you think about all of these things, it is possible to prepare for moving to Midtown in less than a week. Consider everything, from storage space to moving companies that can help you during your move on short notice. It can be difficult but it will all pay back. Make sure you are looking forward and not turning back. You will meet new people while you still have the old ones back at home. The world is ready for you, in less than a week!

About Author

Lisa is a relocation and transportation specialist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Originally from New York City, Lisa has worked with Divine Moving and Storage since the start of her career. Lisa has been instrumental in helping customers with a wide range of services, including packing, unpacking, storage, and anything else related to moving or storage. She takes pride in providing an stress-free moving experience for all of her customers, and has a knack for finding solutions to even the most complex relocation needs. When she's not helping customers, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and exploring new places. She also loves to give back to her community by volunteering with local charities. Lisa is passionate about her work and loves helping people move with ease.