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Decluttering your long-term storage is just as important as decluttering your home. Even though you’ve rented a unit to keep the mess out of your home your unit should not be messy. Treat your unit as an extended part of your home and always make sure it is clutter-free and clean.

Clear your schedule first

Making time for tasks such as these is not easy these days. We live in an age where people are almost always busy juggling their professional and social life. Cleaning your home and your storage unit is something you should find the time to do. At least once a month take a day off to stop by your long term storage and clean it out.

woman checking her schedule before Decluttering your long-term storage
Clear your schedule before decluttering your long-term storage

Depending on the size of your unit this may take a day or more. Make sure you get some help if you need it and if you’re short on time. Therefore, if your family and friends are there to help you this fill quickly be done. If you are moving, Brooklyn movers will help you relocate items from your unit.

Prioritize when decluttering your long term storage

Decluttering means getting rid of a lot of things you now own. The whole point is to have fewer items that are more valuable to you. Piling up everything in your home or storage can negatively affect your health and life. No one feels good living in a pile of things in a messy home. Your unit should be the same- clutter-free and neat.

a woman making a decluttering plan
It is important to prioritize what you need to do

This is why you should prioritize what you would like to keep and toss the rest. You can also sell it in a yard sale and gather some money. Buying new supplies for your stored items might help you get everything in order. Manhattan movers will help you transfer the rest after you are done decluttering.

Making a new layout

You should organize your storage unit in a way that you can manage it easily. Storing has some ground rules that are fairly easy to follow. When packing services pack and load the bulky items first, it is not without a reason. Even if you are moving in a hurry, this is a crucial step. Heavy items should be on the bottom because they can withstand the weight. Also, items you rarely use should be on the bottom as well.

Items you often use should be packed and stacked on the top and easy to reach places. Categorize your items and stack them in similar piles. Print a layout of your unit and mark what’s where. DIY layout plans are easy to find, make, and customize to your liking. It is a storage unit but it does not have to look dull and boring. Make some decorations so you can enjoy going to the storage unit.

Decluttering your long term storage might be hard after a long time of neglecting. After the first time, every next time will be easier if you keep up the routine. Therefore, with the help of your friends, this can also be made into a fun experience!

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