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If you are an avid sports enthusiast, you need to have something to show for that. When people enter your house they are probably amazed by the sheer amount of sports memorabilia on your walls, shelves, and display cases. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when there just isn’t enough room for everything in your house. This is the time when you should consider storing sport memorabilia in a climate controlled storage NYC. This is the best way to keep your memorabilia safe from decay. And you do want your prized collection to be safe and sound, right? In this article, we will talk about storing sport memorabilia, and tips on how to make it work.

Properly storing sport memorabilia should be your top priority
Properly storing sport memorabilia should be your top priority

Hazards to your sport memorabilia

Collections are something that people start building up from their childhood. It starts as a hobby and it can continue as such. But some people want to take it to the next level. In order to do this, the most important thing is not what the athlete is on the card, but what is the state of the card. Your cards need to be in pristine condition if you are planning on selling it. Even the tiniest dent or bend can bring the value of the card down by a huge margin. That is why you need to know about all the hazards that can affect your cards.

There are basically hundreds of ways for your cards to get damaged. Changes in humidity and temperature, UV lighting, many types of rodents and insects, and improper storage of your sports memorabilia. 

Types of memorabilia

Other than cards, there are many more types of sports memorabilia. These include jerseys, balls, shoes, helmets, event tickets and so on. This means that you should take different measures when storing different items. We will now discuss the ways to store different types of sports memorabilia.


This can be done with any item except balls and helmets. Just take the jersey, card, or flag and put it in a frame, and then on the wall for everyone to see. There are many people that can do this for you if you cannot do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, but do not know how to, be sure to do your research online and have the proper tools for the job. However, this still isn’t perfect protection for your items. Even though the things are protected from hits and scratches, direct sunlight and UV light can still penetrate the glass. This will cause considerable damage over time if not treated. Keep this in mind when you want to hang it on the wall. Make sure that it is not in the path of direct sunlight and you are good to go.

Containers and cases

Display cases are great to show off your memorabilia, and keep it safe from harm’s way. You can put everything you could not put in frames, such as balls, helmets, and anything “3D”. However, there still exists a problem of direct sunlight and UV lighting. The glass is not enough to protect it from this type of damage that can cause discoloration. Even some types of indoor lighting can cause damage.

Containers are great for bulky items such as balls and helmets

When it comes to cards, you are probably familiar with card binders. There are binders that are specially made to hold sports cards and they can be bought at an affordable price. There is another way of keeping your cards safe, and that is using penny sleeves. Penny sleeves are usually sold in bulk and are basically the first layer of protection to your cards. They are exactly what the name suggests, a transparent sleeve in which you put your cards, and then place them in binders.

Storing sport memorabilia

If you want to rent a storage unit for your sports memorabilia, moving companies Brooklyn will surely be able to help you. There are a lot of storage spaces in New York City and plenty to choose from. It is best to know before you rent one how long do you want to store your sports memorabilia and whether you need a climate controlled storage unit.

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You should find good storage no matter what kind of sport memorabilia you have!

Climate controlled storage unit

This is the best type of storage unit to protect your sports memorabilia from getting damaged. If you are serious about this matter then you should consider getting one. Climate controlled storage units are equipped with technology that keeps the temperature and humidity level at a constant. This is great for storing sport memorabilia because constant humidity and temperature levels will keep them safe from bending, discoloration, and such. Do not let the facility owners fool you though. They may claim that they have outdoor climate controlled storage units. These units may be climate controlled, but that does not mean that they are immune from the elements. Heat or cold can still pass through if the door of your storage unit is outside. Therefore, you should make sure that it is an indoor storage facility with proper security in the shape of alarms and security cameras. Do not settle for any other type of storage unit.

Storage space

When you have found a storage facility that is indoor and climate controlled, it is time to find a unit with enough space for storing sport memorabilia. You should make sure that there is enough space on the walls to hang your framed memorabilia, and also enough space on the floor to put all the boxes in and still have enough room to get to each one. Another important thing is to create a storage map and inventory. This paves the way to organizing your storage unit. Creating a map and inventory will make it much easier to find what you are looking for faster. The inventory should contain every single item in your storage. It is also a good idea to put colored stickers on the boxes and mark what each color means. That way you can take the exact box that you are looking for without wasting time.

With all that said storing sport memorabilia has never been easier. We hope that this article has helped you in your endeavor!

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