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There are many reasons to rent a storage unit. The most common ones are during relocation and the lack of storage space in your home. It’s a known fact that apartments in NYC are notoriously very small. However, the lack of storage space is easily replaceable with a storage unit. Life in NYC certainly beats the big storage space as you can easily keep your items in storage units or practice a minimalistic lifestyle. After you relocate to NYC with one of the moving companies NYC, you should decide which items you are going to put in a storage unit. Additionally, you will need to find a storage unit that has all the required conditions to protect your belongings. You are putting your items in storage because you don’t want to get rid of them. So, you need to take steps to protect the items you put in storage.

How to protect the items you put in storage?

Not all storage units are good. If you want your items to have maximum protection, you need to choose a storage facility carefully. Luckily, there are enough storage facilities in NYC to choose from, such as storage space Manhattan. The biggest threat to your items in a storage unit is theft and moisture. Therefore, you should choose one based on a couple of factors. You shouldn’t only pick a storage facility based on the price. Sure, the price plays a big role, but the most expensive storage unit doesn’t mean it’s the best one. Also, the cheapest storage units usually don’t have the best conditions for your items. Picking the right storage unit is one of the ways to protect your items in storage. You can do that by choosing the storage unit based on the following:

  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
the man is wondering how to o protect the items you put in storage
There are a couple of ways to protect the items you put in

Choose a storage unit with good security

If you are going to keep your items in long term storage NYC, you will need to make sure that your items are protected from stealing. As you can’t keep a watch on them 24/7, you have to find a storage unit with good security. There are a couple of different types of security measures that storage unit facilities can have. The most common one is traditional padlocks or disk locks which are now outdated. These types of locks don’t offer enough security as theft can happen easily. For this reason, storage companies are investing in more advanced locks such as private pin codes, Bluetooth-connected apps, etc. Additionally, you should choose a storage unit that has video surveillance and an alarm system. Some companies also employ on-site security staff 24/7.

You should invest in climate-controlled storage

Moisture is one of the biggest dangers to your items in a storage unit. A storage unit with moisture is an ideal place for mold to grow and pests to reproduce. Also, items become more suspectable to rust, rust, and corrosion. The most vulnerable items are furniture made of wood and items made of leather. But all items will be ruined at some moment if they are stored in these conditions. For this reason, you should choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your items. Sure, this type of storage unit will cost more than one without it. Replacing all ruined items will cost you even more. Therefore, when you are looking for short term storage Manhattan, you should choose one with climate-controlled conditions. You can save money in other ways when renting a storage unit.

fifty shades of rust
You items will be more protected in climate-controlled storage units

Prepare your items before you stored them

You can’t only rely on a storage unit facility to protect the items you put in storage. There are a few steps you will need to do before you store your items. For example, you will need to clean your furniture. The dirt will attract the pests to your storage unit and you don’t want that to happen. For this reason, you should clean wooden furniture with furniture wipes. You can vacuum sofa, bed matters, and other upholstered furniture. Also, an important step in preparing your furniture for storage is to disassemble them. It’s easier to wrap and secure a smaller piece of furniture than a bigger one. When you are done disassembling furniture, you should put all small parts such as screws, bolts, and all keys in labeled zip-top bags. This way, you won’t lose them during transport and in storage.

Skip storing perishable food and plants

Some items are forbidden to store in a storage unit for a good reason. Usually, the forbidden items are combustible or flammable materials, chemicals, radioactive materials, food and perishable goods, explosives, weapons, etc. Perishable food is those that spoil really quickly if not stored in proper conditions. The most used perishable food is meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, vegetables, etc. If you store perishable food in a storage unit, it will soon spoil and attract pests in your storage unit. You already know that pests in a storage unit are one big problem that can cause damage to your other items. For this reason, if you need to store food in a storage unit, you should opt for non-perishable one such as canned foods. The reason for not storing plants is the same as for perishable food.

list of items that need to be bought
You shouldn’t store perishable food in storage units

Don’t store too many items in one storage unit

It’s not easy to choose the right size of storage unit for your items. Usually, people get too small or too big. Sometimes, people choose the smaller storage unit to save money. But if you are going to get a smaller storage unit to save some money, you shouldn’t try to push in all your items when there isn’t enough space. Your fragile items will be the first to break. For this reason, you either have to rent a storage unit of the right size or declutter your items. Also, you need to leave some space for yourself, so you can grab items that are in the back. As you can see, there are many different ways to protect the items you put in storage. Which one you will use depends on how long and what items you will store.


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