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Finding a storage unit is a must, especially if you are preparing for a move or you are renovating your home or office. However, finding perfect storage tend to be a hard and stressful thing to do. For that reason, our moving company prepared a guide about things you should know about long-term storage rental in NYC.  Therefore, if you follow our guide you will know everything there is about renting long-term storage units, and you will find one in no time. Without any further ado let us get started.

What you should know about long-term storage rental in NYC?

No matter if you are moving to Manhattan or you are just renovating your Brooklyn home you will need a storage unit. Storage units ate the best solution for temporarily moving your not necessary belongings. Therefore, there are two main types of storage facilities, short-term and long-term storage units. In this article, we will focus mainly on long-term storage units for rent. Here are some things you need to know before you rent a storage unit:

  • Rent tends to be expensive. Storage units in bigger cities are more expensive than ones in smaller places. Moreover, this is the case if you are renting a storage unit for a long period of time. If that is the case with you and you need to store something for the long-term you might consider sharing a storage unit with a friend. Therefore you will have only half of the storage unit rent to pay every month. That being said you will save up some money for other things by simply sharing rental long-term storage with someone.
  • Sing the rental agreement. In order to be certain about the condition of your belongings, you will need to sign a storage rental agreement with the storage facility manager. Moreover, this agreement will help you get all services you are paying for when it comes to renting your storage unit.
  • Make sure you are renting clean storage. You need to be curtains that you are renting clean, rats, and mold-free storage units before you sing a storage rental agreement. If you are not certain the best thing to do is to hire some cleaning company to clean your storage and also here exterminator company in order to prevent any animal from destroying your precious stored items.
a man signing the papers
Make sure to read your rental agreement before you sign it

The long-term storage rental tips you need to know

When it comes to renting long-term storage facility Manhattan has to offer here are some tips to help you. The first thing you need to know is the type of storage unit you need. If you are planning on storing something like artwork the best type of storage will be climate-controlled storage units.  Therefore knowing which type of long-term storage units you need is a must. You will also need to know the size of the storage unit. You need to make sure all of your belongings are going to fit into the storage. However, try to downsize as much as you can, and the best way of doing that is by decluttering your items before you prepare them for storage.

If you are storing something you want to store it in a secured place, right? You should know that lucking of security is one of the obvious red flags for storage renters. Therefore, you need to make sure your storage unit is properly secured. You need to find storage with 24/7 video surveillance for that reason. Also, we advise you to rent storage that will give you unlimited access, a personalized gate pass for your car, and a strong locker. However, all of these services might be more expensive, but taking into concern you are storing your items there for a long time period, good security is a small price to pay for your safe items.

Hire the moving company to relocate your items to the rental storage unit

Moving companies specialize in moving your belongings from point A to point B. They are professionals in the moving field and they will help you relocate your items without breaking a sweat. Moreover, if you are moving fragile items to the storage the best is to leave them to professionals. You can always rely on your moving company to help you with moving your precious fragile items to storage units. However, if you are going to hire movers and pay them to relocate your items you should make sure you pay for the insurance of your items as well. Insurance will cover almost all damage to your items from the point of your items getting to the moving truck till they arrive at the destination.

movers in front of moving truck
Hire a moving company to help you with moving your items to the storage unit

How to pack your items for long-term storage rental in NYC?

If you are not sure how to pack and prepare your items for storage the best advice we can give you is to hire professional packers. No matter if you are packing your fragile artworks or old table they will know how to do that. However, if you want to pack everything by yourself here are some tips for you. First of all clean everything before you pack it. Protect fragile items with bubble wrap or old towels. Do not overpack your moving boxes. Therefore use the plastic bins for packing.

bubble wrap tape and scissors
Use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items

Packing can be a fun experience if you are doing it with friends’ help. However, before you pack everything double check if you are going to use packed items in the future. If you are not playing on using them there is no need to pack them. Last but not least packing tip you need to know is labeling. Make sure all of your boxes are properly labeled. In order not to break anything during the transport you need to label boxes with fragile items.

What you should know about long-term storage rental in NYC – conclusion

This will conclude our article about long-term storage rental in NYC. If you need more information feel free to contact your moving company. Your movers can also help you with choosing the right storage unit.

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