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So, your life is about to change and you want to adapt to the new surroundings as quickly as possible. Before moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, there are many tasks to take care of, such as planning your budget, finding a place to live, hiring Manhattan or Brooklyn movers, perhaps finding a job or school for your kid, etc. And then comes the adjusting period that could take weeks, months, or even years. The good news is that we have a few tips to make the period that lies ahead a little easier for you.

Moving your belongings from Brooklyn to Manhattan

  • Do not procrastinate. Since a move from Brooklyn to Manhattan is considered a local one, you might be tempted to postpone the preparations until the very last day. That, however, is a recipe for disaster. A local move is still a move, therefore, it requires a detailed plan and a preparation process that lasts longer than a day. So, start preparing on time – at least a few weeks in advance – to avoid common mistakes and panic attacks.
  • DIY or professional movers? Maybe both? You could just rent a moving truck and do everything on your own, but nothing guarantees efficiency like an experienced team of professionals.

    A silhouette of a man lifting weights, the sky in the background
    Professional movers can take care of the packing and heavy lifting, plus, they know the best routes.
  • Avoid going over budget by predicting every expense. It is of paramount importance that you request a price estimate from several Brooklyn and Manhattan movers and compare them before making your choice. 
  • Depending on your budget, some of your belongings may not be going to Manhattan. Separate the items you want to keep from those you have to sell or give away. An affordable storage facility could also be a good idea if you lack space.
  • Before discussing the price, you should read customer reviews on BBB, Yelp, Facebook, etc. and ask your potential movers directly about their services and insurance policy.

Manhattan neighborhoods

Finding a place to call home is probably the most important task on your to-do list. However, if this move is urgent, it is not imperative that you find a perfect home immediately. You can start looking for your dream home after you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan and find a temporary home until you find a permanent one.

Manhattan is full of amazing neighborhoods for families, singles, young professionals, etc. Most neighborhoods have good schools, entertainment, shopping and dining options, and are well connected to other boroughs. Once you decide what your priorities are, choosing a neighborhood won’t be that hard.

Manhattan skyline at night
From super expensive Upper East Side to affordable Hamilton Heights – Manhattan has a neighborhood for almost everyone.

Make sure you can afford moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn

One of the things to know before moving to Manhattan is how expensive this borough is. As we mentioned, Manhattan has a lot of neighborhoods to choose from. Most of them are diverse and fun to live in, although pricey. Home prices do vary, but you may be forced to downsize. Although Brooklyn has gotten pricier, Manhattan is still the most expensive NYC borough. You simply can’t expect to get the same amount of space you had in Brooklyn for the same price. In Brooklyn, the median rent price for a one-bedroom home is $2,850. For the same apartment in Manhattan, you would have to pay $3,350 on average.

Be creative with your space and budget

Do you have the financial resources to afford living in Manhattan? If you are not sure, prepare to make some sacrifices. For example, consider splitting the rent with a roommate or moving to a smaller apartment. Look up convenient NY storage units for rent and tricks to save space and make a small apartment look bigger. Moreover, you’ll need to make a monthly budget plan and stick to it. Using every coupon, promotion, and discount you can find will also help a lot.

A man moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan holding a piggy bank
Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan isn’t for those with a lower income.

You won’t need a car after moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

In Manhattan, you won’t have many chances to drive your car. You could use it for a road trip on your days off, but not for your everyday commute to work. Unsurprisingly, parking in Manhattan is quite expensive. Public transportation is more convenient and affordable. The subway system is great and all you need is a monthly pass. Besides, this borough is very walkable. In case you can’t leave your car in the garage, get familiar with the parking rules and enjoy the ride.

It is a crowded yet lonely place

Manhattan’s pace may be hard to adjust to after leaving the relaxed, laid back Brooklyn atmosphere. In Manhattan, everyone is always late and people tend to rush all the time, even for no reason.

Try to make friends

Once you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you’ll be surrounded by A LOT of people – locals, tourists and those who work here. Ironically, making friends won’t be that simple. Try to find people to hang out with on the internet or at work. Perhaps join a gym or a club. You will never adjust to Manhattan if you never leave your apartment. All it takes is a little courage and determination.

Learn to accept the tourists

Manhattan is one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only in this country but on the planet. You’ll often see groups of people blocking the walkway, which is not easy to get used to. Most people can’t stand the tourists after moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. And you will probably find them annoying, too. Still, try to understand how fascinating Manhattan is and be proud of the fact that you call it home. Also, there must be many tourist attractions in Manhattan you have never visited. So, why not become a tourist yourself? You’ll fit in perfectly.

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